David Stern had some high praise for Pau! Here is an excerpt from Spanish Marca magaizine.

Stern: Without any doubt. I think he´s one of the 10 best players. No. One of the best 5 players. He has carried an extraordinary career in which he hasn´t stopped of improving himself and he´s an example for all the beginners.

  • sternsucks

    I wonder what this clown has to say about Kobe. It is beyond evident that Stern dislikes the guy.

    • More Cookies 4 Kob

      Stern publicly said he thinks Kobe is the second coming of Michael. But it’s all politics, who knows what he really thinks.

  • http://twitter.com/da_guardian_265 Daniel Artest

    He didn’t say that Pau is one of the 5 best players of NBA. he said one of the best five(center) as in five being the position he plays. good headline though thun. thought u was better than that. uno-

  • laffs atu

    Yeah. Go lakers!

  • Los Lakers

    the lakers have made the finals the last three times since the arrival of gasol… not to take away from kobe and the gang but those facts speak volumes… lets go for the 3peat boys!!!!

  • prlaker

    the heat are over rated dudes, think about it
    fish is better than cook
    kobe better than wade
    james will have his hands full with artest and barnes
    pau better than bosh
    drew better than whoever they have at center
    bench much better as well