The will of the warrior… Bosh would never have done this.

ESPN: After having his right knee drained of fluid for the second time this postseason, Lakerscenter Andrew Bynum says he’ll be ready to go for Sunday’s Game 5 of the NBA Finals against the Celtics.

“One-hundred percent sure I’m playing,” Bynum said when asked after Saturday’s practice about his status.

Bynum had fluid drained from his right knee after Boston evened the series 2-2 with a 96-89 win Thursday night. He was encouraged the swelling had not returned. He had fluid drained from the same knee before the series and the swelling reappeared.

He knows it will happen again.

“It’s going to come back after Game 5, for sure,” Bynum said. “It’s guaranteed. But as long as I’m able to be out there and be effective, that’s what counts.”

Bynum has a torn meniscus and bone bruise in his knee. Surgery is scheduled for July with an expected rehabilitation period of 2-5 five weeks, he said.

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  • BE_A_LakerFan

    I’m proud of Bynum. Good job kid.

    Let’s Go! Let’s go back home up 3-2 and finish this out on Tuesday! Lake Show!

  • lakers0828

    Good Job Bynum No go Out there and Show Big Baby and Perkins That you cant push the Lakers around Go Lakers !!!

  • Josh Herrington

    You’re right, Marwan. Bosh would have never done that. I have no clue why people were complaining about Bynum when he is willing to risk his career for the greater good of this team, franchise, and Kobe’s legacy.

    • harmony_smurf

      Risk his career? He has his contract, he’s already set for life! If he doesn’t play, he will definitely cement himself as a weak player, he is doing this because he has no choice, docs already cleared him. With Bosh, we would of already swept the C’s!

      • BigSal

        Bosh can’t bang with the celtics. With Drew we lose the inside presence. With Bosh we are just another soft team ready to get punked.

        • BigSal

          *Without Drew

    • LakersFirst

      Harmony_Surf, I say this with all due respect….

      You are F*cking NUTS if you think having Bosh would’ve helped the Lakers sweep Boston! Have you ever seen Bosh play against Boston. He gets destroyed by Boston. They push him around like he’s a little kid.

      Furthermore, the Lakers don’t need anymore offense, which is what Bosh provides (he is NOT a defensive presence), so Bosh would’ve provided nothing defensively, which is what you need to beat Boston

      And Bynum has a choice, like all players. The guy needs knee and he has chosen to delay that and play through the pain. Not many players in the NBA would’ve done that.

      Lastly, go watch some Toronto games and learn that Bosh is not much of a defensive presence.

  • Robert

    Hooray! Bynum has grown up. Now he is a charter member of the NBA dynasty Lakers.
    Agree not to trade him – just put a bionic plate in his knee if it gets too bad. He is ‘besting’ Oden, and Yao.
    Time to knock down Big Babbly and Perkoloser.

  • rondo

    That statement is worth it weight in gold. The we need Bosh family need to go with Bosh since that want him so bad. The Lakers don’t need him. Bynum is showing the fans he has heart and a man with heart is a real man . Someone the Lakers want on their team.

  • rondo

    That statement is worth it weight in gold. The we need Bosh family need to go with Bosh since they want him so bad. The Lakers don’t need him. Bynum is showing the fans he has heart and a man with heart is a real man . Someone the Lakers want on their team.

  • Zach

    I was in the Bosh camp but now I have all the respect in the world for Andrew and this kind of courageous performance is what being a Laker is about. At least he is playing with heart on one leg unlike Lamar who is a worthless zombie right now.

    Keep Andrew. I was wrong

    • Josh Herrington

      Glad you admitted it. Welcome to the club.

  • Xtro

    Never underestimate the heart of a champion.

  • lakerman34

    Bynum plays Game 4, Lakers would be going in game 5 up 3-1.

    Game 4 meant more to Boston (playing for their lives). I was surprised the Lakers controlled most of the game.

    Now expect the Lakers to come out even better game 5. I’m calling a blowout. Lakers show they are the much better team tomorrow night.


