Did Kobe hate the Celtics as a kid? Find out here:

L.A. Times: As a kid, did Bryant hate the Celtics?

“Who didn’t?” he said.

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    I was watchin a SportsCenter segment on Kobe, and they said that when Shaq got traded, Ray Allen said that Kobe will become selfish and eventually ask for a trade lol, and thats what happened, but Ray Allen didnt say he was gonna get shiitted on by Kobe in the finals

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    I think if Kobe were to do that, it could result in a personal foul or even a delay of game.

  • LakersFirst

    I hated the Celtics as a kid growing up the 80’s, and as a Laker fan, I still hate the Celtics now. One of my most cherished moments as a boy was watching the infamous Magic Johnson skyhook at the Boston Garden.

    I will always hate the Celtics. For the past 21 years its been great seeing the Celtics struggle. Now this year, the Celtics are back. Time for the Lakers to knock them back down.

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    LA hates Boston (and vice versa)


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    hahahaha…lol now he hates them even more…go lakers