So it’s one of the most captivating stories in NBA history. The breakup of Shaq and Kobe. The end of a dynasty. The rise of one of the greats in the NBA. 62 in three, 81… And now the possibility of Kobe Bryant ACTUALY being traded to the Bulls.

One FSN writer/blogger goes into an in depth discussion about a possible trade and asks, “would it be good for Chicago and LA?” Dark days indeed… worth a look nonetheless.

FSN: Would trading Kobe Bryant be good for both Chicago and LA? It’s an interesting question. I did some research to find out.

After navigating through many of the sports website’s, many of them have come to similar conclusions about what it would take for Kobe to become a Chicago Bull. While I still am not sure I like the idea of Kobe in the red and black, it’s still fun to speculate.

  • Michael_23

    If Chicago takes our best from us then we need to take their best. Deng and Gordon and 3 more guys would be legitimate. But we would have too much players on our roster. We would have to get rid of a few guys on our team.

  • fatty

    MJ would veto any Chicago Bulls deal. That’s his city, he owns it and no young wantabee will take it away from him.

  • mikedeezy2k8

    lol fatty, Mj is associated with the bocats. the bulls management could give a doodoo what MJ would think now. but anyways trade KOBE NAO!!