Winning an NBA title is no easy task. In the last 20 seasons, only 6 franchises have won the championship. That same ratio holds true for the entire span of NBA history, because in 60 NBA seasons, only 18 franchises have had the privilege to hoist a championship banner.

Fortunately for you, the Lakers have had their share of titles. However, the past does not equal the future or present. We as fans have a tendency to think that winning NBA titles is our birthright when actually the complexion of the league has changed dramatically.

Almost every championship caliber team has had at least one player that transcends the generation and lives in the annals of the Hall of Fame. Our Lakers team has one of those players.

These championship teams have also tended to be great defensive teams. Sure, there have been a few that weren’t noted for their stellar defense, but we can certainly say that a top defensive team has a much greater chance at a title than an average defensive team. Right now, our team is displaying the effort on defense that will bring in many more wins than losses. The team defense is accented by Kobe Bryant, who is playing defense at a level that will win games and win him the defensive player of the year should he continue at this pace. The rest of the team has followed his lead. Still, they have a lot of room for improvement, and that’s the good news.

Most championship teams have successful half court offenses. Because defense tends be a championship trait, typically the top tier defenses will force a half court set. This doesn’t mean that a run and gun style such as the Mavericks or Suns cannot win a title, it just means they must be able to manufacture points in the half court set against top defensive teams such as San Antonio. The Lakers have a great half court offense in the triangle. This offense requires good passing and off the ball movement to be successful. The Lakers have recently committed to becoming proficient at both of those qualities this season.

From a structural point of view, the Lakers are playing a style of basketball that gives them an opportunity to compete for a title. The true question isn’t if they can do it, the true question is will they? Competing for a title also requires health. In 1989 and 2004, the Lakers did not win the title primary because of injuries during the championship series.

Assuming the Lakers miraculously avoid health issues, their next concern will be consistent play from key individuals. There’s no doubt that players like Lamar, Farmar, or Bynum have the ability to shine. Once the season matures and the Lakers are heading into the playoffs, all of those players must consistently have terrific games for the Lakers to have a shot. Bynum must become the low post threat, even against the top big men in the game. Farmar must be able to defend while he also penetrates the opposition’s defense. Lamar must remain healthy and continue his excellent play that we’ve seen lately. In short, everything must come together perfectly and we need these players to continue to make big strides as the season continues.

Finally, championship teams have a special mentality that brings everyone together for the common goal. We have some players who aren’t likely to fit that mold, but we also have some key players that will cause this to happen. Every championship team has leadership from the bench as well as the court. The Lakers now have both of those ingredients, and it simply doesn’t get any better than Phil Jackson, Kobe Bryant, and Derek Fisher.

In this upcoming road trip, be mindful to watch the team dynamics. The Lakers will do things well and will do other things not so well. This is to be expected. Instead, watch for the ingredients of a championship team. Do they stay on a defensive attack strategy throughout the game? Do they keep their poise? How do the key role players play against a top team? How challenging is it for the team to create easy scoring opportunities in the half court set? How does the team respond to adversity?

These are all questions that will help us know if our team has what it takes.


    With this squad, the lakers are not even close. We don’t have any consistant low post play and our perimeter defense is subpar. we are one round and out again…

  • gugy

    This current team will not get us a new banner on Staples Center. let’s be realistic. We can beat any team on the NBA in the regular season, but when it comes to the playoffs we might beat and pass the first round but not much beyond that.there is no way we have a championship caliber team now.
    Maybe next season with many free agents on the market we might get somebody to help Kobe if he stays, but now, this is very unlikely.
    Sorry guys, just a reality check.

  • Nabil

    If we had a Rodman type defensive monster (without having to give up LO) and a motivated Kwame Brown/grown up Bynum, then yeah, we’d have a shot. But I agree with you, Phantom.

  • xtro

    Please fellas. Have a little faith in the Lakers. This team resembles the Chicago Bulls of the mid-90s. I think they can win it all.

  • Lakers

    this team is great and I believe they can go really far if they play their heart out

  • sammo

    yeah right xtro…are you really mitch cupcake?

  • r3dempti0n

    [Comment ID #16836 Will Be Quoted Here]

    Seriously, reading the rest of these comments made me think “wtf.. what website am I really on?” Haven’t you learned to always shoot for the moon? There’s always hope for miracles, and this team hasn’t showed us if they’d be great throughout the whole season/pre-season. But as of yet, so far so good. So keep that negativity out of here. Everyone knows that this Laker team played poorly last season. But it’s a whole new season, all new hopes. And this is the NBA. This is “where amazing happens”. Right? We do have the greatest player on the planet + a good supporting cast + one of the greatest coaches of all time. So just keep faith.


    [Comment ID #16839 Will Be Quoted Here]

    dude your dreaming!!! a good supporting cast???wtf??? what team have you been watching? we will go as far as kobe will take us with this team, which is the first round playoffs and go home.

  • Lakers

    Lakers are a elite team when healthy and you’ll see

  • kobe-wankenobi

    i agree w phantom!
    supportng cast very weak in defense, and that is where we are going to lose important games!
    sorry, we need at least 1 great defensive player
    our offense is ok, as long as kobe plays
    stop dreaming

  • RoWyN

    [Comment ID #16835 Will Be Quoted Here]

    Don’t we have a Rodman type player in Turiaf?

  • BEC

    [Comment ID #16833 Will Be Quoted Here]

    I agree. I hope for the best but lets be realistic, this team isnt championship caliber. For one, if you look back at all championship teams, they all had veterans, experienced players. NO ONE other than Kobe and fisher has even had a taste of the second round or beyond the playoffs. It takes veterans and consistent play to win titles. Sadly enough, other than KB and fish, we dont have either from anybody else. This team has yet to play consistent, the beatings to the suns and jazz and horrible loss at home to hornets proves that. Its going to take atleast a couple of years for this team to really contend. The talent is good, but still needs time to grow.

  • AnthonY MusiQ

    We will 3-peat again!!

  • Lakerfanatic

    I agree with site is this? thelakersnation or bashthelakersnation?

  • nate

    until otherwise proven, Lakers are the #1 team in the L and can take anyone in the playoffs.

  • lakerfan81

    The lakers are a good team when healthy. But they are not as good as the Spurs, Mavs Rockets. Those teams are much better defensive teams than the Lakers (particularly SA, Houston). Thats what it really comes down too. Yes the Lakers have a good offense, but can they shut down another team when they are having an off night on the offensive end? Its defense that wins championships. Look at the teams that have won in recent years; Spurs-hands down the best defensive team in the last 8 years with the best defensive player (two best defensive players actually); Detroit-second best defense, Miami- great defensive team with Posey and Mourning, thats who won the title for them; Lakers (00-03)- could shut down anyone when they put the effort into it.

  • nate

    ^^Spurs never shut the Lakers down last season. both Houston and Dallas choked in the 1st round while a sorry team Cavs team topped the Pistons, another defensive monster.

