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UPDATE: We have confirmed that tonight’s whirlwind of events was initiated when David Stern rejected the second proposed deal between the Lakers, Rockets and Hornets. Via Yahoo! Sports:

In his desire to keep the All-Star point guard on the roster to maximize the league’s selling price of the team to potential owners, Stern has shot down two deals to send Paul to the Lakers.

A recent report from Ken Berger cited that the Hornets front office was in ‘collective shock’ when they were informed of Stern’s decision. Additionally, sources have told ESPN’s Chris Broussard that the Magic will ask for both Bynum and Gasol in exchange for Howard. We will continue to update this story as new information comes out.


It’s been a wild 48 hours for Laker fans, and things may just be getting started. Before David Stern could pass down a decision on the proposed deal that would have landed Chris Paul in the purple and gold, according to ESPN, the Lakers have now backed out of the deal.

Instead, multiple sources are reporting that Lamar Odom will be packing his bags for the defending Champion Dallas Mavericks in exchange for the rather large ($8.9 million) trade exception the Mavericks just received when Tyson Chandler signed with the New York Knicks. Additionally, the Lakers are expected to receive the Mavs’ first-round pick in 2012, and possibly a second-rounder as well.

The trade exception essentially gives the Lakers $8.9 million in “trade money” that can be used in a future deal. The most obvious use of this exception would be for the Lakers to sweeten a potential trade by taking on a large contract another team was looking to shed from their books.

While the obvious speculation here is that the Lakers may be closer to getting Dwight Howard than reports have suggested, details are still coming out and nothing has been confirmed. We will continue to monitor this story and keep you up to date as information is made available.

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  • Brentbarrie

    Does this mean Odom for cash?

    • Tamf 23

      nope odom for dwight howard

      • Michael A. Robson

        Good point. ;)

    • T Samuel Robinson

      Cash Deduction towards the Laker Salary Cap. More cap space to send players for Howard. 

  • Jkao24

    Why do the Lakers continue to try and trade Odom..I think it is ridiculous now how Odom is about to be headed to the TEAM THAT JUST CRUSHED US IN THE PLAYOFFS…gosh just keep Odom and find a trade that involves Gasol



    • Michael A. Robson

      What’s your point? So we got spanked by the Mavs… and?

    • Twizit

      Because I believe Odom isn’t going to play his best with the Lakers knowing he was going to be traded.

    • Odom the player

      We don’t need to keep Odom. It’s clear you don’t know what you’re talking about. Gasol has helped us way more than Odom. At least Gasol has come through for us in the playoffs Odom has never come through in the playoffs. I hope he goes.

  • Albertlucero1980

    Getting the TO to use it in a trade to Orlando for dwight howard..basically will allow the Lakers to take back turkeyglues contract as that is one thing Orlando wants

  • Binky

    Bynum + trade exception for howard and hedo?

  • Guest

    Didnt we get a trade exception in the NO trade?…

  • Guest

    Didnt we get a trade exception in the NO trade?…



    • Michael A. Robson

      Presumably they’re looking to trade Bynum. He’s a good guy, but his knees are damaged. You already know this. Kobe wil retire in a few short years and DH could be running LA.

    • Michael A. Robson

      Presumably they’re looking to trade Bynum. He’s a good guy, but his knees are damaged. You already know this. Kobe wil retire in a few short years and DH could be running LA.

    • Charles Cerdenia

      your stupid, it was a good thing the deal never went through because were losing size and Andrew is fragile. Now we can get D12 to play w/ Pau. Imagine that!!!! Now we can just look forward to next year’s class and try to land CP3 / D-Will!

      • NoDefense

        your not getting him for just bynum,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,never gonna happen,they’ll want much more than that..

    • Charles Cerdenia

      your stupid, it was a good thing the deal never went through because were losing size and Andrew is fragile. Now we can get D12 to play w/ Pau. Imagine that!!!! Now we can just look forward to next year’s class and try to land CP3 / D-Will!

  • Ken

    CP3 is needed and why can’t u just wait a little bit longer. FUK wat r u thinking lakers; this is so stupid…..Hornet better let it go now or they will get nothing!

  • Joanne J

    They need to dump Walton and Artest… not Odom.

