If anything’s been made clear over this past week regarding our team’s stellar play, it’s not that we don’t need Kobe – it’s that we don’t need Bynum. So… Bynum for Bosh right? Not quite. Think less raptor, and more bull. What? Chicago Bull. Make that bulls.

For the last several years, many Laker fans have fanatically clamored for the services of Kirk Hinrich, and only up until this year have the stars come as close to aligning as they ever have before in this pursuit. The Lakers now have at their ready-disposal the expiring deals of both Morrison and Farmar while the Bulls have on their end a strong desire to clear some extra salary cap space for this summer’s free agent fest. And in all actuality, adding a capable defender and solid shooter like Hinrich would only further cement our Championship-repeating chances and alleviate some of our deficiencies in speedy-point-guard-defense.

But my question is… why stop with one Captain? Could it be, in our mad haste and obsession with the Captain of the U.S.S. Enterprise, we’ve totally forgotten about another effective captain who was once able to man his own ship full of wild animals in the midst of a great storm? Why yes, I’m talking about that crazy, animal-loving-son-of-a-gun, Noah. Joakim that is.

Why not, along with our quest for Kirk, also snag the much-needed services of the tough, gritty, and passionate Joakim Noah? Essentially the deal would then become: Bynum, Farmar, and Morrison for Noah, Hinrich, and whatever fillers are needed to compensate for the discrepancy in Bynum and Noah’s contracts (with Noah still being under his rookie contract of about $3 mill. a year for the next 3 years).

Think about it for just a second. Every year, we get glimpses of how dominant a force Bynum is in the paint, but unfortunately, those glimpses have all come from a mostly Pau-less landscape. Bynum’s been in the league for 5 years, and up to this point, he still doesn’t understand what this team really needs out of him. We’ve gotten tougher and crazier with Ron-Ron, so why not take it up a notch and get that Noah guy who harassed the Celtics last year in that historic 7-game series?

Besides, aren’t we always complaining about how passive Bynum is on defense, and how he always seems to lack any sort of fire or urgency out on the floor if he’s not involved in the offense? Well, Noah is the center we’ve always hoped Bynum would become. Noah doesn’t care about scoring – he just goes out there and does all the intangible things his team needs him to do with an unrelenting toughness. He hustles, rebounds, blocks, defends, gets put-backs, and has an admirable, passionate intensity about his game that perfectly complements that of the Mamba’s. Not to mention that he’s already shown a mature reverence for the history of the game by personally coming up to Phil Jackson in the Bulls’ last loss to the Lakers and telling him how much he’s admired and respected Phil’s work and legacy.

Noah definitely strikes me as a good listener and an avid learner, a dedicated workhorse that Phil would definitely see eye to eye with. Bynum? He’s still a 22 year-old teenager living out his unfulfilled college-life – a finesse rebounder who will sometimes sleep too much on defense… and sleep too much in real life.

We’ve all seen how much better the Lakers function defensively and offensively without Bynum, but the fact is, we do still need that stronger, tougher inside presence against, well… the Shaq-fu. Last year, Odom and Gasol had their way with Ilgauskas and Varejao, but this year, Shaq’s overwhelming fatness has been too much of a presence inside for our bigs to overcome.

I hate to admit it, but in our two losses to the Cavaliers, Shaq has played a major role in diminishing our normal efficiency in the paint and intimidating our frontline at the same time. I had hoped that Bynum would be able to neutralize Shaq at the very least, but as usual, he only wants to show that he can score against him – which he hasn’t really even proven he can do unless he’s getting lobs, given that Shaq stands his ground well against the kid. Sure, Joakim may not exactly be the answer against Shaq (or even Dwight), but I’ll bet you he can out-hustle Shaq for rebounds a lot better than Andrew can.

Yes, I know, many will call me a Bynum-hater and argue that Bynum is way more offensively polished and that even without his effort on defense, his uncanny, alien length is enough to deter most players from coming into the paint. And sure, maybe down the line, when Kobe, Pau, and Odom are all past their primes and we’re aching for some extra scoring punch, we’ll need Bynum to finally be the focal point of our offense, but at this moment, there is no doubt in my mind that Joakim Noah, that curly, pony-tailed, dog-like monster is an overall better fit for our Championship team as it now stands.

Noah actually knows how to rebound. Unlike Bynum, who usually just hopes that by raising his lengthy arms he’ll inevitably snag some boards, Noah actually goes out and fights for his 12 boards a game, doing so in only a minute more of average game time than Bynum does. And in regards to the offensive discrepancy between the two? At this point, Noah can score just as well as Bynum on some nights by simply using his inherent tenacity to get multiple second-chance buckets. And despite his awkward, twist-up, shooting form, he’s actually shooting better than Bynum at the free throw line (try 77% to Bynum’s 74%). So while we may give up some length and some scoring in Bynum, we aren’t losing out on much in every other area. If anything, we gain a lot more mental/physical toughness and heart from a guy like Noah, who knows how to really work, than we ever will from ‘potentially-amazing’ Bynum.

