So we already know what TLN wants, but here is what Doc Rivers had to say about the Celtics and Lakers.

Picture 1ESPN: Rivers has already come out and said the Lakers are a better team, and were a better team last season, and Paul Pierce has already acknowledged that he will circle four games — the two against the Lakers (Jan. 31 at home and Feb. 18 on the road) and the two on the road against Cleveland (opening night, Oct. 27, and Sunday, March 14) as measuring stick nights by which the Celtics will learn whether they really are as good as they believe they are.

  • Chris Ekstedt

    finally a sensible boston celtic. welcome to reality doc rivers… welcome to reality.

  • Short Dog

    One hitter quiter. One hit wonder. Lakers will be a Dynasty.

  • LakersFirst

    Everyone knows the Lakers are the best team in the league. HOWEVER…the Lakers must continue to go out and prove it. STAY HUNGRY!!!

    • willow

      STAY HUNGRY! That should be the motto for this year! I hope they stay hungrier than the teams coming after them.

      Let’s go Lake Show!

  • lakers0828

    Man I gotta say this to Those ignorrent cockeyed Celtics You don’t Own the NBA. Your Lead in the NBA as far as the most Championships in the NBA has Trickled down to 2. You have not Won back 2 back Titles over a dozen years You cant win back 2 Back titles Cause Red Is gone and Doc doesnt have that Leadership He only does the Coaching he is Not a Red or a Phil. But I feel Celtic Players and Celtic fans are Worried and dreadful that the Lakers will Pass them cause They Know Lakers since the 1980s Showtime have broken the Curse and Now going to win back 2 back

  • cfan4evah

    I have followed Celtics-Lakers rivalry closely since 1966, from the celtics’ fan perspective. yes, we dominated the lakers through the sixties, and yes, since the mid-eighties, when dominance was up for grabs, the Lakers have run away with it. Right now, let’s face it, the only team in your way to a repeat, the only team you should fear, are the Celtics, if they are healthy. Likewise, I feel that way about the Lakers. I expect a great showdown between the two in the finals. For what it is worth, in case you think I am overly biased, I believe, like Doc, that the Celtics would have made the finals with a healthy Garnett, but would have lost to the Lakers in the finals. We lacked the Lakers’ hunger, and Gasol really stepped up for you guys big time. I don’t think that hunger, or depth, will be an issue for us, this year. I know we all hope for a L-C final. It will be a classic.

    • Short Dog

      We shouln’t fear any team especially the Celtics. You should be afraid of chicago and all the other loosing record teams in the weak East. With or without garnett the celtics will not make it to the eastern conference finals. Watch your 08 re-runs. Lakers REPEAT once again. Watch KOBE light it up this year.

  • SD Anthony

    They should have frozen Red’s head so we could pee on it for good luck before every game.

  • Short Dog

    What are you Celtic sluts doing here anyways. Go watch Pierce during her acting classes.

  • kob24

    We are a better team we dont need them to tell us. And we will prove it too this year!!

  • kob24


  • Celtics rule LA

    Ah for those who do not realize it Doc Rivers does not really believe LA is better, he just saying they are to motivate his team.

    Why should he since he knows the Celtics are the Lakers daddy having beat them in the finals 9 out of 11 times in the finals, and as recently as 2 years ago.

    This year will be no different as the Celtics will BEAT LA to win:

    Go Celtics, Americas team,17 time NBA champion and best basketball dynasty in the world !!!!!