Well since his anti-Kobe banter, it seems Jax is letting us all know there will be “peace” between him and Kobe in tonight’s pre-season game:

Picture 3CCTimes: Warriors swingman Stephen Jackson promises there won’t be any drama between him and Los Angeles Lakers star Kobe Bryant when the two match up tonight in Ontario.

“I guarantee you I won’t feed into the nonsense,” Jackson said after Monday’s practice. “Because I know if it comes down to it, if we had a real fight, I know what would happen. So I’m just going to leave it alone and go out there and play basketball.”

Jackson’s heart and thoughts will be focused on Bryant tonight. The two were locked in a competitive joust in the first quarter Oct. 9, but Jackson was upset because he said he felt Bryant was playing dirty and the replacement referees were allowing it. Plus Bryant reportedly called

Jackson “young fella,” though Jackson is four months older.Jackson picked up five fouls and a technical before checking out at the 2:50 mark. His frustration followed him to the bench, where he lashed out at the Warriors staff for not supporting him. The primary target of Jackson’s wrath was Nelson, who left Jackson in the game despite the foul trouble. Jackson also said Nelson didn’t back him with the officials.

Nelson sent Jackson to the locker room to cool off. Jackson never returned to the game and was suspended the next day by the Warriors for “conduct detrimental to team.”

Over the next few days after returning from suspension, Jackson expressed his beef with Nelson, his teammates and, of course, Bryant.

Jackson said he’s not a fan of Bryant — who also has been publicly criticized by NBA guards Ray Allen and Raja Bell. Jackson said he feels he’s as good as Bryant, and that Bryant gets preferential treatment.

“I love competing and guarding the best guy. I just don’t like getting treated (as) less,” Jackson said. “If I play against a guy and we play the same, a physical game, and we get treated the same and he outplays me, I’ll give him his props. But if the game is one-sided and I’m not treated fair, obviously I’m going to be upset.”

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  • Short Dog

    Shut up young fella. Lakers All The Way.

  • pauu

    Way to keep it mature Jax. Why is it that everyone has to bring back to, ” I would beat him up if it came down to it”

    Does he really think that is what matters. He’s a millionaire who thinks that being able to beat someone up is still the true test of a man. Grow up and get back to the basketball.

  • http://am570radio Phil Buss

    This guy is the biggest f—ing idiot in the NBA, he started all this crap and now he’s saying “I won’t feed into this nonsense” forgetting that he is the “nonsense” himself.SHUT THE FUKC UP DUMBA$$! KOBE will beat your ass on and off the court FUKCFACE! The Warriors need to get rid of this piece of shyt!

  • Robert

    hmmm… what would happen if jack-0ff had a ‘real’ duel with Kobe, with guns – or knives. Hmmm … what is he saying? What if he had a boxing match with Shaq – with Mike Tyson? What if had a wrestling match with Ben Rothlesberger?

    Sounds like a reality show: “Jackson Jacks 0ff” . Watch Stephen Jackson duel famous athletes. Actually, Jackson vs. Artest would be a spectacle! My money is on Ron-Ron.

    How bout Jackson vs. Detroit fans? Who wins that one?

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  • 242LakerFan

    Bottom line…Kobe really doesn’t care. Jackson and the Warriors are nothing but a footnote. And if he EVER raised a hand to Kobe, Ron Ron would be all over his ass faster than he could say…well, some more irrelevant bull.

    • WifelovesLuke

      Ron Ron the enforcer? Love it!