Last night, Dr. Jerry Buss was enshrined in the Basketball Hall of Fame in Springfield. On behalf of Lakers fans everywhere, we want to congratulate him on an unprecedented legacy he has left our team. As our logo reads, “In Buss We Trust.” Welcome to the Hall of Fame, Jerry!

  • LakErS 3 pEaT

    The Man, The Owner, The Hall of Famer

  • bostonSUCKS88

    Best Owner in sports

  • kobefinalmvp2011


  • Jack Y.

    Outstanding! Too bad he didn’t credit Mitch Kupchake.

    • 242LakerFan

      True, he could have mentioned him, but considering the amount of people he could have thanked, I think he did very well.
      He deserves this honour as much or more than any other owner in sports.

  • Robert.

    It’s clear that Jack ‘can’t’ Cooke, but Dr. Jerry Buss can. Recall that Buss received his Ph.D. in Chemistry. The Lakers have been ‘all’ about chemistry. Next year, that’s going to translate to another Championship.
    Buss has helped to elevate the Lakers to world class status, and keep L.A. BIG on the sports map (despite ESPN’s discouraging attempts). We don’t have a football team now, and the Dodgers have been suffering lately (no Championships for a couple decades), so we RELY on the Lakers to keep us in the clouds. (ok, I left out Angels, Ducks, etc. — Anaheim … ok?).
    Thank you Jerry Buss, for being the Lakers’ number one fan.

    • Jack Y.

      I can’t “Cooke”? What does that even mean? I didn’t bash Buss. IMO, he’s the best owner in sports. What’s with the hate? Also, a pHD in Chemistry (science) has nothing to do with the chemistry you see between human beings. Quit being a smartass.

      • wilzuvsteel

        obviously lacking in Lakers history 101 and immature in his own skin. unable to grasp Robert’s clever play of words to pay homage to a HOF owner.

        Why don’t you go to Philly Jack Y. They’ll welcome you like they did when Kobe lit up the 2002 All-Star game in MVP fashion.

        and Kupchak doesn’t need your backing… HOF Buss hired the man and mentored him under HOF Jerry West. Plus you can’t even spell the man’s name correctly. How ignorant is that.

    • Robert.

      Oh no, Jack — no slight intended, only compliments to Dr. Buss !!
      The previous owner of the Lakers was named “Jack Kent Cooke” (nothing to do with you, Jack – just the same name). Cooke was a ‘famous’ owner of the Lakers, the Kings, and the Washington Redskins, and he also ‘built’ the Great Forum (Google it yourself). But, the Lakers started winning Championships when Dr. Buss took over – so my comment was about how Jack Kent Cooke couldn’t bring it home, but Jerry did !
      Also, his Ph.D. is a great accomplishment (I have one too, actually). It was a play on the ‘chemistry’. And the Lakers did have ‘Great’ chemistry after Buss took over, too.
      Nothing but love for the Great Dr. Buss !!

      • laughoutloud

        wow, robert was shaking in his school girl skirt. hes afraid of Jack Y. lol, be a MAN, u wuss

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    • Robert.

      Got em’! And you’re welcome. (why couldn’t you get them yourself?)

      • laughoutloud

        shut up u loser

  • kb24isthebest

    i have a question, are pj and jeanie buss together lol i’ve always wondered about that so i was wondering if anyone knows??!

  • laker warrior

    Doctor Buss sits among all these chumps.
    They all have tried to ou do him.
    Jerry West left to build that shit grizzlie team.
    Riley is horrible first New York now Miami
    Magic trying to buy the Pistons.
    All great Lakers trying to up there status at what cost and loyality.

  • BE_A_LakerFan

    Congratulations Dr. Buss

  • lakers0828

    The greatest Owner In sports I love this Man

  • Wilt

    Another great honor for the greatest sports franchise ever of any sport period.

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    I’ve looked a hundred times, and still can’t figure it out. Ever since TLN changed their design, I can’t login to go to the chatbox. Help?

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      Within the shoutbox there is a “register” link, click on that, a new window opens, then click on “log in”, refresh ur 1st window and ur good to go
      but dont tell any1 . . .

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        i dont know that doesn’t work.. i never saw a confirmation email

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  • pio2u

    3-peat in 2011

  • wilzuvsteel

    This man is a class act, winner, and blessed with a vision that created a championship legacy. He took care of those who were loyal and represented the Lakers brand well. Yes… the best sports owner there is. HOF…an American dream come true