The bulls eye just grew 2x as large and it looks like Afflalo is already making a promise to his fans on twitter. Look out Lakers fans, more “talk” from Denver.

Twitter: U have to pay ur respect to a champion… It aint easy…but i hope all the homies are in the lab ….. There will NOT be a 3peat

  • trippleocho


    • Mamba Face – 3Peat

      I’d be bitter too if I was knocked out of the 1st round

  • echeverria.d78

    who the fuck is afflalo?

  • chad b


    you don’t have to pay your respect to a bench warmer on an average team…

    SHUT YOUR MOUTH!!!…. Did you like watching the Championship game on your TV – get used to it!

    • Babak

      he actually starts

  • domz

    I bet he won’t say that if we had faced them in the 2nd round. Beat down was supposed to have been conducted. Next season, we’ll see.


    Sh!t… you won’t even be in the league next year MOTHA FCUKA! NOW STFU! What’s with Denver and their degenerates? Why do they keep having A-Holes on their team that think they can go toe to toe with Kobe and the World Champs? JR Smith, Dirtay Jones, K-Mart, Bird boy, and Affla- who? IDIOTS!

    Your run is over Afflalo! You guys will suck again next year! The Lakers will expose you guys as the Chicken Mc Nuggets that you are and not the gold nuggets that you propose to be!

    5 rings to 0! You haven’t even gotten into the Finals yet dumbA$$!

    Again, just STFU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Will


  • lakeb

    is this the same guy who couldnt fill dante jones shoes?

    • kobe4Life

      I agree however, dante jones wasn’t much of a player ether !

  • Aly


  • TheLakerGenera11

    You see this is the BS I’m talkin bout nation “All I do is wake up 2 more bulls**t” haters can’t even let us enjoy our chip…Motivation it’s nothing let’s go celebrate rest n then bust the leauges a$$
    “was that directed @ muah? can’t be they must b talkin 2 themselves hov handsfree!” -Drake

    let’s get it nation I dnt think they realize they turnin us 2 monsters!

  • TheLAKERSwon09

    Get past the first round and then start talking jackass

  • lakers0828

    Blah Blah Nothing But Laker haters lol and hes Playing for a team that Hasnt Even won a Championship lol

  • kobe4Life

    Who in the Hell does this joker think he is! What was his name again? You know this reminds me of 2002 championship run when Ruben Patterson; the so called KOBE STOPPER, said he could stop Kobe and help Portland beat L.A to win the championship. Problem is, Ruben and the whole Blazer team had no effect on Kobe himself and the Lakers what so ever from winning another title. Afflalo, the LAKERS DON’T SWEAT YOU or your Denver Thuggetts PERIOD!


      Exactly! And Aaron Afflalo, please remember that you’ve been playin a Kobe Bryant that’s been at best 85%! He’s ballin with a fractured finger, a bad knee, and a tender ankle. Just wait until he addresses all these issues during the off season and rests up.

      You think that you’ve been playin against the REAL MAMBA? You’ve been dancin around with one that had just been fed. Just wait until he’s hungry again, let’s see how long you last when he’s 100% healthy. Though that his shots were deadly before… hahaha, can’t wait to see him go off on you and your McNuggets!

      He’ll make you look like nothin, but the dippin sauce that you are!


  • dub824

    haha i saw this last night. people hating already. MJs son told people not to compare kobe to his dad because kobe didnt play well last night.

    • lakerman1

      He needs to talk to his Dad about that Hitler Mustache. And those Hanes commercials are dumb and lack any type of selling appeal and what kind of Athlete would make those corny Looney Tunes Movies which also sucked.

      • Day

        sry bro, space jam was the sh!t

  • lakerman1

    This win is too sweet to let crap like that bother me especially from a no account. Jelousy is a bitch. Right now every team in the league hates the Lakers which makes it all good.

  • L.Alaker_show

    lmao affalo who is he wat has he done in this league to say a comment like that

  • KobeeLovr24

    I’m not sure who you are I had to go to NBA Yahoo and they had a couple of notes about…..”He Sucks” you averaged 1,363 points since you’ve been in the NBA, three years ago & your highest PPG was 8 points…LMBO! Hella weak & remember “SILENCE IS GOLDEN RETARD!!!!”

  • Trem

    Denver. That’s all that needs to be said. Afflalo went to UCLA and goes to Denver and becomes a fag. Kind of like Scalabrine who went to USC and goes to Boston. Gets turned into a fag.

  • asdf

    LMAO of all people…. AFFALO??????

  • insitzes

    Affalo is a fool. Getting knocked out by Utah and he as the nerve to predict that against the Lakers! What a class less act


    is this punk even in the league? is his team even in the nba?i don’t recall. i think the globetrotters beat them every night? isn’t that the” nuggets”?

  • si pepe

    no more advertisements from a no one please…who is that guy? can he even beat that guy from kimmel who shot 82? come on? get ur broom affaloooser and go back to work…btw, he is a janitor.