Obviously, the biggest question is, would Chicago even be willing to part with such a promising, young piece as Noah, who’s made such huge strides this year and has become one of the leading candidates for Most Improved Player? Well, hopefully Bynum has shown enough of his potential to cement the fact that, under the right circumstances (without another big in his stead), he can be a consistently powerful offensive weapon which could greatly help a young Bulls squad looking for more offense outside of the Rose-Deng duo. In essence, the big-swap works for both sides, because on the one hand, the Lakers don’t need another scorer, but a bruising big man who does all of the intangibles, while on the other hand, the Bulls probably need some fire-power down-low wherever they can find it.

In the end, if we stand pat after this Thursday’s trade deadline has passed, I’ll be satisfied. And if we do end up trading Farmar and Morrison for Hinrich, I’ll be guardedly optimistic. After all, by gaining Hinrich, we’d essentially be continuing our inexplicable trend of overpaying tricky, white guys extensive amounts of money for extended periods of time (See Vladimir Radmanovic, Adam Morrison, Sasha Vujacic, and Luke Walton, whose contract expires upon the return of Christ), although the overriding hope is, of course, that Hinrich turns out to be the most productive and consistent out of the bunch.

But, if somehow, we were also able to obtain Joakim Noah in that deal? Well, I’ll be more than ready to pencil us in for our second, post-Shaq era ‘Ship ride. And that Noah guy? He sure knows how to build some ‘ships… (See the Bible. And the Florida Gators’ National Championship history).

You can find more random Laker/NBA musings from Jonathan Hernandez at Oh Me Oh My, The Jello’s Jigglin’.

  • lakeb

    WELL SAID. i agree 100%

  • Sabino

    Finally someone thinking outside the box!

  • chadb

    Is it April 1st? man your crazy. Noah is a great hustle, role player guy; Bynum is a franchise player.

    • WifelovesLuke

      I know, seriously. You can find a new Noah each and every year but how many Bynum’s are available in this league? This Hernandez character is using the same “Candy” that LO does!

      • proemb

        you mean a guy who’s lazy, will not hustle and has two knee injuries by the early age of 21?

  • pricelesst

    I dont think i’d want them to trade bynum at all

  • Gino

    wow. sounds kinda crazy but makes pretty good sense. bynum will have an opportunity to blossom in place where he’ll get more touches in the post, and we’ll get a player who won’t need as many touches to be effective on the team.

  • keepon_keepinon18

    We might as well trade for Gerald Wallace because he is having a good rebounding year too…

    And what of the problem with the offense?? More defense for less offense, and what happens when Pau or Lamar get injured?

  • TheLAKERSwon09

    Don’t trade Bynum that’s just retarded. Anyone who actually watches the Lakers knows we need Bynum.

    • mamba1108

      Anyone who watched last season knows that we can win the championship without Bynum.

      • http://yahoo jaydubb415

        but if you let bynum go you will be giving up a true 7footer up and you would really depending on pau 2 dee up shaq if they meet up or you would have 2 double team now youre freein up 3 point shooters

    • proemb

      yeah, specially when the money is on the line, you know, the last five minutes of the fourth? when Bynum is warming up the bench?…

  • LakersFirst

    Are you trying to tell me, you would trade Bynum for Noah? Are you crazy!!! I thank the gods that you are not the GM of the Lakers

    • proemb

      No, did you read the entire article? The author is suggesting a Bynum for Hinrich + Noah + filler (if needed) trade. Not a Bynum for Noah.

  • rondo

    In five years when Kobe retires all you Bynum hater who want him traded will be looking over at Chicago winning regretting you traded Andrew Bynum to Chicago. All Bynum needs is a point guard like Rose and you will have the making of a deadly combo. Trade him fools.

    • http://www.myspace.com/peopleofthesun Evil Empire

      Well Said. Can’t believe that I am agreeing with someone that has “rondo” as a username. Gotta remember that we are looking out for the future as well as the present.

    • proemb

      I would agree with you if Andrew Bynum was not a big man that already has 2 knee surgeries by the age of 21. Who knows what will happen five years from now but when a big has knee problems, they only get worse. He has value right know and the Lakers would be smart to cash in on it before the third major injury.

  • Kobe “Kaos” Jordan

    This article seems like a ploy to justify spending the kind of $ on Kirk by throwing in Noah the mix.