  • SILO

    Man these comments are making me sick! Im sure all of you are watching the same team i am at least i hope. Some of you still cant see what this team is capable of achieving when this team is healthy. They are the best of the best and they will prove this week. This team is stronger, faster, smarter, and has more will power than any team we’ve had since 99-00. Those two teams are fairly similar.

    Bench: Fisher,Horry, Fox, Shaw

    They werent deep but they were deep in experience. They knew how to win and how to compliment each other. None of them were a defensive stopper but they stopped teams by playing team defense. Their success came from failures.


    Bench: Farmar,Java,Sasha,MO,Luke,Vlade,Bynum,Mihm and im not counting coby and cook for good reason.

    This team is better than any team we have had in the past season. The problem with the past seasons was that they were still young and injured to the bone. For the first time we have the team that Mitch and PJ envisioned they built. The ball is moving easier, the pass are precise, they are fighting for every second of the game until the clock reads 00:00. For the first time kobe should feel at easy. He does not have to force anything, they are playing so well that the offense will do it. Easy baskets, lay ups, dunks, wide open looks have been coming at will. For the first time kobe is actually shooting close to 50%. He has NEVER shot over 50% for a season. This season he will accomplish that. When this team is 100% for the first time this season this week, they will beat the best and silence the critics.

    Don’t kid yourself by listening to the media. Let your eyes be your truth.

  • nate

    ^good post

  • SILO

    [Comment ID #16843 Will Be Quoted Here]

    Actually he is better than Rodman. Rodman’ skills Started with rebounding and ended with defense. Ronny is the complete player. He has a jumpshot, he can finish at the basket and has a post moves as well.

    Active and physical defender. He brings the same passion Rodman had.


    Let’s be realistic,the Lakers nowhere were they need to be plus the FO needs to get some help for KB/LO.Another GO-HARD player should get them out of the 1st round but with this squad,NOOOOOO.In order for them to be true contenders get O’Neal or Artest immediately so they can learn this system and be comfortable trying to build some chemistry.If not wait ’til next season and see who’s availble.I feel we should get O’neal before NJ(who will NEVER win a championship see’ns though the Lakers killed that dream 4years ago).

  • Michael_23

    Look at the Cavs, it just took 1 superstar and 1 or 2 roll players to get them to the finals.

    In 2004, the Pistons won with a core group and none of them were All-Stars at the time.


    True but they played as a one body team(chemistry) and destroyed the Lakers(Shaq out of shape).The Cavs went to the finals because they were LIKE DAT on offensive rebounding and pounded the Pistons but couldn’t do the same to the Spurs(experience the factor there).GET O’NEAL NOOOOWWW or Artest if your trying to win Championships.O’neal will not win anything in NJ in any year.

  • gugy

    We need Artest


    [Comment ID #16854 Will Be Quoted Here]

    your talking about the east. the west is a whole kind of different monster. the cavs in the west = lottery

  • nate

    [Comment ID #16853 Will Be Quoted Here]

    no team in the West is a lot better than us. and are you serious? have you seen JO so far? he sucks! no way in hell do we trade Lamar OR Bynum plus 4 plus other guys plus picks for him. he’s worth only half of his 20 mill paycheck. and no, we don’t need Artest. we’re loaded at SF, LO>Artest, and Artest is stupid and always gets himself suspended and whatnot. we are past the 1st round already this season. we should just stick on this path the FO is taking cause it looks like it’s working.

    trading for JO puts us back even more and Artest has about 3 other teams he’d rather be on that would LOVE to have him. we don’t need either due to cost and depth at their respective positions.

  • 24allup inya

    When the Lakers beat the Spurs (the champ’s) then they will give all you doubters something to think about.Dont forget that last year they beat them 2 times and they lost to them by just a few points in the other 2 games.You people dont seem to understand that just the presence of Kobe alone is enough to give us a decent chance over any team in the league.Now we have a full and healthy squad so i expect the Lakers to beat the boring a$$ Spurs.And then they will give Houston a loss at home to pay them back the favor, im mostly concerned with Detroit for now!!!

  • gugy

    We need a monster player in the defense end. Artest, I agree is a nutcase, so then who else could be?

  • http://LAL Jonas Joseph



    1. SPURS
    2. PISTONS
    3. CELTICS
    4. DALLAS
    5. ROCKETS
    6. UTAH
    7. SUNS
    8. LAKERS
    9. DENVER


    hahahahahahaha Are you people in LA this dumb? So you think your your 3-2 team can win a ring? Wake the fuck up. The Lakers suck ass. Your on your way to win six titles! Keep dreaming. This has to be some of the dumbest crap I have ever read. Really your team is full of garbage and have played a soft first five games. phhhhh yeah and Ron Artest is really going to put you over the top. Ohhhhh my god!

  • drake hunter

    I know Jerry West and all the Lakers organization has internet access so they can actually read these comments. Mr. West, your a genius and a very smart man when it comes to re-making a roster into a championship team. You obviously know going through our current roster of players, 1-15, that we are a very deep team with decent talent and we are stacked at every position with quality 2nd tier players. Only you have the knowledge and know how to transcend this team into a championship contender all in the same season.

    Unfortunately when you left, you took your magic wand with you, because Mr. Kupchak apparently either lost his, doesn’t know how to use it, or like he states, doesn’t even have one. I agree with him that we have a good, I rather say “decent” team, but we have many quality players who can be moved to bring in veterans or other players that can take us to the next level so I cannot understand why moves aren’t being made. Everyone keeps talking about this years team being better than the previous ones and going farther into the playoffs but if I’m not mistaken, we’ve had almost the exact same roster for 3 seasons now. If memory serves me correct, the outcomes have been the same and are getting worse every season as we progress with this current roster.

    I speak for myself and hopefully for all of the Laker Nation that you can come back before the trade deadline and clear everything up with Kobe and the Laker organization and make some bold moves that are desperately needed to become that championship team again that you built. I’ll take this as an early Christmas present coming from a die hard Laker fan…. GO LAKERS!!!!!

  • LakersFirst (Change) (Close)

    Did you people notice it was most of the Kobe fans (not Laker fans), who are bashing our Laker squad and saying they can’t compete. Again I see to you Kobe fans, this is a LAKER FAN SITE. If you are not a Laker fan or do not have have faith in the Lakers, then GET OUT AND DO NOT RETURN. Go praise Kobe at his site.

    Yes, I think the Lakers can compete and go far in the playoffs. If Cleveland and Utah (and no Utah is NOT THAT GOOD despite what reports say) can go far in the playoffs, then I know this Laker team can. Defense is ALWAYS key.

    As a Laker fan, I am praying that Sacramento continues to falter and realize that they have to dump Artest for expiring contracts. I am hoping that Geoff Petrie realizes this and see’s our Kwame expiring contract of $9M after this season as attractive. Kwame can easily be traded for Artest for a one for one trade. Both contracts are about the same (as a matter of fact Kwame makes slightly more than Artest). Artest is a great defender and could contribute to this Laker team.



