finding fisherL.A. Times: Derek Fisher is scheduled to clear waivers Thursday at 3 p.m., meaning the Lakers can sign him at 3:01 p.m. if no other team claims him.

Fisher agreed in principle last week to return to the Lakers on a three-year contract worth about $14 million.

Fisher could be claimed by another team willing to award him the three years and almost $21 million left on his contract when Utah agreed to release him earlier this month, although that is considered a slim possibility.

Fisher, who will be 33 next month, averaged 10.1 points and 3.3 assists while playing all 82 regular-season games last season for the Jazz. He is expected to be a starter for the Lakers, with whom he spent eight seasons after being drafted out of Arkansas -Little Rock in 1996.

  • LD2k

    Tomorrow at 3:01 will make me a VERY happy Laker fan :)

  • darkice18

    hahah funny pic of FISHER lol and it says “finding fisher” LOL…

    anyways… 14 million for 3 years is alot of money…but eh…D-Fish has the heart and is great friends with kobe…soo…im down! WELCOME HOME FISH…hopefully….

  • Kenny

    lol great pic this is goood

  • One35

    L2DK give me a break… if we get JO or KG now that will make me happy. not a signing that will still make us mediocre.

  • Ed24

    Is is it 3:01 Eastern or Pacific time?

  • Fred A.

    Everyone go get a watch and watch the count down when the FISH sign? I am happy, but with a little stress cause of KG

  • Rpoc

    Should have been signed with the vet min so we could use the MLE to get another player to help out

  • David

    [quote comment=”8430″]Should have been signed with the vet min so we could use the MLE to get another player to help out[/quote]

    Utah was going to give him $7 mill a year, we’re giving him 4.7 million. I don’t know why you guys keep saying he is overpaid. Now Radmanovic on the other hand, that is being overpaid.

  • tj


  • habib

    Kwame is getting 9 million a year. That makes no sense. Fisher getting 4.7, half of Kwame’s salary, is ridiculous. When you put it in that perspective, Fisher is way worth that price.

  • GOD

    why is everyone talking about fisher being too expensive. All I know is he was getting paid in Utah, and we got him for cheap. And He has always earned his paycheck, so until he proves me wrong…. we got him for cheap!

  • GOD

    i just read the last couple comments, and at least some people see it my way

  • lakerfan81

    The legnth of the contract is great. If the Lakers had signed someone like Blake it would have been for 5 yrs (thats what he was asking for at the time). Then in 2 years when Crittenton and farmar were both better we’d be stuck with a long contract for player that we would never use.

    The only problem I have with the size of the contract is that Mitch was bidding against himself. I do not think fish had any intention playing for anyone but the Lakers. The reason fisher got as much money as he did was because of what he has done for the Lakers in the past.

    Bidding against yourself is a common problem among GM’s in the league. That is how so many players get huge contracts that they do not deserve (Rashard Lewis).


    dats a good point

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