    Yes, Joakim’s got hustle and grit, but I don’t think he’ll be able to hang with the premiere bigs in the league, offensively or defensively. He punished the Celtic’s last year because KG was injured and they had no big man to body up on him.

    Somehow, I don’t think Joakim Noah is a franchise player, and if (God forbid) one of our bigs goes down, are we really going to rely on Joakim’s scoring ability? Plus, Pau and Lamar have been playing great defense as of late. There are only so many boards to grab, if Joakim joins the LakeShow, his rebounding numbers will unquestionably go down.

    • Dan Andreas

      That’s exactly what I was thinking! It’s amazing how many of these baseball fans watching basketball (stat-lovers) think that when you trade a player, his numbers come with him. What a complete moron. True, Andrew is lazy on defense and the boards, but don’t think that Noah is bringing 12 boards a game to the Lakers. In fact, trading for him will most likely see Odom starting at PF and Gasol at C. So Noah would see even LESS time, produce less rebounds, blocks, and stagnate the bench’s offense flow.

      Why do we need him again???

    • proemb

      The Lakers need a point guard that plays tough D and a hustle guy. This team can score but they don’t hustle. Which is why Tex Winter had to go into the Laker locker room in Portland to say:
      Hinrich + Noah is exactly what the Lakers need.

  • JFK-analysis-at-TLN

    Blah Blah Blah

    hustle does not makeup for skill and talent (ask the guys that try to guard Kobe)…
    while Noah is a good player, can u imagine Gasol getting hurt? Noah as our ONLY big..haha-out in the second round….
    our team is GREAT man…we just need another shooter to replace (sasha and morrison) who are not producing..

    farmar is playing well as of late…

    don’t just trade because u want..Noah does not help..especially if pau is hurt…

    • Jim

      Yeah, I have to agree with you JFK, Bynum is developing into a dominant force in this league. I don’t think that playing with Pau is going to be a long term problem for him.

      The Lakers need to utilize Pau’s mid-range game when Bynum is in, so that they are both not operating in the low block. They did it effectively in the Indiana and Boston games, so I think that they’re beginning to figure it out.

      I also have to agree with rondo, we would be lamenting this trade BIG time in about 5 years when Rose and Bynum would be ruling the league. If I had to trade Bynum, it would have to be for somebody like Chris Bosh. He is a 25 year old bonafide all star who averages a double double. You would have to move Pau over to the 5, to accomodate this trade, which would work against most teams, but not against Cleveland because we wouldn’t have enough bulk to deal with Shaq.

      So, in the end, I would love to have Hinrich (BTW, I would give Chicago Sasha, not Farmar, he’s playing really well of late), but I wouldn’t give up Bynum for Noah (no disrespect Joakim).

  • Xtro

    Keep bynum. U need a legit center to win in the playoffs. Get cap’n Kirk!

  • http://thebasketballoracle.com Joey

    Bynum would average 12+ rpg without Gasol and Odom. Noah is the ONLY rebounder on his team, so that’s why he gets those rebounds. Noah is a better rebounder than Bynum (just because he actually hustles for them), but Bynum is way better. And if Gasol goes down for the playoffs we would be screwed with Noah starting at center. Also, trading Bynum would make us start Gasol at center EVERY game which would be bad for us.

    • http://yahoo jaydubb415

      why not try 2 keep bynum and get hinrich and tyrese thomas then you will have a long active shot blocker who gets rebounds 2 that will really get are defense better??

  • James

    I would not recommend trading Bynum for Noah. Noah may be playing out of his mind right now, but Bynum is still better than Joakim Noah at this point, and Bynum’s ceiling to grow and develop is much greater.

    Did anyone check this article out? Seems Lakers are looking at Tayshaun Prince.


  • cliff

    this would only make sense if we were trying to rid ourselves of salary. which means it’d have to be bynum with sasha and luke. I agree that noah is what we’re looking for, but i’d hate to look at that mug for 82 games.

  • bostonSUCKS88

    Bynum is a franchise player. Cant trade him for a hustle player. In 3-5 years when KB is older, we would regret that trade. KEEP BYNUM!

  • kslakers

    I probably wouldn’t trade Bynum for Noah, but there is something I wanna to all those that keep on saying “Bynum is the future”: This is the Lakers we are talking about, not the Milwaukee Bucks. The Lakers don’t have to worry about the future; players WANT to come here, so the future will take care of itself. They are trying to win titles RIGHT NOW, so if a trade of Bynum helps the team’s title chances right now, I say go for it.

