Baron is coming to Los Angeles… to play for the Clippers that is… I really feel like puking.

ESPN: NBA front-office sources told’s Marc Stein that the guard reached a verbal agreement with the Clippers on Tuesday night and will sign a new multiyear contract with Los Angeles after the leaguewide moratorium on signings and trades is lifted July 9. Sources told that Davis, 29, will receive a five-year deal worth an estimated $65 million.

  • lakersfan17

    thats so bad for us especially if they keep brand. :(

  • Kobe2k9

    finally they become a formidable opponent its gonna be a good rivalry


    lakers vs clippers WCF!!! lets do this thang

  • Michael24

    ohhh damn showdown in L.A this shall be good

  • Whatsa

    The Clippers can be good with Brand + Maggette + Livingston + Davis + Mobley.

  • lakerschamps08

    naw id they get davis then they cant get maggette not enuff money but yea they gonna be good

  • Salty


  • True Lakers Fan

    its showtime!

  • The Nugget

    WOW! Those two Clipper fans are probably crying somewhere.

  • lakers4life

    you guys are acting like they are a championship contender

  • Congrats LA’s lil’ brother (aka Clips)

    Well Clips congrats on getting Davis. It should help the team get back “on track” now. But obviously this team, including Davis, has their health issues. So if they can stay healthy and be the Clippers of what…2-3 years ago (or when they had made the playoffs)..they should be fine. But this is going to be still a tougher Western Conference with ours Lakes, the Hornets, Jazz, Blazers, Suns, Spurs, Mavs, etc.

    This also means good-bye to Corey M. The Clips can’t afford to keep him around with Davis on board and with Brand if he does indeed resign with the Clips.

  • TREvOR101

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    they are a title contender!!!!!

  • lakerfan81

    The clippers will have a good starting 5 of Davis, Mobley, Thornton, Brand, Kaman (assuming they resign Brand). But I don’t see anything at all off the bench. They should be fun to watch though and will probably fight for one of the last play off spots (My guess is that any team in the west will have to get 50 wins again to make the play offs).

  • TREvOR101

    I mean they will be!!!

  • lakerfan81

    TREvOR101. They are not and won’t be a title contender. They won’t be able to resign Maggete (not enough money after they resign Brand and they do not own the bird rights to Maggette so they can only sign him for the MLE. They have no one off the bench but they will have a decent starting 5 and will fight for one of the last play off spots. But a title contender they are not.

  • S-quire

    Their bench is mucho questionable. But I’m happy for them, I’m sick of anything connected to L.A. being constantly disrespected. Only respect for the City of Angels.


    We’ll still own’em,no worries.


  • androsays

    serio squire

    i’m a laker fan above all, but i got love for all LA teams (all sports, now we need to get a football team up in this city).

  • lakersforlife77

    It’s not like we had a chance at Davis anyways………nobody should be surprised.

  • hZm

    They’re now a very solid Playoff contender.

  • earl

    Just to let you all know the clippers can re-sign corey maggette even after signing davis and brand because if it’s a player from your own team you can pay as much as you want if corey was on another team then they couldn’t afford him they can pay corey a 6 year 100 million if they wanted to but i don’t see corey coming back to the clipper in either event but i’m not worried at all the Lakers are the best team may i remind all of you The Lakers made it to the NBA Finals with an injured Kobe Bryant, sprained ankle of Pau Gasol, Bad knees of Lamar Odom, and partially torn tendon of Derek Fisher and without Trevor Ariza and Andrew Bynum and you guys are worried about Baron Davis if the Lakers are fully healthy next year nobody beats them i promise!

  • Banzai

    We’re SCREWED!!!!!!!!! JK….

  • MambaKB24

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    more like Baron Davis, Eric Gordon, Al Thorton, Elton Brand, and Chris Kaman

  • Tim M.

    Good for them. Now all they need to do is move to Anaheim and find an identity.

  • BringDFishBack

    Good for them. Clippers look to be a playoff caliber team and gotta give it to them for putting this team together. The second I saw B-Diddy opted out, I knew this was coming. Since Brand and Maggette had already opted out, their cap was at about $35 mil, $23 mil or so under the cap. As long as they signed Baron before Brand, they could spend up to $23 mil on Baron (weren’t gonna spend that much, just they could) and then still resign Brand. Because they would be re-signing Brand, they are allowed to go over the cap. Now, Brand also said he opted out with the intention of resigning wit the Clips but wanted to see what they do in the free agent market first. Doesn’t really make sense to opt out with the intention to resign knowing you’re taking a paycut. The Clippers probably told him that if he opted out and then resigned they would get Baron because they wouldn’t have to worry about the cap as long as Brand signed after Baron. Davis and Brand are a very nice combo, throw in Kamen, Thorten, and Mobley and they have a pretty good lineup. I don’t think it’s a championship caliber lineup, but they sould be a 5 or 6 seed in the playoffs.

