This is kinda old news, but still something to get worked up about.

Twitter: Bynum doesn’t deserve to touch the trophy!

  • ceballos-neverforget

    a) Bynum was actually very effective, especially considering the busted wheel he was playing on.

    b) DeMarcus was a journeyman in 1 year of ncaa ball (uab, memphis, kentucky), so he’ll just be an NBA journeyman anyway. Sorry D, you’re playing for the wrong cali team.

    • seankobe

      Ia ceballos your last name?

      • ceballos-neverforget

        No, its just a reminder that for all the T-Mac, KG and other trade rumors that we complain about, its easy to forget that there were lean days for the lakers when Cedric Ceballos was our go-to guy….whether we sign guys like T-Mac, or mike miller this year, things could be much worse.

        • hehatemealot

          Demarcus Cousins?? WTF This fcken rookie has not played a fcken second in the NBA and is already calling out my Lakers. Biatch you’re nothing!!

    • Clint Vincent

      Demarcus Cousins loves to joke around. He will be rookie of the year. I am a huge Laker fan and also a big UK fan. Do not take what Cousins says to heart. He is an awesome person. Go Lakers and all the UK players who were drafted in the first round ex-cluding Daniel Orton. Big Cuz will be better than Shaq… I swear to Christ

  • http://Twitter Geevis

    And what exactly has Demarcus “Soon to weigh 350lbs and look like Glen “Tractol” Taylor” Cousins done in this league so far?

  • eboK


    • Get Settled

      yeah lol.. why is this noob spewing garbage imo. I think it was twitter or something? He hasn’t even touched an NBA rim before and he’s already talking shit. He’s fkn stupid

  • Adrianyj

    Who is DeMarcus?

    • Jack Y.

      Exactly my reaction. I’ve never heard of him…

      • TheGreaterNation


  • victor


    Dont be another paul peirce and talk before you walk. You havent stepped foot on an nba court. Bynum did us very well in the 7 games against boston. Just his presents alone bothered the celtics. GO LAKERS!

    • Billy Kupchak

      presence* :cool:

  • 151RUMMER

    Oh Dumb-arcass!…..! your an idiot!

  • gus26

    seriously???!!… wow … can’t wait to play whoever this kid is playing for…

  • iiTzDanny

    LoL Rookie, wait till we play the Nets.

    • hihihih

      he plays for the kings lolol

  • Robert

    Who cares what he thinks he’s a rookie plus a nobody.

  • 242LakerFan

    Actually, he plays for the Sacramento Queens, which makes this even funnier. I believe his middle name is “Isleepwitmy”.

    • wilzuvsteel


    • iiTzDanny

      oh ya he plays for the Queens, but who cares he’s not gunna make the playoffs.

  • Messenjah

    He plays for the sacramento queens. He’s 6’11 but bynum has height and lenght over this rookie.

    • 242LakerFan

      And heart; and maturity; and ability.


        And age, and championships.

        • Lo3

          and a brain

  • Pedro


    • bigitch

      if he even gets on the court … no respect but he’ll get his….

    • Billy Kupchak

      embarrass* :cool:

  • Ikjyot Singh Kohli

    As a die hard Lakers fan for almost 25 years now, I’ll tell you that although Demarcus’ intentions may have been out of jealousy, he is technically correct. In general, except for the playoffs, the Lakers played weaker this year than they did last year. A lot of people will attribute this to the Ariza-Artest thing, but the more correct answer is that last year, Bynum didn’t play, that’s why the Lakers were so effective. If you watch the Game 7 Press conference of Celtics vs. Lakers, Phil himself said that Bynum was ineffective, and when he took him off, the Lakers 13 point deficit turned into a surplus. I challenge anyone to watch a Lakers game, and analyze how they play when Bynum is on the court, and how they play when he’s off, you’ll notice a huge difference. Bynum also can’t play against people his own size or bigger than him. All these so-called domination games occurred against teams with smaller centres, like Sacramento, or Oklahoma. Don’t take my word for it, just watch a Lakers game, and note the difference, Bynum, like Turiaf is hugely overrated and is a huge drag on the team when he plays.

    • chot

      he may be ineffective as you say….may because he had his knees busted, duh???? regardless he had his impact on the finals his lack on offense he compensated on defense and big man presence

      • oh hey

        People like Chot. I rest my case.

      • Ikjyot Singh Kohli

        i don’t think catching the ball has anything to do with his knees being busted.

        And his knees just affect his lateral movement, not his ability to run up and down the court, which he apparently can’t do very well in that either.

        • Hemma

          Ummm actually a torn meniscus does affect running up and down the court!!!