    And if there is one thing we learned about Bynum these past 5 years, it’s this: he’s talented, but he’s lazy. That will probably never change, and that’s why he will probably never become the franchise center that we all want him to be. You can’t teach work ethic. I’m not saying he’s the next Benoit Benjamin, but is he the type of player that I would deem untradeable? I say no.

    • ed1

      i Agree with you except that part about not trading Bynum. I don’t think he’s a franchise player by any means. Yes he may be talented, but hard work beats talent all the time when talent refuses to work hard. Bynum is lazy and he whines way too much for someone who hasn’t done sh*t. Plus his foot work on both end of the floor is atrocious. If he is going to be this great player that some people think he’s gonna be, he would have been that by now. I’d rather have the hustle and hard work from a Noah, than a potential talent in a Bynum. People say, “let him come off the bench”, well, he doesn’t have the maturity and attitude of a Lamar.

  • Jim

    Yeah, I have to agree with you JFK, Bynum is developing into a dominant force in this league. I don’t think that playing with Pau is going to be a long term problem for him.

    The Lakers need to utilize Pau’s mid-range game when Bynum is in, so that they are both not operating in the low block. They did it effectively in the Indiana and Boston games, so I think that they’re beginning to figure it out.

    I also have to agree with rondo, we would be lamenting this trade BIG time in about 5 years when Rose and Bynum would be ruling the league. If I had to trade Bynum, it would have to be for somebody like Chris Bosh. He is a 25 year old bonafide all star who averages a double double. You would have to move Pau over to the 5, to accomodate this trade, which would work against most teams, but not against Cleveland because we wouldn’t have enough bulk to deal with Shaq.

    So, in the end, I would love to have Hinrich (BTW, I would give Chicago Sasha, not Farmar, he’s playing really well of late), but I wouldn’t give up Bynum for Noah (no disrespect Joakim).

  • http://singoramalessonsrevealed.com Varick Hudson

    I too am thankful that My Team The Los Angeles Lakers’ GM is Mitch Kupchak and not the person that wrote this article and not any of the fans calling for and wishing for an Andrew Bynum Trade. I thought this rumor of a trade for Bynum was dead and buried. Don’t you people get it? Andrew Bynum is the future of the L. A. Lakers. It is the same as it was when Kobe first joined them when he was a 17 year old fresh out of high school. It took some time but eventually he came into his own. And now look at him he was just voted the NBA player of the decade. All I can say is that soon real soon all of you all calling for Bynum to be traded will be eating crow, if you don’t change your tune.

    • ZestyItalian2

      You’re seriously equating Bynum to Kobe? Kobe Bryant worked his ass off from the second he arrived in LA. Andrew Bynum has bitched and whined and moaned, looked lost on both ends of the court and gotten injured. Thats all he’s done. He’s got great size, great potential, and some serious offensive skill (during the 40 percent of the time he’s focused.) Paying him an exorbitant amount of money to play really well in the first half of the regular season and then ride the pine for the last five minutes of any important game…. doesn’t make much sense. Is Bynum a franchise guy? Totally. If the franchise you’re talking about is in Memphis or Toronto or Milwaulkee or Indiana. He’s not a Laker franchise center. He’s just not. We have higher standards. Ship his ass out for a championship contributer (Noah or Bosh.)

  • rondo

    KS Lakers lazy is a favorite word you couch potatoes use. What is it the guy don’t bust his ass to your standards so you call him lazy. Or is that a code word. Let me tell you something couch potato in order for a young man to become a pro player he can’t be Lazy. Try running your ass up and down that court a few games and see how you make out. Stop calling players lazy who are you to judge.

    • proemb

      1. Anybody on this site would run circles around Staples Center if we were getting paid millions of dollars to do it.
      2. Andrew Bynum only played a few games in High School before being drafted by the Lakers. So he was a pro player before he put in any hard work.

  • LC09

    LMAO thats too funny im rollin here..u want noah for bynum?// lmao thats jus retarded im sorry no..first off no way in da world that happen mitch said e aint tradin our core players n yet u wana trade bynum lmao.. jus not guna happen dude

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=525479878 Geloman

    I’m sorry but Bynum has proven that he is an Allstar when he gets the touches as seen in his 20 and 11 stat line in the first month of the season without Gasol. I’m against trading him but if he does get traded, I think an allstar caliber player in return is fair. Yeah?

  • Aqzi

    Regardless of whether or not this would be a good move for us, finances are completely disregarded.

    The money question is the single most important factor going through any trade in Mitch’s head right now: if the Lakers take on virtually any salary, the trade is killed. It seems a little amateur to be posting about possible trades without even considering money.

    • http://ohmeohmyjellosjigglin.blogspot.com/ Jonathan Hernandez

      this would help us salary-wise because we’ve got bynum locked up for $15 mill for 4 more years.

