bynumoutL.A. Times: Ever since Andrew Bynum’s MRI results revealed a torn MCL, BK and I have been flooded with questions about the knee, recovery time, rehab, etc.  Unfortunately, all of our medical knowledge has been shaped through…

a) Watching episodes of ER (both of us until the show ran out of steam around 2001 or so), M*A*S*H* (me, mostly) and Grey’s Anatomy (Only BK, who claims he started watching The McDreamy Hour because his wife “made” him.)

b) Growing up with a doctor as a dad, which didn’t so much teach us about medicine as hammer home the fact that both of us were too dumb to pursue a career in it.

c) Playing games of Operation.  (And by the way, how much does that commercial reflect skyrocketing medical prices?  Two hundred bucks for funny bone surgery?  Please!  You’d be lucky these days if a consultation cost that little.)

d) Staying at a Holiday Inn Express at various points in our lives.

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  • dansp5

    this is a very positive article and i think he will be back for the april 3rd game vs Houston!!

  • Angelo Vergara

    I hope he gets back earlier, ala Farmar, but I’d prefer to er on the side of caution. As long as he gets a few games and practices in before the playoffs, the Lakeshow should be just dandy.

    Come back strong and fearless Drew.