    • Kali

      My nigga you so right about that


    peace out odom…time to look fwd to our future … LAKERS WILL BE CHAMPS IN THIS SHORT SEASON


    peace out odom…time to look fwd to our future … LAKERS WILL BE CHAMPS IN THIS SHORT SEASON

  • Josh

    having gasol, fisher, artest, kobe and howard.. Not to mention they could pull in billups.. But they still have the main thing Rockets want which is gasol which means they could give artest and gasol and still get cp3

  • Asdsadas

    W T F is going on!

  • Charles Cerdenia

    I’m so glad the deal never went through. I didn’t want Pau to go, PAU HATERS should STFU! Give the guy some slack, we didn’t made it to the Finals 3 straight years if not because of him. Giving up Pau + Lamar for CP3 is a big joke. Were giving away too much. Now we can get D12 possibly by trading Andrew, I love Drew but the guy is fragile. Now we can just look forward on next year’s class and try to sign CP3/D-WILL!


    GO LAKERS!!!!!

  • Stlfan81

    this is stupid odom is a great player and what if we dont get paul or howard and point guards dont win champions


      LA is getting picks to throw at NO for CP3..Lets get Howard (a BIG) first and then the PG

      • Random

        Sort of they are getting picks to throw at Orlando for Howard the chance to trade for CP3 is over maybe get him in FA

  • Duvall904

    I think its the right move, we were giving up 2 big-men for one small point guard with knee issues. it is a whole lot smarter to go after the dominant big man and get him secured first. And you are a fool if you think bynum is better than howard, its a significant upgrade especially because bynum can never stay healthy

    • Charles Cerdenia

      WELL SAID!

    • Guest

      Its possibly a right move getting out of the CP3 trade, but wtf are they thinking trading Odom for a low first round draft pick and a trade exception? They couldve got that exception form NO.

  • OccupyNBA

    woah now im really lost

  • Ccolasuss

    Fck Stern fck the NBA 29 Owners FCK Gilbert And FCK Cuban thats all I got to say 

  • Aguirrej32

    You guys don’t understand, if we lose pau and lamar, we instantly lose out size. Now we’re going after one of the most dominant centers to ever play the game. Bynum plays 40 games a year, we need a reliable center. Pau, Howard, Kobe > Paul, Kobe, Bynum.  

  • sayem quazi

    If Odom didn’t act like such a baby, maybe he wouldn’t. But complaining and crying like that only shows you have no professional qualities. I didn’t a single other player whine and cry about it like Odom did. Not showing up to practice when every one else, including CP3 and Pau, did is just inexcusable. I understand that it’s sad, but at the end of the day, it’s your job, and like every other job, you need to show up and perform. 

  • Armenjs

    We will be real small in PF if both will leave, and how will play center if Bynum gets hurt!!

  • Mike Conley

    is it premature to start planning David Stern’s assassination? 

    • Random

      hell no Fuck stern

  • Kobe 8

    what the hell happened?

  • 123kid

    So is this possible that we can just trade Bynum and possibly rookies and cash for Howard and Hedo. Then would we have enough to get Billups? He says he wants to be on a contender and what better contender would the Lakers be. If thats the case I would love that trade. And supposedly the Clippers want CP3 now, do they even have enough to trade. My guess is that they would want like Gordon and stuff.

  • Michaelcloser

    So what happens if we don’t get Howard or Chris Paul? We just traded a guy that was having his best season last year. This only makes sense if we are guranteed Dwight Howard. If not, we pretty much are screwed. My gut feeling is that Paul will get traded to the C’s and then leave via Free Agency to the Knicks.


    the LA Lakers have NEVER had a trade that has never made any sense. Im sure Buss has some trade plan going on. We will be getting future 1st round picks that can maybe sweeten up a deal with NO for CP3 after we get a deal going for Howard. Let’s get a BIG first and then worry about that PG. Worst come to worst Billups will due until we find an all star PG next season. #LakerswillbeCHAMPS



    • Random

      With the way Lamar has been acting you can tell he has lost faith in the team. There is a reason they traded him to the first team that would take him. He would be a liability to the team because of his attitude.

  • Anonymous

    That a.hole David Stern probably demanded we include Bynum, just so we wouldn’t be able to trade for Dwight. Now Nawlins will probably end up trading Paul to some relatively unsuccessful franchise for a far inferior package in return without thinking twice. Stern needs to go.