      • Aqzi

        There are considerations for the Bulls as well, especially because Bynum was recently signed making him a base year compensation player. Also, Hinrich’s contract is no small cookie. This issue cannot be whisked away by just saying the Lakers would be fine because Bynum has a big contract.

        • http://ohmeohmyjellosjigglin.blogspot.com/ Jonathan Hernandez

          point taken, but im rolling with the pretense that the Bulls see Bynum as someone to build around and would be willing to take on that money. Correct me if I’m wrong, but doesn’t BYC turn Bynum’s outgoing trade value into $7mill instead of $15 mill? Sure, maybe the Bulls don’t get the relief they sought after, but they may not care if they get Bynum in return for Hinrich and Noah.

          And i think it can be whisked away by saying the Lakers would be better off salary-wise because for one, Hinrich’s deal only lasts for 2 more years as opposed to Bynum’s. And of course, Noah’s deal isn’t going to hurt us financially in the next 2-3 years.

          I understand your point though and I regret not talking about the financial aspects of the game, but I’m just trying to show you that I do know the financial implications (at least partly) behind a proposal like this.

          • Aqzi

            From what I read about the Bynum-Bosh rumors, the BYC means that the Lakers would either have to wait until July 1st to trade Bynum or include a lot more outgoing salary. So while it may be possible under the cap, I’m not sure if the Lakers front office would be up for this. I’m not really qualified to make full commentary regarding the entire financial outlook of a possible trade, but I can say that having Vujacic included would definitely help and I do agree with many of your points.

            lso, something to add some weight to the possibility of Noah in LA:


            From my perspective, I don’t think it means Joakim will be wearing a Laker jersey this season, but possibly down the road (maybe next year, when Jerry Buss will have to spend a considerable amount of money to keep the team together).

    • Aqzi

      Just to make what I wrote down that more easy to read:

      From what I read about the Bynum-Bosh rumors, the BYC means that the Lakers would either have to wait until July 1st to trade Bynum or include a lot more outgoing salary. So while it may be possible under the cap, I’m not sure if the Lakers front office would be up for this. I’m not really qualified to make full commentary regarding the entire financial outlook of a possible trade, but I can say that having Vujacic included would definitely help and I do agree with many of your points.
      lso, something to add some weight to the possibility of Noah in LA:


      From my perspective, I don’t think it means Joakim will be wearing a Laker jersey this season, but possibly down the road (maybe next year, when Jerry Buss will have to spend a considerable amount of money to keep the team together).

  • LA Lakers Pride

    hell no man…. kareem abdul-jabar spent his life developing bynum and now were gonna trade him….lets ask kareem??

    • KBloyalist

      just imagine if the young kareem is going to play agains todays bigs you do you think he will be great. that is why bynum still soft because he has a soft mentor…

  • mrteri

    do not trade bynum for noah. we need a big who can whole his ground against dwight howard and the other big centers. though noah is a great rebounder and hustler, he is too small to play defense on other centers. we need some bench players at the small forward position, and a center or power forward. ron artest is too slow and bynum and gasol needs back up

  • Arturo

    Trade Bynum for Noah? I think we need Bynum a little more than people think. Sure these past few games have been great, Pau has stepped up and seemingly the team is running like a well oiled machine ready to destroy any team that steps in our path but what I think people are forgetting is that this team is built for the post season aka a lot of BIG teams. We need our 2 7ft’s as much as anything else on this team. When they are both on top of their game their unstoppable and a nightmare match-up for any team. Teams are gonna get bigger, stronger, and its all going to start with their center. As nice of a center as pau is he just cant hang with the big guys like Shaq and Howard. Bynum at least gives us another body, another last line of defense. He was the only one who could control shaq when cleveland came to town. Pau got demolished, he also just destroyed KG in the low post. In a 7 game series bynum would be of great help, more than noah. I dont think this would be a good trade, sure get Hinrich, we really dont loose anything, but dont trade bynum.

    • http://yahoo jaydubb415

      I had 2 hit you up because if anybody i feel wanting 2 keep bynum is you why would we want 2 give one of are 7footers 4 a 6/10 over achiever we do that were giving up are size what makes us a match up night mare .Let me ask people this do you think milwakke wish they could of hold on 2 kareem a little longer and got multiple championships do we want 2 be the bucks??