  • lakers35

    the Denver Faggets? lmao

  • drive-for-16th

    UM afllalo, didn’t we sweep the team u guys lost to in teh “FIRST ROUND.” You mothafukkas gonna stop us. hahaha, what an idiot.. Let us celebrate our championship and go learn how to play some ball first, fukking scrubs just come out of no where talking random shiit. I hate tools like that. That whole Denver team is a bunch of fukk tarts.

  • TheLAKERSwon09

    I’m actually going to Denver this coming week. I’ll be sure to wear all my Laker T-shirts that say “Champions”… Denver isn’t used to seeing the word “Champions”

  • Anna Gonda

    Denver already talkin’ smack. WHY AM I NOT SURPRISED?

    • Anthony

      Because that’s all they’re good for. The Nuggets have talent, but poise and leadership is something they’re in desperate need of.

      Hopefully the Lakers get a point guard and a couple more bench guys so we can put them down again.

      Let them keep on talking…

  • hehatemealot

    Who the fck is Afflalo? How dare you even open your mouth you fck face. Have some respect for the Champs u fcken hater. U classless piece of sht.

  • Marc Spector

    dam. is this fool serious? they didn’t even get passed the first round this year. sucker!

  • eboK

    This fucker think that he can stop Kobe…

  • Robert

    Um … Aaron Afflalo?? Anyone else want to step forward? OK, it’s like an ant screaming at an elephant.
    Aaron has no idea that Kobe and Lakers just beat the biggest thugs of them all – bigger than the Thuggets. No easy task.
    wait till next year !?!? right.
    bodies are still warm now. at least wait until the celtic corpses have rigor mortis, before getting all cocky.

  • jerry smith

    whos afflalo? oh thats the guy who couldnt guard kobe, that his team couldnt past the playoffs, he should worry about his team pasting the first round before he open his mouth, he just jealous…big cry baby!!!!

  • stucktrader

    why do these dummy’s keep setting their clubs up for failure.

    Gasol got away with what he said about KG (whether taken out of context or not).

    But just coming straight out and talking smack… STUPID. Just giving fuel…

    The Boston people keep saying they loss without Perkins… Hey, Wallace was the X-factor that held the middle – and shot from downtown… Bynum played on one leg, Kobe played with 3 working fingers on his shooting hand and a bum knee…

    In a few years… the only thing we remember is that the Lakers beat the Celtics game 7.

  • Marwan Marzina

    I’m not so sure that Afflalo can speak. He has yet to “1-peat” let alone repeat. I guess hanging around JR Smith has had a bad influence on him, or its just the Denver Nuggets effect. The inner thug is awakening.

  • blacklion


  • LifeLongLakerFan

    Haha. Now thats high comedy. Afflalo needs to go somewhere and work on his jumper this off season.

    Noone’s worried about Denver, especially coming from him.

    They have a knack for self-destructing. All we have to do is just stand back when the game gets close at the end and watch. IF they get that far.

    We’ll be there. I am not so confident in them.

  • LakerLand Nostradamus

    These scrubs say things like that just to be news. Who gives a sh1t for what Afflalo thinks? LMAO!!!!

  • LakersMike31

    Wow. The stupidity of some of the guys in the NBA really surprises me. I’m always amazed when guys who have accomplished absolutely NOTHING in the league open their mouths. What the hell is in the air in Denver? We need to find some of that, bottle it up, and ship it down here! If it can give the Nuggets THAT much confidence for having won absolutely nothing, then imagine what it would do for the Lakers! haha

    • lakerslakey

      its that thin air in the mountain. he doesnt get enough oxygen to his brain.

  • Rudy


  • rolando

    who the hell is affalo? why is he on our website?

  • mecka24

    They got taken out by the Utah Jazz are u kidding me!! Beat the Jazz, Then try to talk

  • lakerslakey

    lol this fool didnt even win a championship in college.

  • TheLAKERSwon09

    Who is this guy?! The 15th member of the Nugget’s bench? What a chode!

  • LakerGyrl

    Thanks for the good laugh Affolo

  • Touch ME

    These words come from a proven winner in this league lol.

  • Robert

    Wait .. wait. I think I got it! I know what he’s trying to say. There “Won’t be a 3-peat”.
    But there WILL be a 4-peat. Thanks Aaron! Go Bruins!

  • O_o

    Actually, ive seen afflalo play. i thnk he is a good player capable of great defense and knocking down big 3pt shots; HOWEVER, he is f****** out of mind if he thinks the mcnuggets are gonna stop the lakers…. Mr. Phil Jackson only wins them in grps of 3. :)

  • ^ ^

    Fuck you Afflalo jealous?

  • ^ ^

    No Afflalo but there will be a 4 peat though hahaha!!!

  • 242LakerFan

    Isn’t “afflalo” Pig Latin for “Laughing at your punk ass”?