This should be fun and interesting.

O.C. Register: Derek Fisher will fill in Friday as the host of “Jim Rome is Burning” at 1:30 p.m. Pacific on ESPN … and buddy Kobe Bryant will show up in the studio as a guest for Fisher to interview. Fisher said Bryant was a huge reason Fisher re-signed with the Lakers this offseason, so perhaps they’ll discuss that and the Lakers’ free-agent acquisitions. Or they’ll just chit-chat and entertain themselves and viewers.

  • Lakerfann

    hopefully kobe wont beat him up like what happened to rome lol

  • Drew in Sacto


    Do you listen to Jim Rome?

    Do you listen to Scott Ferrall?

    If not, what sports radio do you listen to regularly?

    • Phone

      Dan Patrick!

  • PRLaker

    hey kobe, in your estimation, how much of a pussy is princess james??

  • DRE84

    They should have asked Is laffs atu a stalker

  • trem

    damn i missed it are they gonna replay it later??

  • Arod2121

    hey did ya see kb24 new kicks?? they looked sick

  • http://57.amklac laffs atu

    like anyone gives a rats-ass about mr rat-like bryant.

    • DRE1984LA

      you do because you clicked on this blog and you come on here and all you type about is kobe awww what’s wrong you mad Kobe aint gay like you fagboy

  • Phone