  • androsays

    [Comment ID #43109 Will Be Quoted Here]


  • lakersforlife77

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    Los Angeles Clippers of Anaheim….

  • ricky

    if the clippers can find enough money to sign b. diddy, resign maggette and brand, and bring back livingston, they would really spark the cross-locker room/L.A. city rivalry again.

    as nice as it is for the city to have a strong rivalry, the L.A. Lakers are still the top team simply because of our history/legacy and possibly this player they call kobe “MVP” bryant!

    lets get some strong/veteran/experienced FA’s to the lakers

    im still hoping that we can sign mickael pietrus, possibly bring back mo evans, and get another veteran big man (the only name that keeps coming to me is kwame, as sad as it sounds, he’s really the only FA big man that would likely come to LAL)

  • Tim M.

    I couldn’t believe when they renewed their lease at Staples a few years back. Orange County would welcome them with open arms… plus, i think a move would benefit the rivalry… because, lets all face it… No matter how successful the Clipps are, they’ll never be LA’s team.

  • thevoiceofreason

    This is awful. But Clippers have a talented team. I dont think you can compare them to us though. Bynum just smashed Kaman during our season series. I think with this team Clippers will be in the race for 6 – 8 place with tough teams like the Blazers.

  • e

    this is not good for us at all

  • Daryl Imhoff

    If the Clippers really want to make things interesting then they will put up the real money and resign Maggette and Brand. I know they will sign Brand but they could also sign Maggette too. If they want to compete with the elite teams in the West they will resign both of their players. I hope they do. It will make the series with the Lakers even better and keep the pressure on the Lakers to keep improving.

  • thevoiceofreason

    Maggette is out of there he hates the Clippers. He was the one who wanted to get traded from there.

  • yellowpurplefever

    Really, good for them. We all know who owns LA. They will make the playoffs and then what..LA is LAkers, is in the name VTB “feeling you!”

  • ryguy2303

    Yo LD2K, why would you feel like puking. It’s not like the Lakers could afford him and it’s not like the Clippers are a HUGE threat.

  • Michael_23

    hmmm …

    Davis, Mobley, Al Thorton, Brand, Kaman.

    Not bad …

  • Sako

    At least there is a new LA rivalry.

  • Yash

    Damn were screwed. Our division just got tougher. Damn u Davis. Why dont u come to Lakeshow. We wudve dumped Odom for next yr and theres a team That u wanted. If u gonna take money like that u shudve joined us.

  • lakers181


    MOst improve teams—-BLAZERS, CLIPPERS

  • rion

    hoopsworld “As for Corey Maggette, he would no longer be a candidate for a sign and trade. He’ll probably land somewhere for the Mid Level Exception with teams like the Utah Jazz, Boston Celtics, San Antonio Spurs and Orlando Magic mentioned as possible suitors.”

    why not offer the full MLE to corey and allow us to trade odom and/or not resign shasha if he asks too much?

  • lakersfan17

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    word, why are people doubting them?


    “i’ve always been a clipper fan”

    – mr bandwagon

  • Sopi

    fukin…no one wants to play for lakers

  • lakerschamps08

    umm if we want a big man thats a vet how bout kurt thomas or jamaal magloire????

  • omie

    well, we still are superior to the clips, but the hallway series might happen this year!!!!

  • hows this


    That means love for all L.A. teams. Good for the Clippers. They needed this. Makes you want to puke LD2K? Weak stomach.

    – Lakers fan and L.A resident

    Welcome home Baron Davis

  • lakersforlife77

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    5 years 30 million vs 5 years 65 million. The teams are irrelevant, money talks.

  • lakersforlife77

    The funny thing about this is the Suns are now most likely only the third best team in the Pacific division. Humbling for suns fans. They’ll be a 6-8 seed at best next season.

  • Zak Bradley

    Bring it on Clips! Bring back the rivalry

  • Ko8e_f@n

    …nice acquisition by the Clips

  • kb24bestever

    they might have davis,brand,kaman but we got the best player on the planet we got bynum,pau gasol and trust me pau its gonna play way better at the PF position and then we got odom we got one of the best benches in the NBA and were getting sun yue and maybe a pair of free agents now what this means its that were gonna beat the record in most wins in a season its 72-10 we going 82-0

  • Ivan

    “Maggette is out of there he hates the Clippers. He was the one who wanted to get traded from there.”

    Acutally, he doesn;t hate the Clippers, he just hates Mike Dunleavy. They had that falling out in the 06 playoffs and it hasn’t gotten better since.

  • lak4lif

    the greatest civil war in the nba, the staple center is gonna be packed
    when the lake show takes on the clip

  • long legga lai

    lakers > clippers. all day, everyday.

  • lak4lif

    and they play them first in the preseason