          • Bynum & Odom Is Overrated

            @ Hemma then why in game 5 with the phoenix series he was running and jumping to Artest celebrating Ron’s buzzer beater? Just watch it…

    • oh hey

      Hey be careful. Even though what you say is true, all the “true Laker fans” are going to be hounding you and jumping on your back. Apparently they can’t take criticism even when its the truth. All they do is make excuses for players who know they should be criticized (aka Bynum, aka Odom, aka Sasha, aka Luke, aka Farmar, aka Shannon)

      • DCLakeshow

        1st…let me say, just because I don’t agree with you, that doesn’t make you wrong (although you are) and that doesn’t mean that I can’t take criticism about my team.

        2nd’ly – Even if you have a case, which I don’t believe you do…you’re talking about ONE series out of many. The NBA is about matchups. Unlike the greats…aka Kobe, not every player is going to do well in every series. Especially while injured.
        Question: Were you there the latter part of the season, without Bynum, when the Lakers seemed to have fizzled out, and barely looked playoff ready? Most of us believed, but still were biting our nails.

        Yes…AB does add a Physical presence and his length alters many players ability to attack the rim. BUT If your main argument, is based off of what Phil says AFTER THE GAME…then maybe we should discredit how good Steve Nash is, or how Keven Durant should not be treated like a superstar, or maybe, RonRon should give back the trophy, and not have taken all of those game 7 shots…because those are things that the Zen Master told (THE MEDIA). That’s just what he does.
        If you are a Lakers fan, and you can seriously sit there and say to yourself, that without Bynum, we would have won the championship…then my hat goes off to you. Btw…it’s one of those baseball caps, with the propeller on top.

    • Bynum & Odom Is Overrated

      I agreed with Ikjot Singh Kohli. To add to that… he seems like he doesn’t want to play when he’s on the court. IDK he’s just a half hearted player. He has the potential but he doesn’t want to even tried which is upsetting… and this is almost every year… I’m a fan of the Lakers but not bynum or Odom… They just don’t get it… And why is Odom trying out for the USA team when he doesn’t even really want to play here? He’s so half hearted as well… like the USA team will pick him to be on the team? They want someone who will give effort…

    • bostonSUCKS88

      your saying that because he wasnt effective in game 7 he doesnt deserve his ring? u realize that it takes 16 wins to win a title not just 1. bynum was effective in many of our wins. yes towards the end, his injury was hurting him, but dont even try to say that he doesnt deserve his ring. he worked his ass off for the lakers. bynum is a warrior and he deserves his ring. go back and look at our 16 wins, you cant tell me that he was ineffective in all of them.

      • guess what

        Bynum was ineffective in more than some of them.

        • bostonSUCKS88

          my point is that he was effective in more than 1 of them, which is why he deserves his ring. Last year fish was ineffective for most of their playoff wins, but was the hero in game 4 of the finals. are u gonna tell me that he didnt deserve that ring? I cant believe some of you actually are siding with Cousins. You dont deserve to call yourself a laker fan

    • HATER

      That don’t mean he doesn’t deserve to touch the trophy

  • MrL

    stop hating.

  • mitch*has*some*ballz*ya*heard

    I can not wait until AB skeeets all over this fools face…. ARGH, this really irritated me, I hope AB posterizes this idiot..

  • Edwin Stanley

    Wow….hasn’t even played a game yet….let alone known what it takes to win…..or won anything for that matter. Rookies…….

  • Morgan

    Demarcus, STFU! They wouldn’t have won without him!!

  • SamV

    ya if bynum doesn’t deserve it, neither does brown or farmar or odom. Bynum did a lot in the playoffs and ya, by the time he reached the finals his injury was too much. But trust they would not have made it without him. TRUST that. If he stays healthy this year anyone who agrees with this will eat their words.

  • iPost

    Who is this and why does he deserve any attention at all ?

  • Joselio Nimasaja Anicar Tado says:

    realize that drew has come a long way, and he didnt start playin basketball till his junior year of high school. Shaq was the most athletic basketball player over 280 pounds, bynum is probably second on that list. Also remember how bynum did in the 09 finals against dwight howard, and remember game 4 this year, bynum left, and then glen davis played his best game ever. Idk if he deserves to b an all -star, but he definitely deserves to touch the trophy

  • Joselio Nimasaja Anicar Tado says:

    realize that drew has come a long way, and he didnt start playin basketball till his junior year of high school. Shaq was the most athletic basketball player over 280 pounds, bynum is probably second on that list. Also remember how bynum did in the 09 finals against dwight howard, and remember game 4 this year, bynum left, and then glen davis played his best game ever. Idk if he deserves to b an all-star, but he definitely deserves to touch the trophy

  • TheLAKERSwon09

    Jealous of bynum and his 2 rings

  • LAKERS2010champs

    cant wait til bynum puts this lame in check next season. i dont even know who this guy is lol.

