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The trade deadline passed with a lull. I must say I almost stayed up all night waiting for the BIG news. It almost broke my heart to know that Bynum was the deal-breaker.

At that time, the NO-deal seemed to be a logical decision. We were already thin up front and whoever was playing well, the injury bug seemed to like him.

Now, 3 months passed and another 1st round exit later, Kobe is calling for these changes. He is not specific in any player, but he sure was ecstatic upon hearing about the possibility of Kidd by the All Star break. That time, Pip was rumored to be signing as well. But I did not mind that as much.

To be exact, we do not need to panic. It is Kobe’s patience that we are trying to accommodate thats why every Laker fan is screaming for change. We feel you Kobe, and being your fan base we are more anxious in every single move made. As a team, we are still basically better than 20 other teams in the league and we have the single best player and talent. I say only San Antonio, Houston, Dallas, Utah, Denver, Phoenix, Detroit, Chicago, and Cleveland are better. Some among the mentioned, less the injuries, we are even better IMO.

To this day, I strongly believe New Jersey is still an ideal trade partner and I bet is still interested in a deal with us. This time, Andrew Bynum might no longer be off-limits anymore. After all, if we may have to be contenders, we cannot play it safe. We have to invest in vision and “immediate” help.

As I would try to play GM for a minute, I offer my insight regarding the deal we should do with NJ. Carter is likely to opt out and sign elsewhere. Jefferson becomes the man in NJ and Kidd will like it in LA. These are 3 separate considerations that corroborate to the logical “moving” of Kidd.

Kwame Brown (9.1M expiring), Andrew Bynum, Brian Cook, Jordan Farmar, #40 pick. This is my offer. Kwame is a big body, decent defender and an expiring contract most of all. Bynum and Farmar are considered “the future” of the Lakers. Brian Cook is a young big man who can shoot and the #40 pick can be used to get a decent enough player from this year’s deep draft. If NJ dislikes Cook, I can substitute him with 2-3 FAs that are sign-and-traded with only the 1st year salary guaranteed.

Whether this happens or not, it is up to the powers that be. But let me tell you something if we get Kidd: We may not win it all next year, we may only be as good as the 2nd round. But there is a hidden agenda I am crossing my fingers on – KG. When the time is right, next year, he can opt out of Minny and see that the only place to be is LA. As two celebrated MVPs and seasoned veterans will win their very first ring they so most deserve, Kobe will win his 1st ever MVP award and the 1st ever ring w/o Shaq.

  • bryant

    I doubt management would let bynum go for anything less than a frontcourt superstar. The reasons they didnt let bynum go at the deadline still apply imo. Kidd is old and there is no reason to believe that he’ll play at the same level next season (ie. gary payton)

  • Papihitman

    Payton Sucks. Forever a Celtic

  • Justin Page

    Let me get this straight…

    Kwame Brown, Andrew Bynum, Brian Cook, Jordan Farmar, and our 40th pick in the draft for Jason Kidd.

    Are you KIDDing?

    Andrew Bynum is 19 years old; Kidd is 34. So we’re going to packagae two young guns in Bynum, who is nowhere near his potential, and Farmar. This is the most absurd trade I have ever heard of and I can’t believe this article was even posted on this great website.

    I have another serious problem with your whole “plan.” This is not Fantasy Basketball alright? You can’t just make crazy decisions and hope that things turn out a year later with a major free agent signee like Kevin Garnett. It doesn’t work like that…that’s the kind of stuff that would get a general manager fired.

    If your the Lakers you abide by the following rules when making a trade:

    1. Do not give up a plethora of young talent for a player like Kidd who has a two or three really good years left in him (Kidd’s not coming to L.A; Thorn wants Bynum in the package and that’s something that we cannot realistically do when considering we’ll be getting an aging point guard in return).

    2. Do not package Odom and Bynum unless you get Garnett in return…(and that is something I’d have to think long and hard about if I’m Mitch).

