Dirk was asked by the L.A. Times who he would hypothetically join forces with if he could. Dirk’s response, around the 00:56 mark, is none other than the Black Mamba.

(skip to 00:56 for Dirk)

As they say, game know game. Now let’s cross our fingers we get to see ANY NBA team play this upcoming season…

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_KVLPTMPK3N75BZFPVLZBVDBIWU jessica

    I like how real Dirk is. Big props to him for finally getting a ring, I was mad his team won over the Lakers, but honestly, I’m just happy that a good guy won. Enjoy the ring and title, Dirk!

  • norfolk

    i’m a diehard laker fan, but happy for dirk,even more happier for jason kid, who’s been in the nba longer than dirk, and bounced around from team to team.

  • http://twitter.com/jackyangDOTinfo Jack Yang

    Dang. Too bad Mark Cuban would never trade Dirk to the Lakers. 

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_EBSP2NHQGTSVYUHYANRNCEYDUM 123KID

    it would of been funny if he said i would take my talents to south beach and play with lebron…SIKE! 

  • Cloud

    Gawd. Dirk and Kobe jaw jutting after they each take turns taking shots in close games? That would be unbelievably beautiful to watch two of the games best technicians, and IMO the two top closers play off each other on the same team. 

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    Great choice Dirk.  Derek Fisher can’t keep up in running with the young guns.

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  • Robusto

    Has anyoe noticed how poorly Blake Griffin dresses?

  • Xludachristylex

    cot damn robert horry got fat

  • Lakers2451

    lakers2451@live.com i think kobe is the best player in nba history………kobe if you read this just want to thank u for everything you done for southern california we love u and dont move no where get you stuate outside the staples U KNOWWWWWWWWW