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New Jersey Nets guard Deron Williams, plans to play in Turkey during the lockout. Although there has been a lot of chatter from NBA players possibly playing overseas, Williams seems like the only sure thing.

According to, Williams said any collective bargaining agreement that would leave stars such as Kobe Bryant making only $11 million a year — the owners have proposed cutting players’ salaries by roughly a third — could open the door for an unprecedented exodus to Europe.

With regards to Kobe Bryant, Williams had this to say:

“(Kobe) could go make more money overseas, I guarantee you.” said Williams, who has a one-year, $5 million deal with Besiktas. “If (European teams) knew he could be there for a full season, or they knew I could be there for a full season, or they knew LeBron James could be there for a full season, they’ll pay more money, of course.”

So where does Williams see Bryant playing if he decides to play overseas during the lockout?

“I see him going to China or somewhere,” said Williams, who teamed with Bryant to help the U.S. win the gold medal at the 2008 Beijing Olympics. “He’s big in China. I was over there with him in Beijing. He’s ‘The Man’ over there.”

Unfortunately as the lockout lingers, it is not as easy as the players simply choosing to go make some extra cash overseas.

With the lockout in full effect there is no NBA player health insurance. Although teams cannot prohibit international competition, if a player like Williams got hurt, the Nets could void his contract.

  • laffsatu

    he`s loyal to money,i`ll give him that….since lebron owns the USA maybe she needs to go overseas

    • Drew

       lol i laugh at the life of this troll

      • k-os

        its funny cause the life of a laker hater is to go on a laker fansite. poor guy has to be a 40 year old in his parents basement

    • Anonymous

      you must be usa?

  • Robert

    Kobe’s best bet is probably China – he could go there, and they’d pay him just to make guest appearances.  He’s a superstar there.  Unf., this talked about exodus to overseas will only benefit a few players, namely the superstars like Kobe and Deron (well, Deron is just a ‘star’, I guess).  But if the top players make an exodus in solidarity, that will put a quick end to the lockout – there will be no great players to play over here.

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    Bryant has three years and $83 million left on his contract with Los Angeles. If he accept the offer in Turkey and get injured playing there. The Buss family will be off the hook for the said contract.