  • Nabaniel

    People will debate whether or not we should trade Andrew, and that debate has it’s place. But you want to trade him for Noah? Are you crazy? I’ve got respect for the guy, but do you actually think he is even close to as good as Andrew Bynum? The Bulls would be a completely different (and much better) team with Bynum instead of Noah. On a team like the Bulls, Bynum would have room to be totally dominant, which he can’t be to the same extent on a team as loaded as the Lakers. So you think Noah’s stats are just going to translate perfectly to this team? Who else rebounds for the Bulls? He’s their main rebounder, so of course he can get some boards. When either Pau OR Lamar have the ability to go off for 20 rebounds in any given game, where are Noah’s boards going to come from? That trade would be almost as laughably one sided as when we got Pau!

  • Sean All Ivy

    Terrible idea. Terrible article.

    • proemb

      Be honest, you didn’t even read the whole thing…

    • Sean All Ivy

      I definately did and I definately regret it. Just because the sentence structures works grammatically doesn’t mean that it is a good article. Noah may be a hustler but he gets beasted a lot still by other talented big players. Andrew is still maturing physically and mentally and we won’t be able to body up anybody if we move him unless Mbenga starts.

  • proemb

    -This article is well written, well thought out and backed up with facts and information. Plus, it makes perfect sense.
    -It’s incredible how people don’t read the entire article yet are quick to post insults. The suggestion made is Bynum for Hinrich + Noah + filler (if needed). This is a much better trade than a Bynum for Noah that you are all posting and raving about.
    Here’s some reasons why a Bynum for Hinrich + Noah trade would make sense:
    1. Bynum is 21 years old, 2 knee injuries, one on each. One more and he will be “injury proned” = impossible to trade. He has value right now, will have no value after his next big injury.
    2. Bynum does not want to hustle, in fact some may say he’s outright lazy.
    3. Bynum has a little attitude when it comes to playing with Gasol (wants to be the focal point in the post). As a result, some may say he can’t play with Gasol. Why does Phil Jackson sit him down the last five minutes of fourth quarters Laker fans? The team that Phil rolls with is Fisher, Bryant, Artest, Odom, Gasol.
    4. Bynum is only worried about his offensive stats.
    5. Bynum could care less about playing D. His goal was to make the All-Star team yet failed to realize that the way to do it was to become a defensive monster in the paint.
    6. Hinrich is a perfect fit for the Laker offense and team overall. Smart, tough D, good shooter.
    7. Noah would get out of Gasol’s way on offense and HUSTLE, REBOUND and PLAY TOUGH D at the othe end.
    -Overall, a Bynum for Hinrich + Noah trade would fill the Laker weaknesses. They need a good, smart point that can play tough D. Hinrich. They need a HUSTLE GUY, a guy who could care less about his offensive stats and cares about doing the dirty work to help the team win. Noah. It’s true that Noah’s offense is not there yet but the Lakers don’t need scoring. What the Lakers need is a defensive point guard and a hustle guy.
    Bynum for Hinrich + Noah makes perfect sense and it would solidify this teams ability to repeat and even go for a 3-peat. Let’s get it on Mitch…

    • roscoe

      I didn’t read the whole article. It’s a terrible idea.

      • proemb

        well, back up your argument player…

    • ZestyItalian2

      WELL. SAID.

      Counterarguments to dispatch:

      We give up our greatest asset, size: Size is mainly an asset on the defensive end. What use is size if it won’t play defense? I’ll take hustle and activity over size any day.

      Bynum is offensively domianant when he gets touches: True, but those touches would otherwise go to Pau Gasol. Who would you rather have taking those shots?

      What if Pau and Lamar gets injured?: What if Kobe gets injured? What if the Staples Center roof collapses? Lakers have plenty of depth w/o any one (or two) player(s), as they’ve shown over the past three games.

      Bynum is a franchise center and the future of the Lakers: No, he’s really not.

    • YOU read it…

      If YOU would have read the entire article then you would have known that it said “the deal would then become: Bynum, Farmar, and Morrison for Noah, Hinrich, and whatever fillers are needed”. Where did it mention trading ONLY Bynum for BOTH Noah and Hinrich? I would argue that trade would be worth considering, but the author distinctly suggests offering Farmar and Morrison as well. Farmar and Morrison are just about what we would give up to get just Hinrich, so essentially he is, in fact, suggesting a straight up trade for Bynum and Noah. And THAT trade is laughable. Noah’s stats in LA wouldn’t be even close to what they are in Chicago. Besides, if they WERE going to trade Bynum, I’d want them to get a bigger fish than Noah. Why would they pass on Bynum for BOSH and then trade him for Noah???

  • biglakerfan3408

    To quote the Great Ricky Bobby: ” The room is spinning from all the gayness!” I could not even finish reading this ludicrous post about Noah for Bynum, because it is so outstandidly stupid! Sometimes I wonder about what Laker fans think, and then someone writes something dumb like the above article and I stop.