    You can be a kobe fan and a laker fan also. when the lakers FO cant or wont make the right moves in bringing veterns, you cant just sit by and say nothing. The FO is dropping the ball on Kobe’s window to win another championship…

  • drake hunter

    Its so sad that someone who claims to be a Laker fan first can write that he believes in this Laker team and think they can go far in the playoffs when the exact same team has faltered twice in the 1st round of the playoffs two years in a row yet still state in his comments that he would like changes made to the roster “Kwame for Artest” straight up to better the makeup of the team. “Don’t contradict yourself buddy.” We’re all Laker fans here too and want better players also not for the sake of KOBE but for the Lakers in general. Our current roster doesn’t suck, they’re just very mediorce and inconsistant and their not winners. Take off your beer goggles and then you’ll prolly see what I’m talking about Mitch!

  • JoJoEnglish94Bulls4ever

    You guys can’t with with this team. Just realize it.

  • drake hunter

    JoJo is still waiting for Jordan, Pippen, and BJ Armstrong to come out of retirement

  • drake hunter

    For all you gamblers out there, take Lakers tomorrow vs Spurs. Spurs won’t cover, Lakers always play them tight. Only one free pick a week, thank you come again!

  • Jrich

    We have the greatest player on our team but he still wants out of LA. So we’ll never win a championship because Kobe is always thinking negative thoughts about our city. So f*** him

  • BEC

    [Comment ID #16850 Will Be Quoted Here]

    Thats a nice write up but you can be more talented, athletic, deeper, and quicker but still go nowhere. Look at the Suns and the Spurs. Suns are better all around, but Spurs have one thing the Suns dont, experience winning. This team is nothing like our championship team in 00-02. Those guys pre 2000, went through battles in the playoffs, EVERY SINGLE one of those guys on that team had playoff experience, they were veterans, who knew how to win games. This team has no experience, other then getting beat in the first round. This team is way too young to really compete for a title. They have the ability but not the experience. They have yet to play consistently. Other than Kobe theres not much consistency. We have what it takes, dont get me wrong, thats why we can beat teams like the Spurs and the rest of the elite on a given night, but consistency and experience in play is what wins playoff SERIES and we have yet to prove that. We can gain it as the season progresses, but this team is just too young to really contend.

    I like the optimistic view but you have to look at things not just from a Lakers fan point of view but also from a basketball fan point of view. Chick Hearn was and probably is the greatest of Lakers fans but he placed constructive criticism where it was due, he pointed out the good and the bad, and everyone should do the same.

  • BEC

    [Comment ID #16868 Will Be Quoted Here]

    Its amazing how you can just bash people and prove nothing about the points youre making.
    Utah not a good team? 50+ wins in the western conference and beating the Rockets in the playoffs. The team ball they play and their talent in williams, boozer, okur, kirilenko, and the rest. Thats a good team. Did you not see who cleveland played in the playoffs?? Injured teams Nets and Wizards and how poorly the pistons played. Theres a reason why they got demolished in the playoffs not one game was even close.

    You say defense is key and the Lakers can go far in the playoffs but currently this season they DO NOT even crack the top 20 in team points allowed, we rank 23rd in the league, giving up 102ppg. Thats not a good defensive team.
    If Artest does come to the Lakers, that changes everything, but until that happens, this team doesnt have it.
    I love the Lakers and I do think we have the talent to compete but this team is too young and lack the right experience to compete.

  • gugy


    We need veterans. Hopefully next season with free agency we can maybe get couple. This season I hope Lakers beat the Suns on the first round, That would make me happy. I do not expect this team getting pass the second round, unless we get very, very lucky with the end of season seeding. ANd of course we all hoping kobe will stay.

  • drake hunter

    I’m boggled because this years 07-08 team is pretty much identical to last years 06-07 team and pretty close to the 05-06 team the year before yet their suppose to better this year than the teams we had the previous two years???…Hmmm……..We pretty much got no where the last 3 years with the same squad. F/O needs to grow some marbles and make a move. The following list shows the players we keep and the players that need to take a hike:


    Send them packing ASAP:

    Like I said, our current roster doesn’t suck, it just needs a little tinkering. A great GM can take the players that I listed not needed and get some veteran leadership or a great player because they have a lot of promise and cap relief to go with them. I say mortgage the future which won’t be for another 5 years until Bynum or Crittenton can make an impact and invest in the present for at least another 8 years winning 4 titles out of the 8 at least. GO LAKERS!!!!!

  • ab4sure

    [Comment ID #16840 Will Be Quoted Here]

    Xtro, your closer to the truth than some losers I know on here and here is why…the guys who say the lakers have no shot are the same guys who said ship LO and Bynum for JO. Who would make that trade now? The same guys who said Fish will not help that much, and the lakers have no bench. We have one of the deepest teams coming off the bench with Mihm, Bynum, farmar, Walton, Vlad, etc…These same losers say the only hope is if kobe shoots 30 times a game….and as we have found out we win more times when kobe shares the ball and not Hogs the ball. Perhaps these people do not understand that basketball is best played as a team than a one man show…I think kobe is finding that out and learning that right now I just hope some here would learn with kobe.

  • SILO

    [Comment ID #16884 Will Be Quoted Here]
    Another SMH post.
    Crap. Close to the 05-06 team?
    Bench:Farmar,Sasha,cook,luke,Jim Jackson,George,bynum



    Its not whats on paper. Words tell **** about this team. I cant believe people want to break apart a team after first weeks and after they blow out the suns. You would be stupid if Mitch was to tinker with this team right now. You must be even more retarded than Bucher to compare this team to last years.

    Why in the hell would you get rid of bynum? You are paying him rookie money for a guy who is producing a double double on a nightly bases. Kwame, just let him play out his contract, ur going to get nothing for him. 9m off ur belt. No one is going to take cook expect the bobcats. Sasha, is just as hard to move. Trade JAVA?! You wanna trade the future star of the Lakers. One third of the future Laker trio of Bynum, Farmar and Java. Plus his contract isnt even worth moving. Moving Coby Karl is just as heartless as trading Derek Fisher.

    5 years? Bynum has been in the league in three years and right now he took Amare to school. That man can become a All star this year with his number so far. Java is better than any rookie we have had since Kobe. Yeah i said it. This team is built like the spurs. They will battle, grow and fight with each other. The team will be complete next season with the addition of one free agent. That will be the team for the years to come.

  • n8

    Drake and Phantom,

    Although it seems like the same team, you’re both missing one key element. It’s simple addition by subtraction. We got rid of Smush Parker and that makes all the difference in the world. Smush was dead last in all but one category for starting point guard stat last year.

