Get the asterisk’s ready Phoenix. **

timd.jpgESPN: Former NBA referee Tim Donaghy could face charges in Arizona’s most populous county if investigations by the league and FBI show that he deliberately miscalled two Phoenix Suns playoff games this year, authorities said.

In federal court Wednesday in New York, Donaghy pleaded guilty to two felony charges Wednesday in connection with an NBA betting scandal.

Donaghy faces a maximum of 25 years in prison when he’s sentenced for conspiracy to engage in wire fraud and transmitting waging information through interstate commerce.

Maricopa County Attorney Andrew Thomas has sent letters to NBA Commissioner David Stern and the head of the FBI in Washington, saying he wants to know whether Donaghy gambled on the two Suns road playoff games, provided inside information to gamblers or helped determine the outcome by making bad officiating calls.

Thomas said the games in question are the April 29 game against the Los Angeles Lakers and the May 12 game against the San Antonio Spurs.

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  • Faith

    Anybody else thought that him informing his buddies on which refs will be reffing the game…speaks loudly of ref bias? Like their tendency toward one player, I mean otherwise why even bother? If they’re gonna call what should be a call on everyone, then no one really should care if a certain ref is reffing a game (that is of course as long as it’s not Dougherty).

  • keep24

    did you hear that Mitch?

    So it wasn’t all your fault. It was Tim Donaghy who made us lose to the Suns and not the Lakers FO.

    I take it all back. I’m sorry!!!!!!!

  • hZm

    I was at this game.

    I remember shouting “We’ll double what they’re paying you!” to the refs.
    … Little did I know…

  • hZm

    Wait… does this mean I can get my $150 back? Haha

  • LiL_K

    lol Hzm

    but yea its a dissapointment he was in the league hopefully theres no more i knew we shouldve won this game

  • hZm

    If you guys remember that game, the officiating was HORRIBLE.

    Don’t drop the soap Timmy!

  • MILO

    There is realy no reason why the Lakers could not make it a more interesting playoff match like the previous year, this explains alot to me afetr all the Lakers do have the best player in the world (KOBE)

  • cyrus

    This is just the tip of the Iceberg, fasten your seatbelts folks, there is a lot more to come. State charges are just the beginning. I bet, an army of lawyers are preparing civil lawsuits against this league right now. The undeniable fact is that Tim Donaghy was employed by the NBA and they are liable for his actions.

  • MILO

    This realy sucks for Pheonix now they now the truth on why they eliminated the Lakers along with Kobe i mean camon give the man some respect Donaghy! you greedy bastard!!!!! Pheonix its on next year!!!

  • fatty

    “These refs are just doing there job.” “They just call em fair.” “You are the one that is biased.”


    WE WAS ROBBED!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Me and Faith were right all along. Our games are being fixed.


  • fatty
  • keep24

    [quote comment=”12065″]More proof of the NBA bias in refs.

    No doubt about that!

    I’ve never been a fan of the mentality that a player never gets a certain call because he’s a rookie or a player gets away with a cal because he’s a superstar.

    I remember that MJ shot and the first I said was “I wonder if a rookie could have gotten away with that push off?”

    I thinks it’s time that the NBA added something similar to what the NFL has with the red flag. I think each team should get 2 challenges each half and a mandatory league controlled ref for the final two minutes of each game.

  • hZm

    I’m wondering if Donaghy was the ref that made that TERRIBLE charge call on Kwame. You guys remember that call? It completely shifted our momentum. We had a shot to win that game at that point regardless of the terrible calls before that.

  • BEC

    [quote comment=”12056″]I was at this game.

    I remember shouting “We’ll double what they’re paying you!” to the refs.
    … Little did I know…[/quote]
    [quote comment=”12059″]If you guys remember that game, the officiating was HORRIBLE.

    Don’t drop the soap Timmy![/quote]

    I was at that game too and I know how you feel. Our whole section the entire game was yelling “Get on your knees ref youre blowing the game.” It was just ridiculous the way these games were called. I always knew inside of me that these games were fixed in some way. Thats terrible for a fan or anyone to feel that a game is not played on fair grounds, but despite it all the better team did win the series sadly enough. But than again easily made upsets that couldve been easily pulled off ie LAKERS OVER SUNS wont happen because of this.