      Like Rod Tidwell of Jerry Maguirre fame, Paul needs to play out his shity contract and join who he wants next season! Stern = Devil!

  • Mikemfdoom

    This is like a bad telemundo soap opera. Its just nonsense after nonsense. This will be Jim Buss’s biggest test ever to try and sweeten the deal for D12. If he cant pull it off, Dad has to step in and show him how it gets done. Because as of right now, Jim Buss to me looks like he’s trying to go all in on a possible bluff. He better be talking to Otis Smith right now and make Bynum look like a God and tell him that he has some money now with no Hedo eating away your pockets. But that they still have enough to build upon with J. Rich still there, some first rounders, Glen Davis, Jameer, and you can possibly make your own twin towers in Bynum and Daniel Orton.

  • Vlambert

    They still need a point guard….if not CP3 then get Derron Williams

  • LakerDynasty24

    I only wish David Stern was gone. The crooked old man did this DELIBERATELY to stop us from getting CP3 He wasted over a day just to VETO THE 2nd trade.  This was a distraction so thht we couldnt focus on Howard until now. I have no sympathy and will express no regret even if he perishes…..

    • ilikebasketball

       read the article. stern is a business man. it just makes sense what he’s doing.

      • LakerDynasty24

        i just READ the article and im replying……he is a dictator period….

  • Maxkobe24

    i dont like to be negative but……..

  • Youn_andrew

    Get Chauncey Billups who’s a winner that can make big shots at the end! And Go after Dwight.

    • K20maggic

      kobe will be mad , haha that’s his job.

    • drx2daz

      Chauncey wants to go back to Denver

    • ilikebasketball

      we need a younger future oriented PG.

  • LakerDynasty24

    Im happy the deal didnt go through, but what these recent events has proven to me is that the NBA has discriminated against the Lakers. Im waiting to see just for fun if the Celtics try and to land Paul and if Stern vetoes that deal too or not. If he doesnt veto that, ohh there will be WW3. Honestly, I cant believe the NBA has come to this. And people actually say that Stern’s fav team is the Lakers?? lol.

    • ilikebasketball

      read the article.

      Stern wants to get the one thing that makes his team valuable, so he can sell it to a private owner. duh. it’s just basic business. it’s not discriminating against the lakers.

      • ilikebasketball

        get= keep.

      • LakerDynasty24

        are you kidding me? That trade BENEFITED the hornets more than the lakers. In any case he isnt making the hornets valuable anymore…. his rejection screwed the hornets even more.

      • LakerDynasty24

        once again, im waiting to see if any other big market team like NY or Boston make a deal for him and how Dictator Stern reacts.

    • Lakerfansince74

      Under Sterns watch the league has flounderd as of late including small market teams poorly running their franchises and the recent labor dispute. Stern’s blocking of the trade is simply the most self serving action in recent sports history. Stern needs to be replaced! Excess of anything is bad including excess of power. This blocked trade is also retribution for the Lakers getting Gasol years ago and Fishers tough stance during labor negotiations. The trade was fair for all involved and Sterns lame press release only further tarnished his rotting image and legacy. Stern should be removed for the betterment of the NBA. All fans should be disgusted and alarmed at the power of Sterns position NOT JUST LAKER FANS. It could be your team that is damaged by Stern and his gooons in the future! This is simply another stain on the sport during Stern’s dictatorship. 

      • LakerDynasty24

        Ive always despised him. He might as well ruin one of the greatest franchises in sports.

  • ilikebasketball

     oh man, if we keep pau, and use that 8.9 million towards a great pg that doesn’t cost as much, this might be an amazing turn out for us!

    how much is aaron brooks??!??!!?

    and we get to keep pau, and get a great PG, still?

    mitch is great. i think lakerland is looking good…..

  • Elliot_hr

    I am from australia so i dont know to much about this but i love the NBA. Would someone please answer this question. Is there any change that they would trade Pau and Bynum for dwight and nelson? Or that they are walking away from CP3 so that the Hornets are on the back foot and come after them? Please answer! Thanks

    • Mstrakt

      Well orlando is asking for both bynum and gasol for howard only. As for the 8.9 mil trade exception they got in the odom deal, they could use that money to pick up another player to fill in the missing spots on the roster. They walked away from the CP3 because as learned, stern rejected the second offer made my rockets, lakers, and hornets. 

