Lakers Examiner: We all know Derek Fisher’s flagrant foul on Houston Rockets forward Luis Scola was excessive, but we certainly didn’t know that Fisher would go down in NBA lore.

Sunday, Dallas Mavericks forward Antoine Wright attempted to foul the Denver Nuggets’ Carmelo Anthony before he could get a three-pointer up. The refs ignored the foul and Melo knocked down the three to give the Nuggets a 3-0 lead in the series.

The NBA has already come out saying that the refs should have called the foul on Wright, but the best part was Wright’s response. When asked after the game if he should have delivered a harder foul, he had this to say:

What do you want me to do? Do you want me to Derek Fisher him? I didn’t want to jeopardize my team in any way by making a foolish foul.

I love it. From now on, Derek Fisher’s name will be synonymous with a blatant, unecessary, flagrant foul at the cost of your team’s success.

After watching him in the Rockets series, I thought to “Derek Fisher” someone meant to allow the person you’re guarding to blow by you consistently and tally a career-high point total.

So I’m sure Fish prefers Wright’s definition.

  • baby

    this post made no sense. grammar? thanks

  • grendel20

    Fisher will always be known as .4.


  • mattod122

    yea thats all good and all but why doesnt fisher worry about playing D so pg’s dont torch us for 30 points

  • Michael_23

    I’m not a Nuggets or Mavs fan , but boy you know that Antoine Wright foul non call made me think about the Tim Donoghy scandal.

  • 123kid

    maybe fish should bust it again cuz sunday he wasnt even a factor.

  • dEDGE

    Who the heck is Antoine Wright? And does Dallas even matter to anyone?

  • Dragon

    This is a stupid article and waste of space.

  • i hate the color green

    lol i actually agree. .4 would’ve been cool if we would’ve won it all. neither here nor there. but fish’s matador defense is killing us, he might as well coldcock scola again and get thrown out, we have a better chance of winning w/ him out anyways. phil’s gotta do something about fish, reduce his minutes drastically it’s not even funny how awful this guy’s playing

  • orangewire

    “imma derrick fisher yo azz” -orangwire