  • drake hunter

    Silo….don’t come on this website crying and begging for changes at the end of the year when the Lakers lose in the first round again. I’m a Laker fan who is looking at the real picture even when things are going good. Of course you can’t bash the Lakers right now because their playing well but in the end this is the same team that will give us the same result. Jordan was dominant even at 39 so Kobe has at least 8 more dominant years in him. Plug JO in the lineup with Fish, Bryant, Odom, and Mimh and people will take us seriously this year. Bryant will make JO better because he can finish around the basket and he’s a presence in the low post. I’ll take Bryants prime over whatever you think Bynum and Crittenton will become which I think will be good but not great for both players. I cheer for the present, and for the present I want savy experienced veterans who can get the job done. Someone is gonna come out and be great every three or four years so it’s not like Bynum is the last of the coming of great players to be. You too are a front running drunk Laker fan with beer goggles on who cheers for them when they win and will whine when they start losing. Were so deep we can afford to give up Crittenton and Bynum and get someone great for them. I’ll take Farmar for the the next 8 years with Kobe. Who cares if they become great when we can get someone great now whos already proven. You want to cheer for a young rebuilding squad whos keeps losing, move to Minnesota cause this is LA and we only play for the championship.

  • ab4sure

    What makes this team totally different…kobe shooting less, kove playing with the team, fish, improved bynum and farmar, no smush, another year of experience, HEALTHY PLAYERS….WE SEE A DIFFERENT TEAM BECAUSE THIS TEAM IS HEALTHY FOR A CHANGE… what hasn’t changed is some laker fans who want to get rid of quality talent for smush…

  • drake hunter

    N8… are right about one thing with the addition of subtraction that can make a real difference. Build a package around Bynum and ship him out for JO because Indy just lost three in a row and like I said it before, they’re gonna keep losing and need to get something for JO. He’s a proven all-star not some potential player that we keep waiting on every year. Kobe will make him an even better player. We can get 20 and 10 from JO everynight with Kobe driving and dishing or lobying passes for dunks to JO and he’s only 28. You have too agree with me on that and Kudos about Smush, he’s a cancer.

  • drake hunter

    5 years? Bynum has been in the league in three years and right now he took Amare to school. That man can become a All star this year with his number so far.

    Thats what SILO wrote: Anyone think Bynums going to the all-star game this year?…****LMAO****…….

    Tell the truth SILO, your Bynums paperboy huh, he told you to say that!!!!!

    **FYI**….Topic of Discussion is “Do the Lakers have what it takes”

    Of course not until we at least trade for JO. If Fisher can make that big a difference to the PG position for us this year where we really needed help, imagine what JO will do for us at PF. I’m gonna start a new website “TRADE BYNUM” while he still has potential where people keep thinking he’s gonna be this great player for some reason/

  • SILO

    [Comment ID #16894 Will Be Quoted Here]

    Um. Duh! Who doesnt *please dont use profanity* and whine when their team loses. Its part of being a fan. Hell, its what this website was built on in the first place. Changes. Remember? GETGARNETT.COM?! GETJO.COM!? Get Jo? You must be crazy. That man can barely get 10pts a game as a starter for a player who was a all star year in and year ever since he arrived in Indiana. Instead, Bynum is averaging near to a double double and is coming off the bench. BENCH MOB! BENCH MOB! You cant be the bench mob if you gut the bench! You cheer for the present and you want savy veterans? Hmmmmmm. Do you know how we had savy vets? They played with each other for 3-5 years and become that championship team. The only savy vet on the market right now is C-Webb. Every 3-4 years? HELLO WE ARENT A LOTTERY TEAM EVERY YEAR LIKE SOME HORRIBLE TEAMS LIKE THE HAWKS! ITS A VERY RARE OCCASION WHEN WE GET BUILD OFF TRADE PICKS! BYNUM COULD BE THE FIRST REAL LAKER BIG MAN SINCE GEORGE MIKAN! Every other Laker big man was traded to us. How can a team be to deep? Hell i dont wanna be the Celtics. House? Posey?

    You are right. I am pride swallowing, purple and gold wearing, jumping up and down for every win and bashing my closet door when they lose laker. Why? Cause I love my Lakers. Not Kobe. Not LO. Not Phil. My Lakers. Why the hell would we trade right now, unless its to get rid of cook or sasha. Every player we would trade for can or will be a free agent next season. This team is built for the now and for the future as well.

    “You want to cheer for a young rebuilding squad whos keeps losing, move to Minnesota cause this is LA and we only play for the championship.”

    That made me laugh. You sound like all those retards at who claim they are all Laker fans except they are Kobe fans. Man, i will cheer if they are young, old, or crippled. I Love this team no matter what.

    And no, this is not LA.


  • r3dempti0n

    [Comment ID #16846 Will Be Quoted Here]

    [Comment ID #16847 Will Be Quoted Here]

    [Comment ID #16850 Will Be Quoted Here]

    Now these are the voices of the true die hard Laker fans. Honestly, who goes to a Laker fan site and starts bashing them when they’ve done better than before. These Lakers are looking better than they have in the past 2 seasons, so to us TRUE Laker fans, that means there is hope. True fans never stay down when it comes to their team. ESPECIALLY if the team is showing improvement. Yeah it may not be realistic on paper that our team can be contenders. But whose to say we cant get fired up about this squad? As the true Laker nation, “We Follow Because We Believe”. Thats the damn motto of this site! To us fans who stuck with the Lakers through their lowest points, we all know the only place to go is up. And that’s where the 07-08 squad is going. It’s no longer Kobe filling up the highlight reel. You see between the leg passes from Luke to whomever, Farmar cuts and dishes it out to Bynum for a monster dunk, a left handed layup around 2 defenders for L.O., a steal by Luke which then leads to a fast break by Fisher, and an occasional Kobe shot. Now can you tell me that isn’t improvement from the previous Laker highlights (which were 90% Kobe). Come on now, give this squad some credit and let them play. Of course we need more help, but what team says “no we don’t need more great players”. So all in all, win or lose, chip or no chip, the Lakers are playing much better basketball and finally gave their true fans some hope.

  • BEC

    (Silo quote)….”…That man can become a All star this year with his number so far. Java is better than any rookie we have had since Kobe. Yeah i said it. This team is built like the spurs. They will battle, grow and fight with each other. The team will be complete next season with the addition of one free agent. That will be the team for the years to come.”

    First off Bynum an all-star?? Not in the western conference or eastern…Yao Ming, Chris Kaman, and Marcus Camby are just a few who are clearly better in all aspects, more points, blocks, and boards. Tyson Chandler, Brad Miller, and Andres Biedrins are doing statistically better than Bynum too.

    This team is not built like the Spurs. If it were we would be contending right now. Spurs have veterans and we have rookies and young prospects. Every championship team they had, they had experienced players from guys like sean elliot, avery johnson, and david robinson from their early titles to now with guys like bowen, horry, and finley.
    Theyre not wasting Duncans prime years, like the Lakers are with Kobe. Dont even start thinking im way up Kobes a**, im not even a big Kobe fan, but i am a LAKERS FAN who wants this team to WIN AND WIN NOW, because we have a chance with Kobe. Winning resolves anything. When you have a player like Kobe, you must do whatever it takes to win, because these kinds of opportunites dont happen a lot. (Kobe will stay if we have a contender.) If we can make this team better by trading Bynum, I say ship his a** out, im not saying trade Bynum just to make a trade like LOandAB for JO, that doesnt make us better. But if we can get talented experienced veterans for Kobe by trading bynum i say trade him. Who knows how good Bynum can be but we do know how great Kobe is and we can win with Kobe, we just need more experienced players to help him and waste his prime years.

