Would you guys welcome back Doug as a Laker again? Sound-off in the comments and let us know what you think!

MVN.COM: Have you been in contact with LA…or perhaps the Cavs?

It certainly would take a lot, in my humble opinion, to get the Lakers into the top 3, althouth with Kobe, anything is possible.

Is there any one team that you favor over the others?

No, but my agent has spoken to LA and others … and the Cavs would be awesome; LeBron is one of my favorite players and people. Thank you for asking!

As for the Lakers, I do agree in Kobe you have an all-around elite basketball player. Ge can give you the numbers and the defense. He is a guy who thinks the game on a high level and can hit the toughest shots. I love his game, I feel like I could go there and really help them go to the next level as far as create a lot of open looks for the shooters and run the point if needed. Also, I played there when I was first in the league and would love to return and help them get back to dominating in the NBA.

Hmm, a team I favor? Thats a tough one as I would be honored to play for any team in the NBA, but I would have to say my dream team to play for would be the Lakers, Phil Jackson is a guy that I would want to play for. He has the triangle offense which I enjoy and he has a strong philosophy on teamwork and not to mention playing for the city of Los Angeles would be fantastic. Thank you!

Several people asked why Doug thinks the Lakers will be a top three team….

I think they will be one if they get the situation under control, meaning the fans have heard some things from Kobe that they really didn’t expect to hear from him and need to be reassured he does still have the desire to play there and to win. Also, they will need to add a few pieces to get the core stronger and deepen the bench some and I think that once the season gets underway things will again go back to the norm as far as the Lakers being a competitive team that wants to win. I also don’t feel Kobe meant any thing against the team or management or the fans he wants to win and each and every player out there wants to win, and he sees changes being made all around him and wants the Lakers to make a few to get better and stronger. That’s all, I’m sure he is proud of the organization and the city but he also knows this is a business and winning is what matters.

  • JordanT

    Doug Christie is cool, good to have him around XD

    Not sure where he fits in really with the current lineup however.

    Maybe just cuz im drunk on Chartreuse.

    Now if we traded out Odom and Bynum for a Jermain Oneal or something…


    Though I might move things around a bit personally.

  • http://www.myspace.com/regg66 rpouncy14

    Doug Chistie 2 da Lakers?!!!!!

  • daboss1848

    no thank you!

  • Billy Kupchak


  • lakes on 3

    I’m a Rick Fox fan, so NO THANKS!!!!!!!! He did nothing for the Clippers so what could he do for us? NOTHING.



  • dave1003

    The problem with Doug Christie is he comes in a package deal, him and his crazy paranoid wife. She would demand to have her own locker in the locker room just to keep an eye on him.

  • Nikko

    absolutely NOT!
    P.S. did he have to ask his control freak wife if he can play in LA?

  • http://www.myspace.com/dbricks DBricks

    Umm I think hes Washed upp..This wont help us much at all. Remember bringing back Isaiah Rider…Rodman..Vlade??? Just dosent work..They get hurt and we pay them mid level all year for them to be in a suit..No way!

  • fatty

    Doug didn’t even finish his 10 day contract with the Clippers. He walked away early, didn’t even bother to call. Dunleavy wanted to know why Doug treated the Clips so badly, when they had done so much for him. (He was officially fined by the Clips for not fulfilling is contractual obligation and going awol)

    Somebody speculated that Christie signed the 10 day trying to promote is book, tape, whatever. This time I suspect he’s just doing the same.

    Say no to the Christie’s, just say no.

  • gugy

    Chris is a jerk. No thanks, stay where you are now.

  • foxxy