Lakers Examiner: The free agent sweepstakes officially starts tomorrow (Tuesday) and, as a Los Angeles Lakers fan, you have to be excited.

Whatever enthusiasm you had drained out of you by watching the Lakers trade their first two picks in the draft and conclude by taking somebody called Chinemelu Elonu, will quickly be restored by watching the Lakers battle other franchises for the right to keep their championship team intact by re-signing Trevor Ariza and Lamar Odom.

Re-signing the two forwards has been the Lakers off-season focus since Ariza’s emergence midseason, and they even parted ways with the fan-favorite and consummate Space Cadet Vladimir Radmonavic in order to free up some cap room for them. On the plus side, they got Adam Morrison a ring.

But it begs the question (posed by Brian Kamenetzky of the LA Times Lakers Blog):

Is there anyone else on the market the Lakers should be looking at instead of Ariza and Odom?

They give a link to the complete list of free agents, but I still believe the Lakers should (and will) stick with Ariza and Odom. That being said, here are a couple that I think could pique the Lakers’ interest…

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  • OaklandLakers

    According to RealGm; Ariza isn’t gona take a pay cut to stay in Tinsle Town

  • Sean All Ivy

    F the bird man.

  • WatWudChickSay? (WWCS?)

    As much as I love LO, I’d rather pay Ariza a little more and take the money it would’ve taken to keep LO and go and get Artest.

    I like the idea of a player very hungry for a championship being added to the mix. I worry that LO is in late career cruise mode now that he has his ring and the legitimacy that goes with it.

  • Raphael Rossellini

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    Well, Artest will get at MAX 5 years/ $25 million similar to Luke because we are over the cap and would have to use the MLE. Odom will probably be as low as 3 years/ $21 million to as large as 4 years/ $40 million. If we do lose Ariza I can see us getting Artest because the teams under the cap probably wouldn’t pursue him. Portland may take he gamble, but they already have plenty of SFs and they don’t want Artest to destroy the team. This means it is a level playing field in terms of the MLE offers and we could possibly get Artest. The only thing I am hesitant about is that I don’t know if the Lakers have Shannon Brown’s bird rights, if they don’t, that means that signing Artest would basically give up Brown.

  • muslim mamba

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    thats dumb no offense but arizas spot is easier to fill than odoms… and if odom is willing to take a paycut and ariza isnt then that shows whose more determined to be with the lakers and win we all know he wants another ring cuz he wants to stick with the lakerrs

    im all for odom and artest

    PG: Fisher
    SG: Kobe
    SF: Artest
    PF: Gasol
    C: Bynum


    PG: Nate robinson( hopefully the lakers make the trade to bring him)
    SG: Sasha (trust me he will do better guranteed)
    SF: Odom
    PF: Powell
    C: Mbenga

    2010 champs!!!!!!!!!!!

  • David

    The bottom line is we have the money to bring back both of them because we have their bird rights. Since we are so far over the cap the only other players we could bring in would have to take the MLE or Vet minimum. If artest is willing to come for the MLE then I would take him in a heartbeat over Ariza. Odom already said he would take a paycut so he will be back for sure. Managment has already made moves to sign both of them, so the most likely scenario is both will be back.

  • Tyler

    La needs Trevor. what are they thinking- trading him. If a trade should be made get rid of Luke Walton. why they continuw to keep around beyone me. Sasha should be considered as well. OMG Don’t let Trevor go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!