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Hovering in the background of tonight’s NBA draft is the uncertainty of a potential NBA lockout next season. More than sixty player representatives – including Kevin Garnett, Paul Pierce and Blake Griffin – joined union president Derek Fisher in New York today to let one thing be known to the owners:

“We won’t accept a bad deal to avoid a lockout”

Afterwards, D-Fish told reporters that the players are “unified in the sense of not being afraid” of a potential work stoppage.

The current CBA’s expiration is exactly one week away, and by all indications, both sides have made very little progress towards working out an agreement. Meetings are expected to continue in New York tomorrow.

  • lakerss

    let the drama begin………

  • Anonymous

    22 of the 30 owners say they are losing money. I am sure with all the tax breaks and constant value of there franchises going up that is not the case, let the owners show there books to the union. As a fan they are both full of beans the owners and the players. A typical family of 4 going to a  laker game with middle of the road seats, not up in nose bleed heaven and not on the floor will spend $1500.00. That includes parking, tickets, a small overpriced concession for the kids and an overpriced hot dog and drink. Kind of hard too really care about there issues. Then to top it off and Kobe or Gasol just did not feel like trying that night. Good gosh being paid 18 to 25 million a year and not be able to give a full effort after spending $1500.00 for a game.

    • laffsatu

      hey someone needs to buy the jet fuel for kobes HELICOPTER…..Get real losers!!!

  • JR Rider

    question: do the current nba contracts get re-negotiated when a new CBA comes into play?

    • C-Ron

       no, a contract is a contract. That’s why there was a rat race for many players to sign new deals before the current CBA expires, fearing they would lose out on millions if they waited until next year to sign.

  • Cy1

    Nice job Derek !  and now please retire and convince ” Luke  ” to do the same !!!!!!