Photo courtesy of Bruce Bennett, Getty Images
Photo by Doug Benc | Getty Images
Photo by Doug Benc | Getty Images

On the morning of July 5th, the day Dwight Howard was planning to probably, maybe, make his decision, there are as many questions about the big fella’s plans as answers.

As is typical with D12, reports are all over the place.

He will make his decision Friday! … Or he won’t.

The Lakers have dropped to 4th on his list! … Nah, they’re still “prominent on his mind.”

As if we didn’t know this, Dwight Howard struggles with making big decisions.

July 5th may come and go without a decision from Dwight. Or he’ll choose the Lakers. Or The Rockets. Or the Warriors. Or he’ll go to China. Or maybe Malaysia. He’s not really sure, and neither are you.