PE: It was assumed, and correctly so, when the Lakers acquired Derek Fisher, that his leadership would be immeasurable.

It was assumed, and correctly so, when Fisher came back to the Lakers for a second go-round, that he would be a major upgrade over the moody Smush Parker at point guard.

Fisher has been a voice of reason, a leader and a calming influence for the young Lakers. He also has been very productive on the court, which has been somewhat overlooked because of all the other qualities Fisher has brought.

Fisher says he heard all the talk of the intangibles he would bring and agreed, but expected a lot more of himself.

“I wanted to be able to put the work in this summer,” he said. “Even with our tough schedule as a family, I still wanted to find ways to really train at a high level and come back and help this team.”

When Fisher departed the Lakers after the 2004 season, his offensive role immediately expanded. Taking more shots, he surpassed his previous highs as a Laker, averaging 11.9 points for Golden State the next season and a career-best 13.3 points in 2005-06. He also established a new high in assists that season.

This season Fisher has emerged as the Lakers’ third-leading scorer, averaging 12.1 points on a career-best 49.5 percent shooting. He’s shooting 36.2 percent from three-point range and a career-high 90.6 percent from the free-throw line.

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    This is the guy who straigthens a ship and sets it on the right course. With Kobe you get alot of good and bad and alot in between, but with Fish you get the true leader of this team. Players look to him to be an example and to challenge kobe on some of his selfish ways. Fish just won’t pass the ball to kobe. He will pass it to the man who is open. Many of the lakers fear kobe, not fish. Fish also sacrifices himself for the team in ways few see. He plays smart defense, make sure there is good spacing on the court, and willing to take it to the hole against the tallest players and sacrifice his body. The Lakers should be thankful fish is here especially kobe.

  • LakersFirst

    Fish is definitely a reason why the Lakers have so vastly improved from last year. He’s a true leader on the court as well as off.

  • BringDFishBack

    I don’t think what he’s done can be measured and it’s not even close to being covered in that article. His leadership and experience are better than no other. He is willing to teach his young teammates based on what he’s learned in the NBA. I don’t think it’s a coincidence that when he came to Utah Deron Willaims finally put all his skills together and was a great player, and then when Fish came back to LA Farmar improved vastly. He’s more than a player and a leader, but also an amazing teacher. He’s the one that will keep the team together when times get tough, instead of letting them fall apart like last year. He’s going to keep Kobe happy through tough times, and he knows what it’s like to go all the way. So many people on the Lakers are young and Fish has/will teach them the things you cannot learn on your own.

    Welcome back D.Fish!

  • Flush Odumb

    What an improvement over that piece of excrement Smush Parker! It’s hard to believe we had to suffer through two seasons of “Smush”. Fisher is a good, solid, hard working role player. He’s not an All Star and never will be. He has some weak points – he flops a little too much on defense and on offense, his shooting is hot and cold, when driving in the paint at times he gets dwarfed by the trees and ends up flailing away at a shot and falling to the floor with his feet up in the air, and on defense he frequently gets torched by the quicker guards in the league. Also, unfortunately, he is on the downhill side of his career which is all the more reason why we can NOT trade Farmar and Crit!!! We should be looking to unload our more inconsistent and unproductive players – Lame-ar, Brown-stain, Luke, Sasha, and Mihn.

  • MILO

    Fish performs well under presure he’s put in a great amount off work and he seems to live to play against Nash…

  • LakersFirst (Change) (Close)

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    FYI: Unlike loser which is spelled with only one “o” (not looser like you mistakently corrected me, in another thread, lol), pressure is spilled with two S, not one (pressure).

    I can’t let that one go. I had to say something, LOL.