Fox Sports: What we’re hoping to establish is reasonable doubt.

Our case is to be built against the Los Angeles Lakers, who certainly have provided sufficient evidence to be recommended as candidates to make a second NBA Finals visit in as many seasons.

They still employ Kobe Bryant, who no longer allows his status as the world’s greatest player to undermine a duty to abet the growth of Laker teammates. Please know there’s an abundance of talented co-workers whose on-court evolutions definitely won’t suffer from lessons learned during the 2008 playoffs.

The Lakers also can rely on the deep thinking of Coach Phil Jackson, who’s one of the greatest team-sport psychologists this nation has produced.

And the seemingly healthy return of center Andrew Bynum allows Phil to suit up two of the best 7-foot players on the planet.

That’s the unlikely place where we’ll begin our quest to achieve reasonable doubt.

OK, while it’s true that tall people often are wildly successful at basketball, having two skilled big men on the court at the same time just might inhibit the Lakers’ title ascension.

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  • lakrfan4life

    the answer: no

  • Jamie Spears Insider

    They had some small problems that’s already been corrected (evidenced in the past few games…)…They still have some small kinks to fix but that’s bout it.