Don’t be so hard on Lamar Odom

L.A. Times: Question: Are we unfair to Lamar Odom?

Do we ask too much, expect too much, grow too frustrated when we watch him play, wondering all the while why No. 7 isn’t living up to what we justknow he should be: one of the greats, the next Pippen, the purple-and-gold Robin to Batman Kobe?

Answer: Yes, to all of the above. We are unfair to Lamar Odom, and that’s too bad because it’s something that keeps him from being fully appreciated.

Odom is the Lakers’ great enigma, perhaps the most perplexing, confounding, frustrating player in the NBA. One moment he’s brilliant and daring (Lakers vs. Utah, second-round playoffs, 2008, with an 18.2 scoring average). Next moment he’s, well, he’s out there on the hardwood sort of fumbling about, timid and unsure (Boston, NBA Finals, also 2008, 13.5 scoring average partially propped-up by garbage-time jump shots).

We look at that 6-foot-10 body, at his pterodactyl wingspan, his vast portfolio of skills, and think: “Perennial All-Star.” Then we find that in nine years Odom has never been to an All-Star game but a journeyman like Wally Szczerbiak hasand our first reaction is that this is utterly maddening and pretty much a waste of great talent.

It’s not only us. This preseason, the Lakers have certainly appeared frustrated.

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  • lakersfan17

    whatever. he’s a failure anyways.


    I get a hard lookin at Odom…




    its about damn time somebody said this lamar gives a triple double or double double every game what more do u want??? we have kobe pau and drew!!!! l.o gives u 10 rebounds every night

  • Diehardfan

    Wow! Who cares that he isn’t like Pippen. It just comes down to this. He should produce what a player of his salary should produce. With his productivity he should be getting paid about half then no one would have a problem with him. We all want consistency. But, with Odom, he is still getting paid because we are all still waiting for him to be consistent an on expectations. So yeah! we should be hard on him. Besides, he only wants to be on the floor because it’s a contract year not because he wants to play. So, it’s about the money to him also and not about a title. Enough Said!

  • PauKobeBynumOdomDynasty

    this is the reaction we get as Laker fans…we demand more. This is a great article and i have always been an Odom fan. We should not trade him at all