Deron has much respect for the Lakers. It’s no secret a majority of his post-season career has consisted to losing to the Lakers the last three seasons. Here is what he had to say about the Lakers in a recent interview.

SLT: “I hate ’em, you know,” he said the other day. “I hate the Lakers. They’re so good. I hate them because they win all the time. They’re a tough team. … We definitely talk about it. It’s not a secret. We hate the Lakers.”

  • showtime4eva

    IT’S GOOD TO BE HATED FOR THAT REASON! no hard feelings.Deron is going to be a great point guard.but at the same time,go ahead keep hating us! we enjoy beating the jazz.

    • Sir

      Going to be? I’d say he already is,

      • showtime4eva

        great in terms of,hall of fame,legend..i’m not putting him down.i’m just not using the word loosely.magic is great,derons not there yet.

        • Mortman

          Your dreaming! Magic was a good player, now he has aids. And dont be surprised that Kobe doesn’t. Kobe = Rapist.

          • showtime4eva

            you are a dip shit! your trying to say,that deron is better than Magic?and you say I’M dreaming? lol! your just an Idiot.and what what does the other crap you say,have to do with basketball ?like I said.moronman.

          • Mortman

            Since you can’t make sense of what I said, like a typical laker fan wouldn’t. Magic Johnson has Aids because he cheated on his wife over 15 years ago. His name fits him because he now has the Magic Johnson.

            Kobe also cheated on his wife and was accused of sexual assault on a young women in a Motel in 2003.

            How can you glorify this into thinking this is okay behavior?

            Derron Williams is a better individual in all accounts, and in my opinion a better player than any of your thug laker icons.

          • Showtime4eva

            You obviously don’t understand what I said. I asked you what they are accused of in personal lives has nothing to do with the way they play. And you are mental, stupid or blind if you think deron is in the club with these guys play. I know your a jazz fan but you are a straight up fool don’t let anyone tell you other wise.

          • Showtime4eva

            Now, narrow mind.. Read ALL OUR comments again.. Carfully, then think back about the beat down we handed yyou and deron and the jazz a few months ago. Then feel free to admire all 16 trophies WE have, on you way out. Good bye small time. While your at it look up some Magic and Kobe hilights on YouTube and reassess your life. Enjoy the season.



    • Mortman

      This doesn’t sense. Go back to school and get an education.

      • daboss1848

        You’re right “this doesnt sense.”

      • bostonSUCKS88

        lol its funny when people criticize bad grammar with bad grammar. cmon mortman proofread your comments before you click send.

  • evil empire

    Sounds more like envy to me.

    • Mortman

      He is envious to become a thug?

  • Steven

    well we have only knocked the Jazz out what 3 straight years? lol

    • Mortman


  • Westcoast B!tch

    Everyone hates the Lakers and that’s why I love being a Laker fan. Just Like everyone hates Kobe and that’s why I’m one of his biggest fans.

    • jamie

      so i guess you like getting your eyes gouged out? cuz most people hate getting their eyes gouged out.

  • Van Mo

    Deron Williams & Dwight Howard will be the future of the Lakers. Bank on that.

    • Mortman

      Deron will never stoop to that low of a level.

  • John Robertson

    that’s a good comment from Deron… I wouldn’t be surprised if Deron will be a laker someday, because there’s a saying that “if you cant beat them, join them”.

    • Mortman

      You wish. Lakers have to buy their championships

  • 242LakerFan

    That’s the attitude of someone who hates to lose. That’s the attitude of a winner. He may not have accomplished it yet, but the attitude is right. That’s also why Dwight Howard can never lead a team to a chip, because he doesn’t have that attitude. He’s too nice.

    • 24/8

      Agreed. I actually feel bad for Howard, he’s so nice that he’s perfect for commercials but practically useless as a leader. No killer instinct. Same problem with Carmelo Anthony. He’s not as nice but he’s just as laid back, he can’t lead a team even tough he scores like crazy. Williams, on the other hand, looks like he could lead the Jazz to victory if only he had a solid #2 and #3.

      • Mortman

        It was nice to see Big Al dominate Gasol in the preseason

  • http://57.amklac laffs atu

    666faker fan.the attitude of a winner?maybe he just has good taste.seems like the word HATE follows mamba.

    • Good Money

      check the jersey sales before you comment faggot

      • KB24venom

        hate follows him cause he kills everybody on the court. sounds like salt lake isn’t as fun as L.A. , deron should come to the lakers when he is finished entertaining mormons that could give 2 fucks about him.

    • laffs atu!

      All talk and no action makes laffs atu a DULL GIRL!!!!

  • chad b

    I just read all the comments on the SLT page, it made me smile. They really hate the Lakers. D will has no chance of winning a ship in Salt Lake. Sorry buddy- but not sorry for your fans they are complete chumps.

    • z-will

      fuck you

  • Gugy

    DW wants to be a Laker!

    • Mortman

      Your mom wants to be a laker too.

  • Paul Lee

    I love this guys game tho. I respect that he wants to beat us really bad. But knows we got the Kobe and Pau connection

    • Mortman

      Is that like the love connection?

  • Robert.

    I’d rather hear LeBron or the Celtics say they hate the Lakers. Deron hates the Lakers because he knows he can’t beat them. Others think they have a chance, actually.
    If it weren’t for the Lakers, maybe other teams would have had a chance at the Western Conference title. The Spurs might have had a couple more chances, the Nuggets might have had one chance. Heck, even the Jazz at one time.
    But, that is all irrelevant – the Lakers have ruled during the first decade of 2000, and will have more ‘looks’ during the next few years. After the Lakers win the Championship 2011, I look forward to having the East team curse the Lakers – that will be sweet.

  • phenor

    lol this is why all the haters hate us. because we tooo good.

  • LaKeR bOy


    • Mortman

      Laker Boy should join the pink and purple and join his friend Kobe the rapist.

  • xtro

    yup. if u can’t beat ‘em. join ‘em: matt barnes, ron artest, steve blake.

    deron williams?