Voice of the Nation hosts, David Brickley, Jason Riley, and Kevin Figgers discussed what the Lakers were thinking when they traded Lamar Odom to the team that just swept them in playoffs.


  • Lakers Trade Lamar Odom to the Dallas Mavericks

Question of the Show: Was the trade of Lamar Odom simply a salary dump? Or was this done to land a big deal (ie Chris Paul, Dwight Howard)

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  • KB24

    Jim Buss had his feelings hurt, took it personal and shipped LO out for a pack of gum.  Let Jeanie run the show for Lakers Nation sake!!!  At least she can listen to the Zen Master’s wisdom.

  • Ra

    Answer:  YES. 

    During the last few years, the other players mentioned how Lamar was the ‘glue’ of the team.  He also used to keep things light, and joke around a lot.  He helped keep the team unified during challenges.  He was not only the 6th man, he lead the 2nd team.  When the Lakers would prepare to play a game, they would gather in a circle with LO in the center (teams always do this).  LO is mellow, but is a great player, and will be great on the Mavs.

    This is not good for the Lakers, esp. considering the upcoming CBA.   Lakers won’t get as good players as before, so they should have ‘studk with what they have’. But, it’s too late.  Kobe is not happy w/Brown, not happy w/trading LO, and I’m sure not happy with JBuss.   It’s a bad way to start an already f****ed up season.  The short season doesn’t matter anyway – it’s anybody’s game.

    JBuss is throwing the Lakers down the toilet.  Good way to start the season.  Thanks!  :/

  • Eric

    Its okay guys, we have McRoberts to fill in Odom’s shoes. LOL…yikes.

    Like Jason said in this segment, Jim is insecure and inexperienced. Bad combo for making executive decisions in the heat of things. You have to think rationally and compose yourself before reacting in such a way.

    Can Kupchak make decisions without Jim’s involvement? It just seemed that Mitch answered all media questions in a recent interview session from a script scribbled down by Jim. There’s no way Mitch intends to keep his “primo” players in Kobe, Andrew and Pau with the idea of landing someone big.

    In order to make a significant off season move, Andrew or Pau or even both will have to be compromised. When asked if trading Odom to Dallas was a decision made too soon without really thinking things through, Kupchak hesitated and paused then chose his words wisely I felt.

    Of course Odom was shipped to Dallas because of the heated discussion they all had on the first day of training camp. Jason nailed it on the head, Jim got offended and acted like an inexperienced COO and failed to realize that losing Odom would be a massive blow to the team.

    This whole Lakers off season soap opera drama is truly as unfortunate as the lockout itself. We might as well should’ve had the lockout drag through next season knowing now where the Lakers are heading.

    Stephen A. Smith is already predicting that Kobe will once again ask to be traded sometime this season because of the mismanagement of operations by the inexperienced hierarchy. Who wants to work for an organization who leaves its operations in the hands of someone who clearly is reactive rather than proactive.

    Heck this might be a good thing, didn’t Kupchak immediately sign Gasol on board when Kobe was testing the waters? Some people work better under pressure.