Here is what Dennis Rodman had to say about the “great debate.”

L.A. Times: “That’s an easy question,” Rodman says. “LeBron, he’s more of a power forward. Kobe . . . has basically grown into his skills. I think Kobe has [become] a Michael Jordan of this era because he’s very smart, and he knows how to score. “LeBron is more like. ‘Here I come, watch out!’ I think LeBron right now is more like a kid, like a freight train. Kobe is better.”

  • KING

    couldnt agree more with rodman, lebron is a freak of nature and naturally blessed, while kobe is all skill… and FIRST!!

  • Banks

    couldn’t have put it better myself… cuz thats is true…
    Lebron is good, but kobe is better

  • Mitch4Pres


  • shannon4mvp

    I wanna see wat the lebron lovers say now.

  • deemac1

    Lebron lovers will say f*ck Rodman he’s washed up blah blah blah! But he’s right! I like Lebron but he aint the best, not until Kobe retires or shows a significant decline!

  • Short Dog

    Kobe is way better than Lebron period. You can’t compare a rookie with a veteran. Kobe has accomplished a grip. It’s laker nation all dam day. He’s lucky his name is brought up with Kobe’s. Kobe is on jordan’s status.
    Lakers #1

  • kisofdeath

    heres the vid of him saying it.

    he actually said it on a court show. judge pirro. those judgy mathis, joe brown, judy type shows haha.

    we was sueing his “friend” for 4 g’s lol.

  • Megan Fox JJC

    Right on Rodman!

  • xxv112002

    LeBron is like Hawks Dominique Wilkins. All that talent, but mediocre supporting cast. When he decided to move to another team, it was too late. He was too old. LeBron should learn from this man’s mistake.

  • Robert

    Rodman is one of the greatest if not arguably The Greatest defensive player of ALL TIME. He played with the great MJ. He knows basketball. Trust his view (I wouldn’t even call it an opinion – it’s as close to a fact as one can get).

  • Alan

    this makes it even better coming from rodman.

  • touching_myself

    Who would’ve known that the freak, Rodman, still has all his senses! That boy is right! I’m glad that someone from the basketball world finally said it right! Lebrick’s charging right in there like a freight train, while Kobe’s all skills! Of course Kobe’s a freakish athlete as well, but even if Kobe wasn’t as athletic, he’d still be tearing up the league, but if Lebum wasn’t as athletic as he is, he’d be Deshaun Steveson!