Found this in a new L.A. Times article about the entire draft. Mentions Warriors might be centering in on KG.

L.A. Times: Garnett, sought by the Lakers and Phoenix Suns in multi-team talks that broke down this week, may still be traded … with speculation now centering on the Golden State Warriors.

Whether it was part of a deal the Warriors are working on with Minnesota or not, they traded guard Jason Richardson to Charlotte for North Carolina’s Brandan Wright, a promising young big man whom the Bobcats drafted at No. 8.

The Warriors may now offer Wright with center Andris Biedrins and guard Monta Ellis and enough salary to make the deal work to Minnesota for Garnett.

  • NY Kobe Fan 8


  • Lakernut

    Thats exactly what they did. how do we compete against that offer?

  • Lakers305

    Though that would be nice for GS but bad for US Lakers Fans. And i know for a fact that KObe will take KG not coming to the Lakers, Personel, and he will seek to destroy the Warriors everytime he plays them.
    But Minnesota and Boston were both Losers in this draft. They didn’t want to pull the 4 team trade and in the end got worse deals. Boston would have had a better lineup with Oneal(28 years old) then Ray Allen(32yo). Oneal is a good defender while Ray Allen plays no defense. Oneal grabs you 10 rebounds a game and knocks down 20 points per game on a regular basis.

    Indianna is still with Oneal who they are trying to get rid off. Worst for them, they have no picks. while Minnesota would have had the #5 pick. Im glad in some way the Lakers didnt blink and send BYnum and Odom to the Pacers. That would have been a bad deal.
    now if they can give up Bynum and Brown for O’Neal, that i would do it in a second. They have to find a way to trade for Oneal without giving up LAmar Odom.

  • lakersforlife77

    I don’t understand why the warriors would want to go after garnett. They don’t have enough of a supporting cast around him after a deal to make themselves a contender. A bdiddy/kg combo is much weaker than a kg/kb combo. GSW has got themselves a nice young scrappy team why would they want to go with a veteran with mileage. For our situation it makes sense. For the warriors, it makes no sense at all to me, and in the end if they do win the garnett sweepstakes, I think it will be a big mistake, and I think Mullen is smarter than that. I mean come on who do you have left, Baron Davis Kevin Garnett, Mikael Pietrus, and Stephen Jackson, and that wins you a championship, please golden state you are smarter than that.

  • lakersforlife77

    Another point: I don’t know if Garnett is able to be the #1 player on a team with the mentality to contend for a championship. The reason why it works better here is because with the Lakers Kobe Bryant will take most of the pressure off of Garnett who will let Bryant make most of the big plays. Garnett has already tried to lead a team once with his MVP #1 seed season, but ultimately failed and fell to this really good team who forgot to show up for the finals(i wonder who that could be). I don’t see Garnett being able to LEAD a team to a championship, especially with the suns and spurs standing in his way. And if you’re going to pay the price for Garnett, you have to atleast be certain that you’ll be contending for a championship within the next 3 years. Ultimately It’s not a good fit for Golden State and for the sake of us and their own franchise, I would hold onto Brandan Wright and develop that young, scrappy, energetic team.

  • lakerfan81

    I’m not sure whether they are going for KG or not. However, Brandon Wright seems to fit a don nelson team perfectly. I think he will excel in that system. So KG does seem to be a better fit for the lakers than for GS.

  • Jimmy M.

    Bynum Radmanavich Vujacic for O’neil and Granger


  • lakerfan81

    the pacers are not going to trade granger jimmy M