A true warrior, gave everything he could to this organization and it has been evident in the 5 championships he has helped bring to the city.

Lakers.com: It’s not that Derek Fisher wouldn’t have been interested in playing Robert Downey Jr.’s role in the “Iron Man” series … he’s just been too busy playing in 413 straight NBA games over the past six regular seasons.

The Lakers guard – set to become a free agent on July 1 – has not missed a game since April 13, 2005, when he was a Golden State Warrior.

L.A.’s co-captain then played in the final three games of that season, every single game in 2005-06 for the Warriors, and every contest between 2007 and 2010 with the Lakers.

“It means a lot to me because it symbolizes the commitment and sacrifice required to come to work every day and be available to your team every day,” said Fisher in his exit interview. “That requires a lot of sacrifice. Some of those hot days in the summer when you could be at the park with the kids or going to lunch with your kids, a lot of times I’m working out. It’s worked out well, and I’ve made an investment.”

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  • iiTzDanny

    Tru Warrior, D-Fish hope our vice captain comes back.

  • Robert

    “Iron Man” … “Iron Man” … “Does whatever and Iron can” ….

    oh no wait, that’s Spiderman.
    Ok —

    “Derek Fish, he’s for real. He’s the coolest guard, with the heart of steel. As Iron Man, 3 points ablaze, he fights and smites with his great clutch plays. Amazing player, that’s Iron Man! Celtic slayer, that’s Iron Man!”
    ok, finished nerding out … back to bball

  • Robert

    ok, one more piece of nerd …
    alright, that’s it (this theme preceded Ozzy’s Iron Man tune).

  • Patrick Bateman

    Offered $2.5 Million for one year?
    Wow, Lakers really are playing hardball with this one.

    Either Fisher folds or Fisher bolts.

  • Rio Rondo

    wow fisher the classy guy rite? can we say greed? i thought the whole reason he came back to l.a was for his little girl? fisher needs to stfu and either get paid 2.5 million or get the hell outta l.a. what a real class act

    • http://www.twitter.com/TLN24 Marwan Marzina

      Before you come on here and say that about Derek, why don’t you say it to Paulina. That lady opted out for more money. Thats really classy.

      • Rio Rondo

        paulina isnt using his family as a way to get outt of a contract like dfish did. and fisher damn well knows hes not worth the 5mil, you kno it too, hell hes luck to be on the lakers team

      • TheLakerGenera11

        as much as I hate to admit Paulina pierce took a hugh paycut according to Ric Bucher(however u spell that chumps name) so that they can bring back ray allen n another strong player…BUT with that disgusting fact being said F**k Boston F**k Paul Pierce and I’m REALLY not feeling these Trolls invading this website and posting BS comments…Derek is a 1st class individual w/o him there is no back 2 back titles Period..hell w/o the whole team effort theres no back 2 back in my eyes every1 contributed one way or another Fish is gr8tness, he has heart, intellect, passion 4 da game and a will to give his all you can’t ask for more…n the dude’s a sharp dresser!

        • Rio Rondo

          good point friend. but fish is not worth 5mill comeon guys. and all these guys on here bashing odom, i think someone here understands it takes a team to win

        • http://www.twitter.com/TLN24 Marwan Marzina

          I love Fish, his value to the team can’t be measured by money but as we all know, basketball is also a business. He senses his career coming to an end and asking for $5 million is just so he is set for life when he retires.
          I don’t mean the hate against anyone on here, Laker fan or hater.

          • Rio Rondo

            im no laker hater .. just some laker fans are very immature on here as well as celtic fans

          • Lakers for 3peat

            rio rondo..gtfo