    We wont contend this season but maybe next season we might have a chance to contend, only if we get some more veteran help on this team though.

  • drake hunter

    Silo, your so pathetic its saddening. You should call Jerry Buss and ask for a job mopping the courts during timeouts or filling the gatorade bottles. The Lakers are a 7th or 8th seed at best so they are already floating around the other lottery teams. I can’t believe you said George Mikan “LOL”. How old are you 70? At least say Shaq because we’ve all seen him play. FYI…only five players can be on the court at one time and we have some much talent at every position if you even read my blog i wrote earlier so thats why we can afford to let some of these guys go. If you really read my blog you would see I said Kobe would make JO better and he would put up better numbers. Maybe you should start reading my blogs before you critique my opinions Mr. “I love the Lakers no matter what”. Did you read my blog of guys that we should keep and who we should get rid of Mr. Benchmob Benchmob. I never said gut the bench either. I feel like I’m writing to a blind 70 year old kindergarden kid! Just do your job and deliver Mr. Bynums paper and show him my blog.

  • LakersFirst (Change) (Close)

    [Comment ID #16870 Will Be Quoted Here]


    The FO has made some bad trades, yes, HOWEVER, KOBE IS TO BLAME FOR VETERANS NOT COMING HERE. KG is not here because Kobe publicly bashed the FO and made the Laker organization look bad. If you want veterans here, YOU DO NOT MAKE YOUR TEAM/ORGANIZATION LOOK BAD!! KG even said that L.A. wasn’t an option because of the Kobe situation. You can also thank Kobe for someone like Grant Hill not being here because he too stated the L.A. wasn’t an option because of the Kobe situation, again because Kobe opend his his big a** mouth and trashed the organization. You can also thank Kobe for JO not being here. Because Kobe publicly made the Laker organization look desparate, Indiana was asking for both LO and Bynum, which we know is too high of a price for JO. WAKE UP!! Kobe is also to blame for this mess.

    And don’t even forget about the Shaq catastrophe because to quote Phil Jackson’s book, Kobe said “I don’t want to be a sidekick anymore” WHAH!!! What an a**. You were winning championships!!! Who cares if you’re a sidekick (you didnt’ hear Dwayne Wade bitching). Even Magic Johnson tried to convince Kobe that he needed to get a long with Shaq but NOOOOO, that a** didnt’ want to.

    Kobe too has dropped the ball and helped create his own mess that he now wants to leave in L.A.

  • LakersFirst

    [Comment ID #16874 Will Be Quoted Here]


    You forget last year was destroyed by injuries and nothing else. The Lakers were 26-13 and in the 4th spot in the West, until injuries to LO, Kwame and Luke and even Mihm hurt the season. Even the great coach Hubie Brown even said it. To quote Hubie Brown after the Lakers defeated Phoenix earlier this year, he said, “the Laker season last year was destroyed by injuries”. If the Lakers stayed healthy last year, no one knows how good they would’ve been.

    Do I think this team can go far in this playoffs. My answer is absolutely yes, even with Kwame Brown. I think the Lakers are better than the Warriors who beat Dallas last year. I think this Laker team is better than Utah who went to the western conference finals and I think this Laker team is better than Cleveland who went to the finals.

    I am a Laker fan, I have faith in my team. Apparently you don’t…KOBE!!

  • Newtdog

    ^^ Well at least one person has there head screwed on straight ^^
    Amen Silo

  • SILO

    [Comment ID #16903 Will Be Quoted Here]

    Yao ming is the only western conference center voted every year as a center. A back is always up for grabs. Remember its a all star game. Fans make that game. I mean who doesnt wanna see Bynum go one on one with Shaq now?! Even though Shaq is older now. It would still be fun to see.

    Remember, David Robinson wasted his years too. Many years actually until they draft Duncan and poof! Championship.

    Hmmmmmm. Wow! Talk about ur gratitude to hard work. Bynum aint going nowhere now. It would be stupid and senseless to trade him now. Hes proven himself to be worth the wait. Trading bynum is as stupid as that rumored trade all those years ago for Kobe for Marion and Kidd. If we did that trade, we would be kicking ourself right now, saying Jerry West is a moron. Besides i doubt Kareem would like it if we traded him now.

    All this talk of veterans was done months ago with, Mo Peterson, Kg, JO, C-Webb, ect. Guess what? There is an even bigger FA list this offseason and we all know they want to come here, especially Artest and Brand. I doubt brand wants to leave LA anyways since he has been here so long.

    So little faith.

  • LakersFirst

    [Comment ID #16896 Will Be Quoted Here]

    You want to ship Andrew Bynum for injury proned Jermaine O’Neal and the $60M he has left on his contract. Are you f’n high??? JO has had brief success in the east, when he had no big man competition. Now you want to ship him to the West where he will have to play Boozer, Dirk, Amare, Duncan, Yao, night in and night out, and you think he is going to stay healthy. JO will NOT average 20 and 10 in the west, no way that would happen. He’s not Shaq that can clog the lane and do that. As a matter of fact, JO is not even a true center, he’s more of a power forwrad. You have got to be the worst GM. There is Andrew Bynum, 7’1 (and probably still growing), with a wing spand the surpasses all these other centers, where is he almost averaging a double double off the bench for JO and the kid is only 20 years old. IT AIN’T HAPPENING!!

    Look at our balance, we can run with teams and we play half court offense with teams. We have youth, Farmar, Bynum, Turiaf and Java and we have veteran players, Kobe, Fisher, LO, and we have role players, Walton, Kwame, Mihm, Radmonovic. This team is a pretty balanced team when you look at it. Yes, there are some players with expring contracts that you can shop around and see what you can get, Kwame (9M expiring), Evans, Sasha, Mihm (2.5M) all free agents that the Lakers are probably shopping.

    Lastly, our issue is NOT offense, we score plenty. The Lakers average about 108 points a game, with the 3rd highest field goal percentage this year (Stu Lantz stated this during the Minnesota game). The Lakers success will be depedent on DEFENSE. If the Lakers can bring that energy to play defense every night like the Spurs and Pistons, then the Lakers will truly be an elite team.

  • drake hunter

    The only person with their head on straight other than me is BEC. Nobody wanted our players because they thought they sucked so now that they are playing good, we should make some moves now and change up this roster with some new faces. “TRADE BYNUM” for proven players ASAP!!!

  • r3dempti0n

    Maybe we need to trade some of these rookie Laker “fans” for some proven veteran Laker fans.

  • SILO

    [Comment ID #16906 Will Be Quoted Here]

    Actually i would love those jobs. I would prefer the ball boy though.

    Man, i cant wait till tomorrow against the spurs. I so cant wait for the posts after that game. Then Houston and then the Pistons. Though the Pistons are the only team that worries me. Damn that D-fense. Oh well.

