Wow, a story out Dallas all about our 40th pick, Sun Yue. They claim he is the “Chinese Magic.” The Mavs were extremely high on this guy and the Dallas news wrote up a really inspiring story on him. Take a look at the “Chinese Magic!”

Dallas News: Some nicknames are overused and unfair. The next Michael Jordan, for instance.

And then there’s this one: the Chinese Magic Johnson.

It’s equal parts unfair and unheard of.

In addition, here is a Sun Yue mix. Check out some of his passes and highlights:

  • fabz24lakers

    doesnt look bad,but that isnt the NBA!

  • lakerfan81

    Comparing any one to magic is not really fair. There is simply no comparison. There has never been and probably never will be again a player that could start at both center and PG. Magic was amazing. Everyone would kind of crap themselves if this guy turned out to 80% of magic. picking up someone of caliber in the second round is rare, but not unheard of. Ginobili was picked at 58. He is easily the best second to last draft choice ever made.

  • RoWyN

    One thing’s for sure …. he’s better than Sasha VuYouSuck!

  • Dynasty

    i hope so..but never close to magic!

  • lakersforlife77

    Well if I were him I wouldn’t want to be compared to Magic Johnson before even playing in an NBA game. Those are some HIGH expectations that I don’t think he’ll ever live up to. Magic is an all-time great.

  • lakersforlife77

    [quote comment=”3739″]Comparing any one to magic is not really fair. There is simply no comparison. There has never been and probably never will be again a player that could start at both center and PG. Magic was amazing. Everyone would kind of crap themselves if this guy turned out to 80% of magic. picking up someone of caliber inteh second round is rare,but not unheard od. Ginobili was picked at 58. He is easily the best second to last draft choice ever made.[/quote]

    The biggest steal I’ve seen in the second round so far was Michael Redd at 43 in 2000. And what a steal that was.

  • RoWyN

    If you cant beat the Suns …. Get one!

  • Ice Cream Man

    What is interesting is that for a 6-9 or whatever he is guy he can get up and go. He looks comfortable using LH and RH for layups. He is not only one directional kind of guy. He would have to bulk up a little and work on his speed a tad bit but overall I like the kid. Depending on how old he is, he might be able to grow a little more, posing a lot of mismatches for the opposing team. I will agree that he looks a lot better then Sacha Lakersgotgipped.

  • Brandon_LAL

    He doesn’t look that bad. Lets see how he does in summer leagues and then in the preseason. That should give us a better feeling on what this kid can do.

  • lakersfan17

    The guy seems like crap looks like a twig not sure he will even make the Lakers NBDL team.

  • LAalltheway

    Well, he’s 6’9″, and he’s a point guard. That’s about the only similarity that I see, but it’s a pretty big one. To be that size and have the agility and court vision to play point, I can’t off the top of my head think of another pg other that Magic with those attributes. And who knows, he may be good. The fact that he’s a foreigner and playing against subpar competition does take away from some of his skills, but it’s much more likely that we pick a sleeper out of players like that, those who haven’t been able to prove themselves, and thus fall deep into the draft.

  • kobeguru

    This is one thing some people don’t understand, the foreign leagues are considered better than the college level. They say that if rudy fernandez played at ucla he would be a lottery pick. Foreign players have the stuff we don’t have, fundamentals, and good form. This seems to me like he will be the only asian player in the nba under 7 feet

  • unstoppable423

    I Dunno Bout Comparin Him 2 Magic Johnson Yet But I See The Comparisons. I Just Look Forward 2 Having Him, Crittenton, N Pau Gasol’s Lil Brother Play 2gether N The Summer League N See How It Goes. And Yea I Agree, Those Highlights Weren’t Against NBA Players But Maybe He Will Be Good… We Will Just Have 2 Find Out.

  • Ice Cream Man

    Considering what we had last year, I think this guy has good potential. We had Smush(starter), McKie(bench), Sasha(bench), these guys sucked. Yet there were in the rotation. In fact, I think with this kid we can only be better.