  • Pat Bateman
  • Andrew Youn

    The Lakers need a guy like chauncey Billups! because he can play defense at the point.. he can knock down the big shots when kobes double teamed… Then Just focus on getting Dwight Howard plain and simple


      Shut Up!! Andrew We don’t need chauncey billups , WE NEED CP3 IN PURPLE AND GOLD PERIOD LAKE SHOW 

      • LakerDynasty24

        For CP3 we would have to give up 2 bigs for 1 PG….. That is committing suicide. The Laker haters were hoping that we did that.

      • Mstrakt

        No way of getting Chauncey. He was waived by knicks using the amnesty clause. Sources say Chauncey would rather retire than get picked up by another team.

      • Andrew Youn

        yes we do!

  • Anonymous

    I am beside myself…in all my years as a Laker fan (since 1975) I have never seen this.  What is the Stern trying to accomplish by doing this!!!!  If he is trying to stop the Lakers from improving then he needs to do the same to Boston, Chicago, NY/NJ, and any other big market team.  Anyway that is ok…the Lakers with get CP3 when he becomes a FA on July 1 2012 and N.O. will get nothing for him in return.

    • LakerDynasty24

      He is destroying one of the most proudest sports franchises in sports history…. I will never forgive him…….  i wish we could rid the world of him.

      • Anonymous

        It is time for D. Stern to resign and let the league grow to new heights.  Like I said all other big trades should be blocked also

        • LakerDynasty24

          im actually waiting to see if the celtics try and land Paul lol.. I really want to see what Nazi Stern does then. that way we will find out who he prefers.

          • Anonymous

            If Stern wants the superstars spread out over the league then lets go back to having 22 or 25 teams and then lets see what the league will look like that way. What would they say to that.  Stop adding teams and start taking away teams that don’t make money and have what we had in the 80’s.

    • Mstrakt

      He did screw N.O. next season. 

  • nickel

    Dwight is NOT worth BOTH Bynum and Gasol ! If this is what magic wants, don’t do it !

    • Mstrakt

      I would take it. If we can get Dhoward, he is going to be the future of the lakeshow. You can’t teach size now a days.

  • mase

    Since the Lakers couldn’t get CP3, hopefully other teams are prohibited as well. In case CP3 does get traded the possible team would be Boston. So if we can still get Dwight Howard (without giving away both Bynum and Pau) then we could try and get Rondo (wtf am I saying) if somehow Boston gets rid of Rondo to get CP3.

    • Mstrakt

      what are you saying? rondo? ……..hell no.

      • Mstrakt

        plus there is no way orlando would ever trade w/o getting bynum or gasol, or both. That already happened to them with shaq. Got nothing for him.

      • lakerfan

        get rondo? are you serious? i know he was a celtic and all, but he’s a perfect fit for the lakers. one of the best ball distributors, doesn’t take a lot of shots, continuously creates shots for his teammates (without him my guess is boston wouldn’t have made it past the first round since 2008). yea he’s a celtic, but you know there were times when you were like damn he’s good (lookup 2008 NBA finals)

        • Mstrakt

          yeh he is good, a damn good pg too, but lets face it, that is something that will never ever happen. 

    • no parade on fig

      oh sure then get wade for walton ,  lebron for metta world   and your team would be done for the year . all laker fans are on crack when it comes to  trades . and free agents

  • 11

    oh well. i’ve had enough of this. tudos to miami and boston.

  • Obietriceep

    Just wait … Buss and Kup have a plan for Lake Nation, Welcome D12, Welcome CP3 next year or possibly traded to rockets then traded to LA. We will dominate once again if its not this year next year we will be complete as whole to run bum ass teams

    • no parade on fig

      keep dreaming you faker fans are so myopic

  • Andrew Youn

    with that 8.9 mil go sign aaron brooks. then trade bynum and gasol for hedo and dwight. 
    So the lineup would be

    Pg: Aaron Brooks, Derek Fisher, Steve Blake
    Sg: Kobe Bryant, Jason Kapono
    Sf: Metta World Peace, Matt Barnes
    Pf: Hedo Turkolu, Derek Caracter
    C:  Dwight Howard

    • Anonymous

      That would be tough…..and we could…maybe get Paul as a FA in the summer. 