    We have so much talent, we can let guys go? Let me guess. JO?
    God that guys so over rated right now. Hes not even looking like an all star. 13pts a game. 7 boards. Yikes, no all star there. Plus the guy is on the DL most of the time and can keep his butt healthy. Why trade for him anyways? Hes opting out after this season. Yeah he wants to stay with Jamal

    You do know, that greed Larry Bird wants, LO or Bynum, right? Damn it Bynum and LO out played any of JO’s games this season. Well, LO only played one and still out did him. Im not going to make a trade when the team is functionally so well for a player who will be a Brad penny to the Lakers *Yes i know, Dodger talk*.

    You do realize combining all those salaries together, still would not be enough to get JO, right? Highest there is 9m, everyones else is 3-1m and below. JO’s contact is close to 20m a year.

  • SILO

    [Comment ID #16897 Will Be Quoted Here]

    Wow. Your making that site now? After all this time?
    Question. Have you seen the “Kobe Video”?

    You missed that wild ride. Everyone wanted, Bynum shipped out. Including me.

    To bad you missed it.

  • drake hunter

    Lakerfirst… officially joined Silo on the idiot squad. How many players were drafted out of high school with massive potential and never reached them and now their either lost as reserves on some team or they dont even exist anymore. You both should join the Jim Buss club for morons. They wasted the #10 pick on Bynum and they thought it was a steal when he prolly would have been available in the 2nd round. I don’t remember one person talking about him on draft day. The FO hyped up everything about this guy yet people like Phil and Kobe who come out and tell everyone how he really is and he can’t play defense or clog the middle and no one believes them. He’s so good but why isn’t he starting again? SILO says he’s gonna be an all star this year! This guys takes too long to develop meaning he prolly never will. What happened to Jonathan Bender or Darius Miles. Bynum is the next Desagana Diop. He’s good enough to be in the league but will never be an all-star. 3 years and Phil doesn’t believe he should start over Kwame Brown! **KWAME BROWN** of all people!!

  • drake hunter

    Silo, I got your back, lets put in as much votes as we can for Bynum to start the all star game this year. Hopefully your hand doesn’t get tired because there’s over 1 billion people in china voting for Yao Ming

  • jack

    looks to me that phantom is just another either an angry laker fan, or a phoenix sun fan. Why are we “beleivers” responding to this? We have to get ready for a memoriable season that is coming to live in our hearts for a while. I only listen to people like phantom at the end of the season, not at this time. Now, its our time to support this franchise. Is everyone(else phantom) with me?

  • SILO

    [Comment ID #16916 Will Be Quoted Here]

    He’s not starting because he hasn’t learned how to play D without getting into early foul trouble. He isnt starting because his stamina isnt good enough yet to play a full 48min game with a rest.

    Taking to long? Barely played his first year. Second year, got reasonable minuets and averaged close to 10pts a game but couldnt stand to the physicality of the bigger centers. This year, well. Ask Amare how many steps he took when bynum backed down on him on the post and how pretty that hook was over his head. Darius Miles is playing for the Blazers fyi. Injured actually.

    Diop? Diop? Just wow. Just plain wow.

  • SILO

    [Comment ID #16919 Will Be Quoted Here]

    I never said he would start. I just said he would be an all star but your welcome to try to have him start though.

  • ab4sure

    [Comment ID #16916 Will Be Quoted Here]

    Drake Hunter or should I call you Kobe “ship your ass out” Bryant. You have been nominated as the official idiot of this thread. Don’t worry your a lock to win. Bynum a wasted pic and didn’t have hype coming out of hs. He had about the same hype as JO did when he came out and he didn’t do too bad. Even though he is on a decline. And why would we trade a player who is on a decline?? Bynum a Diop?? Yeah everyone wants to get Diop?? The nets will trade kidd for Diop. The pacers will trade JO for Diop. The kings will trade artest for Diop. There is a reason many teams want Bynum that you Drake have failed to realize. The lakers are building a team. If you were the GM you would destroy it. So why don’t you stop trying to be a GM like Kobe and enjoy the games, because that is the only skill you have when judging talent in the L. The Laker Mgmt. is not groveling to kobe and making any trade just to satisfy him it is time for you too get off your knees because frankly your posts are making you look like a pathetic desperate man whose girl “kobe” wants to leave.

  • wilzuvsteel

    It amazes me how we get so enamored by the Laker mystique. But at the moment there is no 1-2 punch that has been established. All the elite teams have that and then some. Spurs have the triple threat, Houston double threat, Utah double threat, Suns double threat, Dallas a double threat too. Theoretically we have Odom & Kobe but it hasn’t been proven yet. But if they can all get on the same page on defense I think we start winning championships again. The Bulls had great role players to match Pippen & Jordan’s defensive prowess. I trust Phil can bring that mentality when playoffs come again. If not and they are all healthy then it may be time to look for a new system that complements the talents of this team. But it sure is hard to argue against a system that produced 9 championships. But the Spurs potentially have a system that can win at least 3 more championships. I think that it will take the LakerNation, the fan support, to get off of the media hype and truly back the team up. The players will have to take on the responsibility of playing hard as Kobe has mentioned many times during his interviews and stay focused and execute the offense. Whose to say that Farmar doesn’t become a Tony Parker. Parker wasn’t anything when we were spanking them in the playoffs during the Shaq & Kobe era. He had no jumper and made bad decisions early in his career. But they stuck with him and now it is paying dividends big time. Same with Ginobli. Lamar & Farmar have that chance. Also Turiaf’s talent is unlimited. He has great size, energy, and has a good touch from the perimeter as well as rebounding prowess. I think he’s better than Horace Grant except on the defensive end. Once he establishes himself as a defensive presence like Kobe, he’ll be a monster in the NBA. We’ve got tons of 3pt shooting, young legs, a great coach and staff but just no defensive consistency. I just don’t know if this can be taught or if this is just something that the players are incapable of grasping because they lack the skill to focus. LakerNation could help this regard to keep pounding the team to play DEFENSE!!! That is our mantra to winning a championship.

  • n8

    Drake – for sure, addition by subtraction with Bynum too. I never thought of that. Kobe is more important to this team’s future than Bynum’s potential. If we could somehow get JO for Bynum w/out loosing Odom, we would improve our squad and Kobe would probably stay in two years instead of walking! If we keep Bynum, we exit in the first or second round of the playoffs and Kobe probably walks.


    [Comment ID #16920 Will Be Quoted Here]

    Jack you dont know jack sht!!! you are waiting for a memorable season… dude send what your smokin it must be some great sht. What laker team have you been watching. we don’t even have a winning record at home and thats including beating the worse team at home. until we shore up our perimeter defense and get some lowpost scoring we arn’t going to remember sht from this year except how phoenix bounced us out of the first round again.

  • LakersFirst

    [Comment ID #16916 Will Be Quoted Here]


    If I am the idiot squad, then you are cleary the leader because trading for JO make no sense at all. You would be leading the Lakers down the path of the New York Knicks. Let me talk to you in terms that you, an idiot, can clearly understand. After this year, JO has 2 years and over $44M left on his contract. Do you realize how much that will put us over the salary cap!! You should join the Isaiah Thomas idiot club for sexual harassment (with a name like Drake, I’m sure you’ve harassed some people).