  • xxlakerxboixx

    [quote comment=”3747″]If you cant beat the Suns …. Get one![/quote]

    LOl GOod ONe…I think its too early to tell…let see him play a game first…then start judging

  • KEEPbynum

    i DO like the fact that from that highlight reel he looks like he can use both hands efficiently. something i definitely havent seen from that 97 year old greek guy. that guy has no left. he’d be exploited like no other for it

  • Nikko

    Cant compare to magic. Magic never dunked like that or even block. Damn, this guy is good, I feel good about this pick!

  • ericthaimyshoe

    I saw we keep him.

  • shins74

    The thing that was making me laugh was the attitude on the blocks, he was like “man don’t come here with sh….” and then the whole body language of like “pfftttt….. try that again biaaaaatch!!!!!”, that was good, so we may have the Kobe-son of Asia…….LOL!!!

  • Kobe Hater

    I call him Sasha YouABitch!

  • THEbrownblurr

    Magic? holy crap no! looks like he gets after it on the defensive end but the dude looks like he can’t go right and never used the right hand… much needed skillz to be anywhere in the same breathe of Magic Johnson come on now…

  • Dominique

    The Chinese magic, well he’ll never reach magics level and maybe nobody ever will with Magics skill set. It’s udenialble that he has a lot of work to put in his game to play conistenly in the NBA.

    The great thing about him is he can guard 1-3 effectively with his size and speed; he is and excellent passer and great anticipation for the ball. I think the lakers staff will fall in love with his work ethic; he’ll end up being a better version of a Shaun Livingston if he gets his way. His worst case is a more athletic and higher basketball iq of Sasha.

    His drawbacks are he seldom creates with his right hand; dribbles the ball a bit too high for a PG.

  • “Billy” Kupchak

    new starting PG

  • mR.beaSt

    this guy looks like he could be a monster. Pat Riley said that Lamar Odom is the only Magic-like player the league has ever seen…maybe until now

  • G-Money

    when he was picked, I knew his name sounded familiar. then I saw the clip of him stuffing Melo, and I was like “OHHH Yah! that cat!” that swat, by itself, gets him a spot on my team. just at least until the first Lakers-Denver game, then I put him on Melo for the whole game and watch Melo exact his revenge…

  • Rpoc

    I’ll give this kid credit for not being a pussy like Sasha at going to the hole and his willingness to dunk. But Magic in the same sentence? Hell no.

  • mR.beaSt

    looks more like a SF to me

  • mR.beaSt

    check out this bench of young players:

    C: Gasol (if Bynum leaves. hope he’s better than him…)
    PF: Ronnie (awesome)
    SF: Sun Yue (looks like he could be more productive here)
    SG: Javaris (clearly big enough and good fg%)
    PG: Farmar (gonna be a great PG)

    other bench players: Evans, Radmanovich (sux), Sasha (garbage), Cook (obviously has to go). what if we trade all of these players, Bynum, and Kwame for KG?

  • David

    Speaking of Sasha. Was he scouted by Vlade? That would explain everything.

  • Rpoc

    No friggin way he can play SF in the NBA

  • BeRkS_kb24

    i have never seen a chiguy in nba like that!i mean he move so fast for a 6’9 dimsum to deliver!!!!!keep him…big help for KOBE

  • BeRkS_kb24

    look at d’ move he can run,he can pass,he can jump,and he can dunk like like a nigga!!…did yao,menk,zizi did that ?another exciting player to wacth in L.A.keep him w/ KOBE just like magic n jordan in L.A….get lucky staple center…ah ah n ofcorz dn’t 4get the BIG TICKET we cant watch witout him no TICKET no PLAY!!!!!!!!

  • Spark


  • THEbrownblurr

    Rookie of the year? WOW… you are out of your mind dude he was drafted 40th…