Interesting new article by Eric Pincus of Hoopsworld. Is Kobe tearing that team apart all the way from LA?

kh.jpgHoopsworld: The Chicago Bulls are coming off of an impressive playoff showing last season – sweeping the Miami Heat right out of the first round. Management brought back Andres Nocioni and replaced PJ Brown with the suitable Joe Smith. They also drafted a proven winner in Joakim Noah.

So why are the Bulls a complete mess?

A cynic in Los Angeles joked that Kobe Bryant ruined the chemistry on two teams – the Lakers and Bulls. Fans at the United Center in Chicago are now chanting Kobe’s name during the now recurring home losses.

Ironically the Lakers are quietly showing signs of chemistry (3-2) while Chicago is toiling (1-5). While it’s too early to panic, the Bulls set themselves up for the fall when they didn’t sign Luol Deng and Ben Gordon to long-term extensions.

Bryant has made it very clear behind the scenes that he wants to be a Bull. What are fans to think? The front office wouldn’t commit to Deng and Gordon – why should they?

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    thats got to suck playing for chicago right now…

  • Roko

    Then.. if Kobe wants to be a Bull… Why did he waive the trade?

  • 24allup inya

    Wow,this has got to suck for the Bull’s I hope that this teaches Buss a lesson and he decides not to trade Kobe.No one in the Bull’s can perform under preasure, yet Kobe continues to deliver thruout all this drama!!!

  • 24allup inya



    It just goes to show you how fickle those Bulls fans are.Never in the history of the NBA have I seen anything like this.First Kobe gets booed by Laker fans then cheered then the Bulls fans chant Kobe’s twice in 2 seperate games,UNBELIEVABLE.I really think Kobe has Dr.Buss by the grapefruits.I smell a trade coming reeeaaal soon.Buss isn’t that stupid after seeing this take place.He will have no choice now but to build another contender around Kobe,trust me,It may not be O’neal but someone of great impact will be in a Laker uniform by the end of the year.

  • steve

    We just got lit up by Bruce Bowen,,,what the hell is that?

  • JoJoEnglish94Bulls4ever

    Well if Kobe wanted to be in LA you wouldn’t be booing him. He wanted to play for Chicago. Why shouldn’t they chant Kobe?He wanted to be there and most Bulls fans wanted it to happen. The day of (opening night) the Score670 was saying it was about to go through and everyone was in shock cause nobody thought it would relly happen.

    We were told the Lakers wouldn’t take on Wallace’s contract or the problems of Artest. If Kobe vetoed the trade it was because he wanted the keep as much tallent on the roster.

    Assuming the trade dies down after Feb(if nothing happens) the Bulls should play better. They might play better after the ”trip”
    as they always seem to do. The first two months of the season the Bulls struggle and then once they have seen most teams I think the light goes on.

    I don’t know that the Kobe trade makes sense anymore. We don’t wana be like you guys and you guys don’t want any of our players.

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