  • Ronin99

    I can hardly wait until the Lakers play the Sacramento “Queens” now. Bynum tried his best with a busted knee. I can’t believe people are still hating. Well…well… Demarcus just painted a bullseye on his back. Can’t wait until Bynum dunks on his ass!!!

  • BobeCudi

    Don’t worry Lakers fans, I already blasted Demarcus on his twitter for saying that

    • l.alakeshow

      can i get his twitter link

  • DCLakeshow

    Ok Ok…we get it. Some of you don’t like Bynum. He’s hurt..he’s hurt! You wish that every big man on our team was skilled like Pau. The only problem with that is…if they were, then we probably couldn’t afford to keep them.

    You wish you had UberTwitter Bosh, Low IQ No Defense Stoudemire, maybe even Mid Level My Ex Has Her Own TV Show Shaq.
    GET OVER IT…those guys are spoken for, and only one of them has a ring, or more rings than Bynum…and that would be Shaq. AND guess what? He’s not coming back!

    Why not spend your time boycotting the return of McBenga or J Powell? Those guys did ABSOLUTELY NOTHING this year.

    • quest

      Please tell me you feel the same way about Sasha and Luke as you do Congo cash and “JPeezy”

  • bdmf

    hahhah who the f*ck is this guy?
    seriously who is he?

  • nath

    You know, I actually roll on my floor laughing, LITERALLY. OMG, what kind of rookie is this. I will be the first man to smash this guy when he looks like a dumb-ass this season.

  • rondo

    Blame it on Bynum! Hate is poison to the mind.

  • KING

    what is a Demarcus?

  • Cali Kush King


  • lakerslakey

    haters gonna hate

  • Day

    Not Morrison, not Powel, not Luke…but Bynum doesn’t deserve the ring? What a hater.

  • Majestic

    Who in the hell told Demarcus Cousins that by simply getting drafted into the NBA that he’s qualified to say WHO DESERVES TO BE A CHAMPION and WHO DOESN’T. I can see he’s going to be a REAL GEM in the league. Good GOD, Michael Jordan was right about these ROOKIES/NEW PLAYERS IN THE LEAGUE. They think they’re entitled to something. What the hell?

  • Sac Laker Sam

    Quiet NOOOB!!! He May Not ‘deserve’ a Trophy, whatever that means, but you Deserve the QUEENS!!! LOSER!!!!

  • si pepe

    who the hell is this guy? and please TLN, this will be the last time we will give notice and time to someone WE DONT KNOW….! DeMarcus DeMarcuation what? what? shuhada!

  • darren

    does that mean adam morrison deserved his trophy more than bynum did? LOL cousins STFU

  • sean

    if bynum is overated and people in here are talking about of ineffective he was (Ikjot Singh Kohli) then why didnt we win the championship in 2008 when he was out of the line up, but back to back championships when he was our starting center can you explain that to me?????????????????????

  • James Egojames

    I am deeply upset that the college Drop out had the nerve to comment. He is going to hate Sacramento. He is going to get schooled by Paul Gasol. He is a temper tamtrum type of player. He is going to eventually force Sacramento to trade him. He is going to regret saying anything about a great warrior Andrew Bynum. Who played with a torn Menincus….that is a Champion….no question.

  • rondo

    Demarcus Cousins You better be good because if you get your ass handed to you the Laker fans will not let you ever forget what you said.
    People will drive into the ground they will destroy you.

  • Gabby

    Idiots who feel Bynum doesn’t deserve a ring have never been on any winning team (sports, company, etc.) of any sort. You know that’s true. If you had, you would realize that winning takes effort from everybody. It’s also includes winning during the regular season, getting top seed, altering game plans (the altering styles Boston has to play with and without him change momentum, flow, plans, etc.).

    And to say Bynum was ineffective is just about as ignorant as saying Phil Jackson was ineffective. People who judge games by statistics (what did he score, what was the plus/minus, etc.) are “beginner” fans who don’t understand the game. You are the same ones who thinks number of steals, block or rebounds equate to good defense. You are not idiots, just misinformed and a bit naive. I understand. i was that SAME way in 6th grade.


  • d.cousins

    cousins is a stupid nagger!!!! prove what you can do first before you start yapping your nagger mouth!!!

  • PRLaker

    listen shit face, play a couple of game win a title and then talk you fucking fat ass!!!!

  • Get Settled

    DeMarcus cousins sounds like an out of state Cleveland Cavs fan or something or other just plain hating because his idol didn’t get a ring. DeMarcus cousins is gonna get owned when Andy Bynum stomps all over his candy ass and you can take it to the bank.

  • http://thelakernation sactownlaker4life

    Love you, Andrew!!! Keep up the good work =)

  • Billy Kupchak


  • Clint Vincent

    You all are unbelievable to think anyone will school Cousins… WOW. He is a beast and will be the best center of all time!!! Go Lakers and UK Wildcats