This is an interesting tidbit on the the new rookie.

Bleacher Report: With the 43rd pick of the 2010 NBA Draft the Lakers selected Devin Ebanks from the University Of West Virginia. Wait doesn’t this sound familiar? (Trevor Ariza was the 43rd overall pick by the New York Knicks back in 2004).

At first it was surprising. I knew the Lakers had received a steal as soon as I heard his name.

I’m taking a wild guess that most people don’t know much about Ebanks, so I’ll give you the rundown.

Career Stats

2008-2009 Season: 10.5 (PTS), 7.8 (REB), 2.7 (AST), 47% from the field.

2009-2010 Season: 12.0 (PTS), 8.1 (REB), 2.4 (AST), 45.7% from the field.

As you can see, Ebanks can play efficiently and well. He may not have eye-popping numbers but he was consistent and solid. When a forward can average close to a double-double every game throughout his career, he can obviously play.

Coming out of Bishop Loughlin High, Ebanks was an instant prospect. He was ranked 11th overall top high school player coming into West Virginia.

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  • Marwan Marzina

    “It’s scary how close of a comparison there is between Ebanks and former Laker, Trevor Ariza. Both players are 6 ft 8 in, Ebanks is 205 (lbs) and Ariza is 210 (lbs), both were the 43rd pick of their draft class, and both are freak athletes with crazy wing spans.”

    This is a sign!

    • Be Strong

      did u guys realize dat Devin has the same Tattoo (Ariza) on his left arm???

      • bageleaterkkjji

        they also kinda look similar and both number 3? crazy

  • Roundballrev

    Did you realize that the Lakers won without Ariza? He led the Rockets into the summer. He is gone. Let it go!!!!!!

  • lakers0828

    Kind of Looks Like Trevor Ariza !!

  • why

    they both wore number 3…lol…dont get your hopes to high for this guy…i hope he turns out to be a good player for us also… i was expecting mitch to sell both of these picks, guess i was wrong

  • LAL_24

    ohhh shhhhh…….t

  • Robert

    Well, he doesn’t have to be a replica of Trevor Ariza. He can hopefully be better than Ariza, or operate the way Ariza did on our team. I think we did want to keep Ariza and have him in addition to Artest.
    Now we have both! If we had Ariza last year, we could have been more of a juggernaut. Now we will have that chance this year. That type of player will work well in the Triangle, and also help out our bench.
    This is GREAT news.
    Now, we need even better news, which would be that Phil returns. We all know that Phil tends to not play rookies, but I have a feeling he will be playing this guy in the upcoming year.

  • 5 RINGS

    He looks kind of like him too! lol
    I know we won without Ariza and I know he plays for the Rockets but Ariza was a great guy. I want him back!!!!!!!

    • Emily

      I’m still not seeing the resemblance between Devin and Trevor. And he was my favorite Laker for his skills and looks.

      But I completely agree, I hope he comes back. Trevor was a great fit for our team.

  • brian

    all we need him to do is run and do the hustle plays that trevor did

  • gameplan

    I like this player, but not expecting everything for him, I mean his a rookie, but playing along side kobe and pau will make him a very good no. 3 player, just like ariza going to the lakers is a ?, but he works hard and and benefits on kobe’s offensive trap, which is to give ariza an open look. I just hope he will not be another LO, which is playing like a rookie every season… trade LO for a good point guard now!

  • JenFD

    lol I saw a few photos of him and he looks kinda like Ariza…

  • stucktrader

    I say:

    PG: Fisher/Blake (or Javaris if his head is straight)
    SG: Kobe/Sasha/Brown
    SF: Artest/Walton/Ebank
    PF: Pau/L.O./Powell
    C: Bynum/DJ (wish it could be Shaq, but he burned bridges)

    the additions:
    Blake: he can manage a game, 3-ball is near 40%
    Korver (MLE): hustles, 3-ball >40%
    Ebank: just defend, rebound, slash…

    T-Mac: injury prone… dude, vet minimum
    Mike Miller: defensive liability, thus Korver.

  • stucktrader

    blake is also bigger than Ridnour or Watson…

    I’m not sure how his D is tho vs. Watson/Ridnour

  • Matt from Dallas

    haha he even looks like trevor ariza

  • Brian Shaw owns all

    just develop that jumpshot/ 3pointer over the summer and yes I would say he is the 2nd coming of Ariza.

  • lake_sho_4_sho

    haha they better sign this guy…i hope he can shoot as good as Ariza..the experts said Ebanks is a better shooter than Ariza…can we get mike miller and raja bell an re sign d fish an shannon brown n bring in steve blake please?

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