    Wow! Bynum is again impressing me with his courage and willingness to put everything on the line to WIN THAT CHAMPIONSHIP! It’s really great to see him man up and take a page out of Kobe’s warrior play book!

    KICK @$$ BYNUM!

    GO BYNUM!!!!!!!
    GO KOBE!!!!!!!!!!!!
    GO LAKERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Monkija87

    Bosh would have never done this?? Is this a joke? Bosh would have never gotten injured in the first place..


      That’s because Bosh would never have been inside waiting for a rebound or battling the others down low for position! Bosh is a twig that will not help us in the long run. He only settles for outside shots and gets pushed around more than Pau!

      Yes, Bynum’s injuries should definitely be a concern for all Laker fans, but what he’s been able to do against the Celd!cks is just sensational! He’s on a busted stick and he’s still able to keep Kend!ck Pervert in check! Imagine if he were healthy! This guy would absolutely eat all the other centers in the league alive!

      Bynum is a proven commodity now as a Champion and this year, he’s showing us that he’s able to play through the pain and injuries to be that Champion yet again! Bynum may have had a string of bad luck the last 3 seasons, but this year he’s determined not to repeat the same things again. He’s manning up and doing all that he can to help the Lakers get their 16th Championship!

      GO BYNUM!!!!!!!!!!!!
      GO LAKERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Monkija87

        Dear God… Dude, time for a reality check. What do you imagine Bosh would do against Perkins. Bynum proven??? In 90% of the offensive sequences he’s at least a half a second late in his off the ball movement and he completely clogs up the middle, so Kobe and Pau don’t have room to drive to the basket. He’s a huge liability, that completely stagnates the Laker offense.

        And Keep Perkins in check? Kendrick Perkins is one of the worst offensive centers in the league, yet Bynum is still late on most help situations defensively. No question is he light years better than say Kwame Brown, but to even have him in the same sentence with Bosh?? Absolutely no way!

  • Laker s Army

    Bynum true heart of a champion.
    What about you LA Mar 10 million a year pot smoking candy eating BUM. Married a reality coke whore drunk.
    Dude what happen to your 19 boards and 19 points in one game was that it for the rest of the season.
    Maybe Amare was right you got lucky.
    Bynum is making you look like a worthless player that we knew you were.
    Thanks if we lose the finals its your fault for lack of effort.

  • Robert

    If Bynum is the only one (besides Kobe) who sacrifices his body, to scrap for balls, block shots, knock down Cell-Dicks, etc., I’m gonna be pissed.
    They have to step up the intensity today – it’s their own fault for playing like wussies the last game. Now they have to work ‘extra’ hard to win it all.
    To put it another way. …… “What were they thinking ????”. They’re supposed to be Champs — so friggin’ play like Champs, ok?

  • rondo

    Monkija 87 Bosh has been injuried before. My man in about a month Bosh will decide where he’s going to play next year, you need to fellow him to that team. He will not be a Laker if it’s gonna cost Drew. Andrew has earn his respect from many of the front office people and fans.

    • Monkija87

      What you wrote here isn’t English. Yes Bosh has been injured, but he hasn’t had 3 significant knee injuries in 3 years. Bynum has definitely been showing toughness, no question about that, but it’s his lack of quality that will end up costing the Lakers the title. He definitely isn’t the only one to blame for LA being down 3-2, but he’s definitely part of it. He just lacks the quality to be the 3rd strongest weapon on a Championship team. Simple and plain..

      I don’t think the Lakers are going to make a sign-and-trade deal for Bosh either. I wish they did, because the Lakers would be absolutely unstoppable for the next 5 years. It’s unlikely Bynum will be able to play at all in 5 years, with the way his knees are built.

  • TheGreaterNation

    Saying Bosh would never do that is just plain retarted. He plays for the Raptors.. a piece of shit team. Who would want to risk the future of their career with a team that struggles to even make the playoffs. Enduring pain in the finals has a much greater prize at the end of the day. And that’s why Bynum is doing it.