      Pg: Paul,  Brooks,  Blake    That looks good and Fish could retire and Laker.

    • Tyler

      Brooks is also stuck in China so…

  • Lakerfan411

    …Wow. Rejected again. Oh well, you win some and loose some. Lets now get Dwight Howard. preferably w/o loosing Pau. A starting lineup with Kobe, Pau and D12 only makes the Lakers Frontcourt the best in the NBA. Loosing both Pau and Bynum will hurt. I see why the Lakers picked up the picks from dallas for Lamar, but that may force them to trade both Pau and Bynum….we’ll see what happens I guess…

  • Mikelew129

    How is giving up 21′ n height in exchange for barely 6’11” good for the Lakeshow! If we get D. Howard who’s going to b the power forward? 6’7″ barely “D. Character” and wha
    T about a pg…fisher is on his last leg! Wtf?

    • Creep1er

      we should pick up c.billups

  • lakerfan

    anyone think we should pick up gilbert arenas as our pg? i know he’s had a bad history as of late, but im from the DC area and the buzz here about him when he was here was unprecedented since Jordan was playing for the wizards. He has potential to turn his career around, and maybe should start in LA?

    • LakerDynasty24

      No just no

  • Icu1969

    Well, the league owners have effectively dealt a major blow to the Hornets chances in the future.  Their short sighted approach kept the Lakers from getting Paul, but after this year Paul can go wherever he want and the Hornets will get nothing for him.  ala Cleveland Cavaliers….

  • Isgam

    How abaut we get DH and next year DW

  • Stevesydow

    What about Pau for Nene and Afflalo. You get more physical at power forward and have a versitile big defnsive gaurd.

    • Sonny Knight

      Ok. The ninny for Pau and Awful? Who’s on the boards? Bynum, ok. This injury prone Center is fine until he gets hurt. Then what? The Lakers go into the tank and hope for a better 2012-2013. Then again, they’ll probably tank again anyway.

  • tony_tigre15

    y would u get rid of lamar?! he’s a key ingredient to our offense!
    i’m fine bout Howard for Pau and Bynum

    • Odom the player

      What???????. Are you smoking something? Lamar isn’t more vital than Bynum or Gasol. Would rather keep Bynum or Gasol. Odom trade is a good thing

  • Nccuedu412

    all of yall smoking crack! Lamar odom doesnt want to be here! he is clearly mad that he was in cp3 trade. get over it! our main goals are for a quality pg and Dwight Howard..that. and only that will put us in finals again

  • Ra

    Hey, no worries.  Yes, not happy that LO is gone; he was a type of ‘glue’ for the Lakers, but that is in their”Phil Jackson’ form.  Will miss LO, and Khloe has to buy a house in Dallas (yeeesh  – who can live there after living in L.A. – no comparison).

    Remember, that if the Hornets do trade CP3, he can essentially cast ‘his’ veto, by not signing a long term contract, and becoming a free agent from that team after this season.  All this does is spoil the current years’ basketball lineup (which is spoiled anyway due to the CBA, and shortened season).

    So, with the extra 8.9M, we can get Paul after the season is over, if that’s what Paul wants.  In the meantime, we (Lakers) can concentrate on getting DH12, or some other way to improve the team.

    As usual, Stern doesn’t give a f*** about basketball – CP3 is unhappy, and New Orleans is the big loser in this deal.  CP3 is not going to be happy playing, the people of New Orleans are going to be unhappy because CP3 will walk without NO getting someone good and exciting in return for Paul, and that ‘NBA Owned’ franchise will never be the same.  Stern is a lousy commissioner, and an even worse owner (he’s NOT an owner of a team – he’s just a former lawyer – he doesn’t understand the detailed logistics of owning a team, how to assemble a good team, making profits, creating a team worthy of a championship – unlike the Buss’es, or even Mark Cuban – Stern is just a power hungry middleman).

     The Lakers would have been worse off losing 2 of their big men, so we’re safe for now.  I’d say that they should wait for midseason trades – seeing how the team works with the current lineup working for Coach Brown, and then make changes after that.  Then again, if DH12 wants to leave NOW, the Lakers have little choice but to go for it now.