    The #10 pick was not wasted. There was nobody in that draft that was going to make the Lakers better overnight. I remember everyone was saying the Lakers should’ve drafted Sean May (Sean May! Sean May! Sean May). Look where Sean May is now, injured and yet you want to trade Bynum for another injury proned “superstar” in Jermaine O’Neal and pay him $44M. I’m wondering if you look as stupid as you sound?? I’m not sure where your love for injury proned superstars come from, but if that’s the case we should go after Jay Williams and Allan Houston.

    Phil has already said that Bynum is improving and even Tex Winter, the father of the triangle, said that Bynum is improved tremendously. And if you believe Kobe’s sh*t then you really are stupid. Kobe is the man who got rid of Shaq. Anyone with a brain knows it. Even Magic Johnson told Kobe that he needed Shaq, but no Kobe was “tired of being a sidekick” (read Phil’s book).

    The reason why Bynum is not starting is because we need help off the bench. I have said before and I will say it again, the Lakers will go so far as their BENCH and their defense takes them. Bynum is 20 years old and you want to trade him for injury proned JO. JO would get eaten alive in the west, oh wait, I’m sure he’ll be injured but I think you would like to pay him his $40+M, for sitting on the bench to watch Kobe, along with Kobe’s $40M over the next few years. I’m sure we’ll have a lot of cap space to resign Turiaf (who if he plays well this year will seek out a larger contract, along with Farmar who in 2 years will also be seeking out a larger contract. Man I hope you don’t manage money for your family. That’s a scary thought.

  • TheLAunit

    I think we have what it takes to become one of the elite teams in the NBA, but we need to learn how to stop Pick & Rolls, and points in the paint. We can score with the best of them but the defence side we lack just a little. I think the lakers will make it to the WESTERN ConFerence finals and may even go to the Finals. Its all about team BAll.

  • lakerfan81

    The lakers are not at a championship level. They are a very talented team and a good team when healthy, but not quite there yet. The Lakers need to improve on the defensive team and cut down on the turnovers. The lakers are racked 18th in the league in defensive proficiency (106.7 pts per 100 posessions). They are 5th in the league in offensive efficiency (111.5) but you can’t win a championship with an average defense. For contrast the Spurs are 6th in defensive efficiecny (100.2) and 7th in offensive efficiency (110.8) (the Lakers are not quite there yet). Also 17.7% of the lakers posessions have ended in a turnover (20th in the league); way to high. Again SA is 3rd (14.4%). That is the difference between a very good team (Lakers) and an title contender (Spurs).

  • steve

    Whatever happens …The Lakers had better not even think about what could be the dumbest move of all time …..signing MARBURY…..please please please dont do it…the knicks look to be ready to off load him…buy him out

  • drake hunter

    It’s so sad that so many of these true Laker fans are blinded by the early success the current roster has right now. Any team on any given night can win a ball game. The same people saying the Lakers are a good team right now were the same people asking for JO and other changes in the off season. Lets keep it real and be realistic. The Lakers are a good team but won’t win a championship. The same people on this website giving praise to the current roster were dogging Kupchak in the off season for not making any moves. MAKE UP YOUR MIND!!!!!!! This team still needs upgrades or it will not go anywhere. “TRADE BYNUM” still regardless of how he’s playing!

  • nate


    for ppl throwing around stats about whether Bynum will be an All-Star, he’s getting better #s at a higher fg% in less time than most other Cs. it’s a given that Yao will make the All-Star team every season. thinking otherwise is just stupid. reserve roles are always up for grabs.

    for ppl saying we don’t have a ‘1-2 punch needed on elite teams’, you are wrong. team ball makes you truly elite. Detroit is the most elite team imo since they’ve made at least the ECF for years now. team ball is the key. see Miami. outside that ‘punch’ they’re crap.

    for ppl wanting to trade Bynum for JO, it’s flat out dumb. JO’s not dropping double-doubles. Bynum is. JO isn’t scoring well, isn’t rebounding well, isn’t shooting at a good percentage due to him banking on ugly fadeaways and isn’t defending as well as prior seasons. Bynum’s stock will continue to rise as he gets better while JO’s drops and keeps dropping. Bynum’s youth is what really intrigues me. so young yet doing so well. if we trade for JO his injuries won’t fade cause he’s not getting any younger. if we don’t we’ll have a true back to the basket monster that will keep improving for the next 5-7 years.

    for ppl saying ‘high school players become busts,’ stfu. it’s the same damn thing with college ball. FOs just choose the seemingly most talented player or one that fills a team need and hope they improve. Bynum is already improving by leaps and by bounds, is dedicated and has a great work ethic so he’s in no way gonna be the next Kwame.

    for ppl asking why Bynum’s not starting, use your brains if you have one. PJ wants consistent energy and skill out on the floor for the entire 48 mins on the court. our bench has been praised and has impressed. move Kwame to that 2nd group and i don’t see the same rebounding, scoring, or energy that Bynum brings. plus, PJ has talked about Farmar’s and Bynum’s chemistry on the court and knows that they will do best when they’re on together.

    for ppl saying defense wins championships, you’re wrong. just like scoring, defense is just another part of the winning a game. playing to a teams’ strengths is what matters most in the end. Heat weren’t a better defensive team than the Pistons or Spurs yet they beat the Pistons while the Spurs lost in the 2nd round. same with our own 00-03 Lakers. elite defense? no, yet we still won ships.

  • drake hunter

    Another reminded on this web-site to the so called fans of “The Lakers are going to go far this year”…This website started out as “GET GARNETT.COM”…..meaning everyone wanted changes to the EXACT SAME TEAM that we currently have right now because the team that we currently have is the EXACT SAME TEAM that got bounced out of the playoffs in the first round TWO TEARS in a row by the Phoenix Suns. So I’m suppose to believe that the EXACT SAME TEAM we’ve had for three years now is suppose to be better this year? I’m not HIGH yet but I really wanna be so that we can all be on the same page! Ask for Garnett, JO, Artest, blame Kupcake which is what everyone was calling him in the offseason and then now praise the team for winning 3 out of 5 games to start the season saying their really good! I guess we should congratulate Mr. Kupchak on a wonderful offseason of doing nothing and improving this years squad to be the EXACT SAME TEAM three years in a row!

  • MILO

    Here is my game predictions for all it’s worth! Lakers by 5 points Kobe will be the leading scorer,Lamar will have the most rebounds, Fisher will have the most asists.Go Lakers!