  • http://ohmeohmyjellosjigglin.blogspot.com/ Jonathan Hernandez

    lol i can’t wait to hear even more of the back-lash after Bynum inevitably does well against the Warriors (who doesn’t?) tomorrow…

    my question to all is…when has bynum ever shown us that we truly need him? We basically went to the finals two years in a row and won a championship without him being an integral part of the process – all the while we hear Phil and other Laker fans cry for Bynum to rebound and play defense..

    People will always go ‘what happens if lamar gets injured?’, ‘what happens if pau gets injured?’…yeah well, what happens if bynum gets injured…again?

    Look, I’m all for Bynum – love the kid. and if he goes on to be a major piece in our run this year and truly gets his mindset right – I’d love it.

    So if Bynum gets 20-20s against the warriors and celtics, feel free to vilify me. I’d be more than happy to see Bynum prove me wrong – I am, of course, also a Laker fan.

    • keepon_keepinon18

      We cry because he still can do better in the rebounding and defense department. If Andrew gets injured, the Lakers can still contend for the Championship. I think Pau or Lamar getting injured poses the same problem ~ this season, Andrew picked up his stats when Pau wasn’t playing. I’d rather have that assurance there.

      I remember Kobe saying a while back that the team is still a title contender w/o Bynum. With him, however, they are over the top in talent and ability. Nothing bad comes from that. More bad will come from him not being on the team. Keep it up Drew, you’re still young.

    • proemb

      100% with you on this one JH. Father time will prove you right…

      • http://ohmeohmyjellosjigglin.blogspot.com/ Jonathan Hernandez

        thanks for the support. but if me being proven right means the lakers dont do well, i’d rather see Bynum fluorish. Haha, but, if I’m proven right and we are able to get some compensation for Bynum – then I’m all for that too.

        I just don’t want to be still talking about Bynum’s ‘potential’ 3 years from now, naw mean peeps?

  • B Holland

    LOL I find it funny that Laker fans are so fickle. Always willing to say Bynum is a keeper yet willing to trade him at the drop of a hat. The kid is 22 and one of the few true talented Centers in the league. When we have to contend against Yao next year are we going to trust Noah? You all saw the difference Bynum made against the Celtics. Bynum is only going to get stronger and more experienced and will tear up this league in a few years. Desperate Laker fans are always willing to make rash trades. This would be a rash trade. Kupchak is not a desperate GM, Thank God.

  • TheLakerGenera11

    Wow I nvr thought of it like that let’s trade bynum get noah trade Noah for bosh and bosh for drew gooden I mean he is a gr8t hussle plyr and he should fit well with kob…wait matter fact kobe has a bum. Back let’s trade Kobe for Jennings he’s a young scorer. Dude like the other lakernation fans on here mybe not all but hell no teams tweaked their teams for us. Boston showed the leauge that three superstars can wrk 2gether We showed the leauge lenght depth and a unique 4 or 5 position gets you a championship. Why would LA give up a body like drew..shaq has 2 more yrs max bynum minus injury has 8-9 yall 4get the kid is 23 yrs old he has time He just needs 2 do the basics jeeze…

  • KBloyalist

    we need the player who want’s to play regardless of scoring and who is he playing with, and that is joaquin noah..remember rodman is not a scorer…pau and bynum asking for more touches co’z they care for scoring…we need a guy that plays with heart like ariza and noah is that kind of player!

  • KBloyalist

    bynum is injured every year. I’m afraid he would be like oden after year to come…soft bone!

  • KeyTurn

    Why do I keep seeing Bynum’s name coupled with Franchise player?

    Bynum’s a nice starting C, but you guys can’t say he’s a”Franchise Player”, he’s never made an all-star game, and I would say that’s a given criteria for that distinction.

    While I don’t think a Bynum for Noah deal is completely crazy like some of you, I wouldn’t pull the trigger on it, yet. But Bynum’s time is truly running out, he has to live up to his “potential” on a consistent bases this season and next in the playoffs, or we should ship him out, and I wouldn’t shed a tear if he was dealt, given the right deal is in place for him.

    Furthermore, am I the only one who thinks this Hinrich deal is just plain bad? He has a high salary, lengthy contract, and his shooting percentage is in decline. So you say he’s here for defensive purposes, I’d counter with him playing his entire career in the East where he doesn’t face the talent at PG on a nightly bases that he’d encounter in the West. Mo Williams made the all-star squad in ’09 while D Will missed the cut due to the depth of the West, and he probably would have missed the cut again if CP3 was healthy.

    This would be a bad deal LAL. We should look into acquiring Nate Robinson, Randy Foye, Nick Young, or Devin Harris.