  • ryanfu09

    It all makes SENSE!!!!!!!!

  • drew

    i was at that game too and i just remember that there was no flow to the game at all, and that was because of the big difference in foul calls. Kobe was gettin hit a lot going to the basket and there was no call. Well that sucks, cause they just won the last game and I was lookin for the momentum to win that game but I guess no matter how hard the Lakers played it just didnt matter anyway…..makes me mad, spent a lot of money for that trip!!!!!!

  • fatty

    Hey Donaghy said he apologized for the betting scandal. That’s good enough for me. I forgive him. Right!!!!

    I hope he goes to prison for a long time. I hope he knows, that most inmates are Laker Fans and wont forget what he did to the Lakers.

    Maybe he can share a cell with Michael Vick.

    Fatty is still Fuming!!!

  • jayrocks

    I knew it. I was watching that game and I was like “WOW what is up with these bad calls, it’s like these refs are getting paid or something.”

  • kobe24mvp

    [quote comment=”12059″]If you guys remember that game, the officiating was HORRIBLE.

    Don’t drop the soap Timmy![/quote]
    i was there to and the officiating was bad man even my mom said it lol.that was a g a y game.

  • DBricks

    Wowwww. I was at this game too, one of the most frustrating games to watch. And to think this piece of work was a ref in that game! Unreal, I hope he gets the max, don’t mess with Laker games!

    Give him 25 years judge

    Yours Truly

  • gugy

    the sh•t hit the fan. When I think this is just the beginning. We will find out how deep this will be.
    I am pretty sure David Stern and his mafia friends are getting into major trouble. Not because they are involved with Donaghy, but because the state of the NBA after this whole thing is clarified.
    I do not feel sad for them. For me Stern and Jackson both can go under the bus!

  • joninjapan

    hey fatty! glad to see you’re still apart of the lakers online community

    and faith the writer? haha i always knew you had it in you. .

    you people seem to forget luke’s 6 turnovers and kobe’s 7. . although to be fair alot of kobe turnovers are the result of him driving into traffic, being fouled, and then losing control of the ball.

    but yeah seriously that game was fixed

    now that Donaghy is going to give a list of all the refs that have engaged in any sort of gambling (i heard the figure 20 being thrown around somewhere) and with Stern’s claim that he would fire anyone who had anything to do with gambling, i’m wondering what would happen if more then say.. 10 referee’s get fired because of this.

    i mean. . .where does the NBA go about hiring 10 new referees? do they scout europe? to they promot NBADL refs? do they turn to retired players?

    also will these rookie refs be more biased towards the rookie players or will the old guard of remaining refs make sure that nothing changes?

    no question, this could be huge. . the league should adopt a new mantra

    “no player is bigger than the team, no ref is bigger than the game, and nobody in the nba gambles, honest”

  • Rpoc

    Frak you Donaghy.

    Oh and that reminds me. Who remembers this?

    Luckily Damon missed those freethrows.

    It would of been 82-81 if he made them!! Fraking Crawford tried to hand the win to the Heat. This was the ECF playoffs!!!

    They decided to fix that by handing them the championship the next year. Hey Wade, I love watching you shoot freethrows…..

    Ah reffing at its finest. The Detroit finals pissed me off to no end and I got to see more!

    Bout time these refs are taken down a notch.

  • fatty

    Hey Joninjapaninvancouvercanadabritishcolumbia,

    Are you still going to school there?

    As I recall, you were very good at the over/under. Are you friends with Donaghy? haha


    well now i see why we lost… but as for the 04 finals where lakers got cheated now i see why… but i would not care for this but since they get the lakers invovled well thats BS and not cool.. but oh well now wen we lose we have an excuse

  • Rpoc

    [quote comment=”12134″]but oh well now wen we lose we have an excuse[/quote]
    It should have never come down to this. For shame Stern, for shame! From your stupid ass new balls idea to ref scandals, great job! Not!!!