    Now realistically, I don’t see the Wolves biting on the Bynum and Odom trade. But let’s take a look at Indiana…we give them Bynum and Brown (with his expiring contract) and whatever other filler is needed to match salaries FOR Jermaine O’Neal, I believe that’s a deal that puts the Lakers right back in the thick of things in the West. I just really love this trade situation better than Kidd’s because you know your going to have O’Neal (28 years old) and Kobe paired together for a good amount of time. Whereas with Kidd, it’s a 2 or 3 year plan and if it doesn’t work out, there’s going to be a ton of repercussions. If we give up Bynum, we must get a player that’s going to be around. I mean think about it, 2 or 3 years from now Bynum’s going to be a really, really good player in this league; and if we trade him for Kidd and don’t win a championship, how bad of a deal is that going to turn out to be? If your Kupchak, and you make this deal, it better result in a title, because it’ll haunt the Lakers for many years down the line if we don’t win one.

    If we traded for O’Neal, we’ll have Bryant, O’Neal, Farmar, Odom, and Walton as a starting lineup. We could then sign a veteran free agent point guard to the mid-level exception, and all of the sudden we have a team that could not only win now, but for four of five years down the line.

    We have pieces in place, we can’t just blow the entire team up. All of this talk about trading for Garnett and then trading for Artest…that is not REALISTIC people. It would take 6 or 7 players to get those two…and with the salary cap it’s just not going to happen.

    And believe me, if we could get Garnett I would love that to happen…but let’s take a look at three possible future starting lineups….

    LINEUP # 1 (Trading for O’Neal)
    Kobe Bryant
    Jordan Farmar (or a veteran signee)
    Lamar Odom
    Luke Walton

    Kobe Bryant
    Jordan Farmar (or a veteran signee)
    Luke Walton
    Player # 5…who’s it going to be?

    LINEUP # 3 (TRADING FOR KIDD…just look at this lineup, the Bynum and Brown for Kidd trade is not going to upgrade us, and the author wanted to throw in Farmar too? And Cooke! AND a draft pick! Unbelievable.)
    Kobe Bryant
    Lamar Odom
    Luke Walton
    Chris Mihm? Turiaf?

    That Jermaine O’Neal lineup looks awfully TALENTED, experienced…..and YOUNG, to me.

  • rmeazy82

    I would have loved to have J-Kidd in a Laker uniform but shit happens we didn’t get him. Trading Bynum should not be that big of a deal lets face it he is not gonna be the next shaq. Yes he has potential but is he worth waiting for instead of winning right now when the best player in the NBA is on our team. Kidd has 2 or 3 more good years in him, he would have helped our offense right away, we would be able to run and not always have to score in the triangle. I know for a fact with Kidd everyone in starting line-up would have averaged 2 points more than what they are averaging right now. Kidd is the second best defensive pg in the game behind Billups, that would have helped us. I believe that Turiaf has just as much upside as Bynum, but I know that whenever Turiaf is on the floor he will hustle, and play with passion.
    Jermaine O’neal is our guy we need to have this summer to get back to the promiss land.

  • warren (philippines)

    Everyone speaks of the triangle as if it was a perfect system. It is not. The addition of Jason Kidd fits the bill perfectly. If indeed you are a Laker fan, heres the deal:

    2008 will be the year they contend. I say that because I must say a lot of the problems that arise in the Laker defense emanates from the PG slot. The center slot is weak as well and we are not getting any help. But hear this: 2 years may be all that J. Kidd has. 2 years and Phil Jackson will no longer be around. 2 years and Bynum is still no all-star and no Alonzo Mourning nor Patrick Ewing. BY that time Oden will already be a solid force in the NBA. 2 years and Kobe will have to opt out and sign where KG is at that point. See my point? 2 years man. Thats all we have. If you want to invest in Farmar and Bynum, be my guest. But in that case you would already be suggesting that Kobe is the guy we trade out. Peace.