    Just my 2 cent.

    • ZestyItalian2

      If Bynum is a no-show in the playoffs again this year, or if he god forbid has another major injury (not sure if this “bursa sac/bruised hip” thing qualifies– but c’mon, how soft can you get?) his trade value evaporates. We won’t be able to get Noah for him, let along Chris Bosh.

      • KeyTurn

        I hear you. Bynum has a history of injury, but he is still young.

        You can’t give up on young talent so early. He’s only 23, but I did note that his time is running out. LAL has given Bynum every opportunity to succeed on the team. They hired Kareem to train him, they gave him the starting spot over Odom, they paid him very well, and they refused to trade him when they were under heavy pressure from Kobe along with the fan base. So why trade him right now?

        Big men usually take longer to develop than any other position, you don’t see them mature into a dominate force until their mid to late twenties, an age Bynum is approaching. I give Bynum until the end of the 2011 season to reach his “potential” , if he hasn’t reached it by then, he won’t, then we should trade him, but until then, pray for good health and consistency.

        Side note, Bynum will always have value in the NBA as long as he’s 7 feet tall. Although he has a big contract, it’s not so large that a team in dyer need of a C.

  • areyouserious

    Worse trade ever please refrain from stupid trades..

  • comeflywithme

    Not AB man.. we need big guys like Andrew.. even though he’s lazy sometimes but I’m sure he’ll get it done when it counts the most.. We don’t need trades, all we need is consistency from the bench players like what they’ve showed for the past 3 games.. hustle!

  • ZestyItalian2

    Okay. This is a FANTASTIC IDEA. Seriously, does anybody know anybody in Laker management? Or somebody at ESPN that could push this idea in a way that would take notice?

    Only problem with the above article is that it neglects to fully articulate how good the deal would be for the Bulls. They aren’t using Heinrich, and get a legit backup PG for Rose in Farmar. They get Morrison’s expiring deal which takes something like 5 mil off the books next year, and they get Andrew Bynum, who would be an absolute MONSTER in that environment. He’d average 22 and 10 easily, play dominant minutes and play backup to Dwight Howard in the 2011 All Star game.

    With this deal, LAL cruises to a second title. They get a legitimate heir to Fisher’s starting spot in Heinrich, and a glue/energy/intangibles guy in Noah. They give up some offense, but in my opinion, that’s a blessing. Too many cooks in the kitchen right now.

    Only downside for the Lakers is that they take on even more salary over the next several years. But you know what? LAL is one of TWO franchises actually making money this year. Get over it.

  • stucktrader

    I think the Kobe-less group: Farmar, Brown/Sasha, Artest, Lamar, Pau should play together more… awesome chemistry…

    this would leave:
    Bynum, Powell, Lamar/Artest, Kobe, Fish/Brown… Powell is a fighter and an shoots the occasional ‘3’. Bynum seems to feed off of Kobe more.

    We could still “start”: Bynum, Pau, Artest, Kobe, Fish. But actually play those having a good night in the end. Bynum should still work with Kareem – but work out with Kobe in the gym.

  • TheLakerGenera11

    The problem here is that with Phil he doesn’t ask you to be something you have to find your way and find out how can you contribute. In this situation it makes our pieces slightly difficult because everyone is not set in their role let alone they’re probably worried about doing something wrong rather then playing basketball. A lakerfan posted Earlier that Bynum is not an allstar.. Allstar votes are important for contracts but it’s a fan favorite for some well deserved for others. We can’t grip over the fact that bynum is not an allstar but rather worry about his physical condition and how his body holds up. Realistically if Bynum was option A or B how many centers are truly better then him? Sure he has his moments but all players do. The lost in Memphis that Pau bitched about he got punked by his brother and he does not enjoy physical contact it’s the truth also Bynum just wanted to leave Memphis w/o an injury the game we lost to the cavs Kobe took it personal and we lost that game…a game we were within opperrunity to win. Phil would nvr say this bc although he loves Kobe he knows the deal he sat him extensive minutes bc he wanted to see his team move the ball well keep the game close and let Kobe takeover instead we got smacked so I say all of this to say chill. The Cavs do have a opperrunity this yr to compete but just like us they have to get out of the east. Scouts always talk about LA’s length let’s not lose that so pau can be out of position against Kenyon or abused by Nene and God willing we get to the finals Pau or Noah gets abused by Hickson Garnett Shaq Amare! Dwight or that other chump from Boston. Come on man were not expected to have all the answers at 23 and nither should drew let’s just hope he’s healthy and plays the game the right way. He’s earning more respect from the refs and come playoff time he’ll get more calls it’s a building process let’s see LA win another chip!