  • 24allup inya


  • drake hunter

    For people on this website who go by the name Nate, you can have all the championships you want in 5 years (IF) Bynum even becomes anything close to being great which he wont. I’ll take a championship now with Kobe and a dominant inside presence whos a proven all-star in JO whos already been there and done that in the playoffs except win a championship. In the meantime, you can sit back year after year after year sipping your Latte’s waiting for Bynum to break out into a superstar which he wont be which is something people are still waiting for LO to do which he won’t do but he’s still a good. Bynum will never be a Dwight Howard, Amare Stoudamire, Kevin Garnett, or even Rashard Lewis for that matter but I still see a Desagana Diop in him. “TRADE BYNUM”

  • ab4sure

    [Comment ID #16949 Will Be Quoted Here]

    Try not to pigeon hole people Drake. I personally liked that the lakers did not trade LO or Bynum for JO. I liked what the lakers did. I do remember what they had last season..26-13 before the injuries and if they stay healthy they will have a very good record. Sometimes the best trade is no trade. YOu need to see the whole picture and not through your kobe koolaid glasses. They really are affecting your vision. Your probably thinking kobe needs to shoot 30-40 times too…That is the AI Syndrome….how good did that get him Drake??? Stick with elementary school basketball, that is more your style…on second thought you would be a bad influence on the kids since your probably one of those chuckers who hit 20% of your shots.

  • BEC

    [Comment ID #16940 Will Be Quoted Here]

    Finally, a bright mind in all this ignorance.

  • LakersFirst

    [Comment ID #16953 Will Be Quoted Here]

    Blame Kupcake for not getting KG and JO – TRY BLAMING KOBE YOU BIG IDIOT!! Kobe is the one neither of these two superstars are here!! I’ve said time and time again, Kobe opening his big mouth killed any hope of getting KG because he made the Laker organization look bad. As the supposed leader of the Laker team, you do not throw your organization in the mud and make them look unorganized. KG even said that L.A. wasn’t option because of the Kobe situation, that Kobe started when he started bashing our FO and his teammates (guys that he goes to war with 82 nights a year). Even Grant Hill said L.A. wasn’t an option because of this.

    Furthermore, because opened his big mouth, he made the Lakers look desparate for a trade and killed any negotiating power the Lakers had. This is why Indiana wanted both LO and Bynum. If Kobe had kept his mouth shut the Pacers probably would’ve settled for Bynum, plus expiring contracts.


  • nate

    [Comment ID #16965 Will Be Quoted Here]

    who said ANYTHING about Bynum being ‘great’or a ‘superstar’? who said ANYTHING about Bynum becoming Amare or D-Ho? who said ANYTHING about LO becoming an All-Star? get off your high horse and stop talking sh!t and putting words in people’s mouths. you talk out of your a$$. Rashard Lewis is a SF you dumb fukk, so you made a fool out of yourself trying to compare him and Bynum.

    since when is JO a ‘dominant inside presence’? he’d get ripped in half going against Cs and PFs in the West and wouldn’t get us any nearer to winning a ship. i’ve NEVER seen JO backing down Amare, something Bynum did fairly easily and made it look effortless. that’s what we need. young, athletic talent with room for improvement. not old washed-up overrated, overpaid all-stars from the East that suck. if JO really was good he’d be putting up monster #s by dominating his weak team. he’s not even the #1 option on his lottery team IN THE EAST! he’d get raped in the west and you’re just plain stupid if you don’t know that.

    LOLOLOLOL at you thinking that JO would get us a ship. you know that in a trade that salaries have to match, right? Bynum won’t be the only piece going. maybe Bynum+LO+Critt/Farmar+2 1st round picks if you’re thinking ‘realistically’.

    Desagana Diop? wtf? that crack has not been good to you. apparently you’re smarter than all those GMs, scouts, and a HOF legend in Kareem that see Bynum as a talented young player with such humongous upside that even if he doesn’t live up to it he’d still be a monster. why did the Nets want us to give them Bynum for Kidd, and when we didn’t do it why would Kidd say that he himself wouldn’t have done that trade? and if Bynum truly sucks that much, why is he the centerpiece to all those trade rumors involving All-Stars, and MVP/DPOTY-caliber players?

    gtfo troll.

    p.s. i don’t drink lattes.

  • nate

    ^^@ Drake, don’t try to group Laker fans as ‘everyone’ when you’re trying to make a point


    wow look at what happened tonight. the lakers don’t play any perimeter defense at all, but we are championship material lol. look at the 3 teams we beat this year. we caught phoenix on the second game of a back to back, we caught utah on a second game of a back to back and minesota the worse team in the league. on our losses we got blown out by new orleans we got blown out by san antonio and we lost at home to houston. But hey the FO did a great job these last 4 years. you guys keep telling yourself that you might actually believe it one day.

  • nate

    [Comment ID #16978 Will Be Quoted Here]

    our main problem is our TOs. our players are still learning this new pace and the # of TOs will go down. our assists were down this game, our 3 pt shooting was horrible, and Walton led the team in FTs (6) while KB/Fisher/LO didn’t get to the line once. we outrebounded the Spurs and shot a decent % from the field. damn TOs.

    all i need to say about perimeter defense: Bowen=6-6 from 3.

    we’ll do better next game. we’ll beat Rockets. last time we almost beat them w/o LO. hope Mihm doesn’t start again.

    Bynum had ANOTHER beastly game, no surprise. 11-12 with 1 block in 27 mins. he’s officially averaging a double-double now and outplayed Duncan (2-13 shooting and 4 TOs). great interior defense, not so great perimeter D but we’ll beat Houston.

  • Tim-4-Show

    First, if we’re going to lose, I’d rather get killed like that because it’s obvious that dribble penetration + outside shooters = our kryptonite. Maybe back to back blowouts by these type of teams will get our guys eager to improve.

    Of course there’s a lot of negative we can take away from that game, especially defensively (Lamar’s rotations were bad, Kobe played too far off Bowen in the 2nd half, D Fish has no shot at containing Parker, etc etc), but there was also some good that I saw.
    Our own version of T.P. is emerging, and he brings with him a 42 inch vertical and explosive speed. I’m glad he has confidence in his outside shot & I expect that thing to drop a lot more consistently as the year progresses. Second, Bynum played very well. We actually had a ball game with Bynum in even though we had those 15 turnovers, it wasn’t until PJ subbed Kwame in that they went on that (24-4?) run. It certainly wasn’t Kwame’s fault, but our defense isn’t that strong and I’m pleased to say that Bynum’s defense is better than Kwame’s (plus his offense isn’t even comparable).

    This would have been a good game to sit Cook and suit up Critter. I hope PJ thinks this through next time.

    Turiaf is becoming a defensive monster and that’s a definite PLUS.

    I agree with most of the people here, if there were a way to get Ron Ron, it would probably lock up our defense. Primarily because Kobe could defend weaker opponents which would allow him to be the secondary defender like he was in the first half.

    Finally, San Antonio has pretty much picked up where they left off. That’s the GOOD news. We just faced THE NBA CHAMPION, I’m not even going to say contender, they are the champs, and they’re playing as well as they did to finish off the season. Our offense is no comparison to their D, that’s another bad (remember I said to watch for how challenging it is to get *easy* shots). We know where we stand, which is a hair short. Lamar better improve defensively & obviously we have to take care of our possessions A LOT better. We’re not as far as the score says.

    Let’s hope our players can make some strides and our F.O. get their act together & we’ll be competitive come playoff time.