For any website it cost money to run. All donations will go straight to help pay for the website and help the movement.

Look at the bottom at the sidebar for the donation button.

Thank you, Staff

  • mr47

    Dammit, you changed the grammar errors before I could point them out. At least you finally set this up!

  • gcdeen

    Hit you off for a small donation. Thanks for all the Laker info through your website. If we getgarnett, I think a lot of it would have to do with the hype of this website.

  • mitch_kupchac

    if you people quit saying fire me i will donate everything i have

  • Bruce

    More than happy to donate a few bucks to you guys. One hell of a job. Keep up the good work boys. I challenge every visitor to donate $5 so you guys can keep it up. Hell maybe you guys can all find girl friends to take to the movies..LOL

  • VIVA THE GAME | Dating tips

    i say we donate have a party in honor of getting KG in LA.. whos down? $5 donation.. times a thousand people? $5000 party..

  • NY Kobe Fan 8

    just donated a few bucks,

    hopefully my good deed will get KG in purple and gold all dayy

  • Justin M

    I’ll donate 500 dollars if KG comes to the Lakers. No joke, i really want Kg to come to LA and u guys have done a great job.

  • ONE

    I will make the biggest donation of the all, which is a honest prayer from the bottom of my heart. Love you guys!

  • kobe_bryant

    if you guys get me garnett i will donate 100 thousand dollars

  • Justin M

    Man, im srry for starting all this bullcrap going on about how much people are going to donate. I was trying to be nice and 500 dollars is a big (real) donation. People if your not going to donate dont say you are.