    As expected, the CBA ruined the season by forcing these ‘quick’ trade options (I know they’ve all been working on it for a while, but it is clearly ‘rushed’), a shortened season, unhappy players, and even more unhappy fans.

    CP3 and DH12 are either being nice by demanding a trade now (unlike LeBrick who surprised everyone), OR the new CBA will mean they get lower salaries after the year is out, if they become free agents, and can only keep or improve their salaries if they sign now.

    Then again, the media market in LA is HUGE (bigger than Dallas, etc.), and so the money these guys make from that alone could actually compete with their NBA salaries.

    In any case, this will be eventually be good for the Lakers.  Stern has kicked us, but now we have the upper hand since they (the SternBaskeballAssoc.) have made the clear transgression.

    It’s just a matter of time.  So long LO.

  • Jolly Joe

    Lakers are still so far over the cap they can’t afford any upgrades.  Stern was right to step in and void CP trade; adding older players with big multi year contracts is not preferable to CP simply walking next year.

  • Jolly Joe

    Going back to Wilt being traded for Archie Clark, Jerry Chamber and Darrel Imhoff 45 years ago the Lakers have been allowed to rip off the other teams in the league of their superstars by trading a large group of average players for a Hall of Famer. Junior Bridgeman, Dave Meyers, Brian Winters and Elmore Smith were all good players but collectively they didn’t equal Kareem Abdul Jabbar. Dan Ford for the number one pick that equaled Worthy; washed up Gail Goodrich for Magic, etc…
    You can’t replace a superstar with a large collection of average players, finally the league didn’t allow a ripoff to take place and Laker fans are howling about injustice, ha! Talk about a turnaround

  • Ra

    Jol (and others), the big market teams drive the NBA.  The small market teams are not attractive nationwide.  The big teams are where the $$ comes in to the NBA.  Lakers, Celtics, Knicks, Miami, Chicago, etc. are ‘big draws’ because of big talent.  That’s the way it has always been.  Parity in the NBA would be a disaster, and wash out interest.  It’s not quite the same for football.

    When MJ (and his team) were dominating, that brought basketball to a new level.  When Magic and the Lakers dominated (and the Celtics at the same time), it brought ‘everyone’ in to basketball. 

    This is what Stern forgets.

    Also, Stern could only ‘nix’ this trade, because the NBA owns the Hornets.  Stern can’t nix any other trade, nor can he keep CP3 from walking.

    I think it’s best for the Lakers to wait until CP3 walks, and by that time things will be different.

    Trust me, Jol, the Lakers will still be in the game, and will continue to get big talent.  Everyone wants to play here.  Even Celtics.

  • Ra

    A couple more things (Jol, and others):  Kareem did NOT want to play for the Bucks.  He did not like Milwaukee.  He was ready to walk after the contract was over, and would have come to the Lakers anyway.  Instead, he was traded before that, which is why it appears that the Lakers got something for nothing.

    Actually, the choice was for the Bucks to either get ‘something’, or just lose their superstar for nothing.

    And, recall that the Lakers ALSO got less for Shaq, in the trade with Miami.  How many hall of famers did the Lakers get in that trade? right – ‘zero’.

    Ok, now that we understand the financial logistics of the ‘business’ of the NBA, etc., here’s another fact:

    The CBA is eventually going to be less favorable for superstars.  They will get paid less, eventually. Know what that means?  It means they have to make up for lost income by playing in ‘larger’ markets like NY and LA (the biggest media markets in the world).  It means that LA and NY  (NJ, etc.) are going to be even MORE popular for superstars.  They can afford to take pay cuts, but they will cut more deals with advertisers, shoe companies, etc., to make up for the cut.  The NBA is more of a ‘promotional’ tool for these guys, and they have the media market ‘built right in’ here in LA.

    Recall that Shaq was .. sort of unknown in Orlando.  once he came here, Kazam!  Movies, TV, reality shows, music, etc.  It single handedly launched is ‘outside of NBA’ career.


    We’ll get the big guys, again, sooner or later.

    Count on it!

  • WAH

    Lamar was Phil Jacksons trangle player…with a 66 game season thats going to be sloppy.. chill until next year. cause paul and Howard are free to go anywhere they choose

  • Anonymous

    Who cares.