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Mark Cuban, owner of the Dallas Mavericks, joined the “Morning Joe” on MSNBC this morning and had some interesting things to say about Phil Jackson

Cuban, was asked by one of the hosts, Willie Geist, about the possibility of a 2nd round match-up with the Lakers in this years NBA playoffs.

“Which would be a blast! Can you imagine the seventh game against the Lakers and Phil Jackson’s career, possibly the end of his career, comes down to a game with the Mavericks? I would love that!”

So you want to end Phil Jackson’s Career? Geist asked

“In a heartbeat!”

Both the Lakers and Mavericks have been, two of the top teams in the Western Conference for quite some time, yet they have never faced each other in the playoffs. Since losing to the Heat in the 2006 NBA finals the Mavs have only advanced to the 2nd round once (2009).

Dallas has been beat three of the last four seasons in the first round of the playoffs.

  • Coffee is For Closers

    Does Cuban realize he and PJ don’t actually play? Cubes, just stick to taking strangely homoerotic cowboy pics with your players.

    • SBLaker

      LMFAO, very nice find!


    lol, does this guy needs a history lesson or something?
    1st off you don’t make this team angry(Black Mamba)
    2nd before you talk, they better take care of the 1st rd 1st, i mean last season they were jumping up and down then got KO by the old 7 seed spurs.

  • SBLaker

    LMAO, Cuban has never been able to beat Phil, why would he think now is the time? that dude is an idiot

    • LakerMarc

      and he fucking talks too much I think he tries living vicariously thru his team…you’re not an athlete douche!!

  • Leo

    The only thing Dallas can end is their season…and early.

    • LakerMarc

      Well they usually do….Dallas is not for real…typical Dallas TEXAN…big headed

  • D

    Cuban is a glorified Nerd. Without money he would be a depressed clown working at your local circus. What an idiot!!

  • Tyler

    The Only thing that the Dallas Ponies are going to end is there chances at the second round. The Blazers WILL Upset the Ponies. This team has HORRID Playoff success. Even if they play the Lakers, they will have gone fishing by game 4.

    • LakerMarc

      Can we say….CHOKE?


    someone might but I doubt it will be at the hands of idiot lol GO LAKERS!!

  • Keyturn

    C’mon guys what’s the dude suppose to say. We all know the Mavs dont have a shot against LAL in the playoffs, but Cuban won’t admit it and nor should he.

  • LakerMarc

    Mark Cuban is too involved which isnt a bad thing but I think its embarrassing…That dude has no poise…he doesn’t even seem like an owner the way he carries on

  • Ronin99

    What an ASS CLOWN. But anyways let him talk. Motivate the Lakers and hope to see them in the later rounds if the Mavs make it past the 1st round. Cuban – be careful what you ask for…

  • Short Dog Loc

    Cuban? Who in the hell is that.
    Get with the philosophy hater.

    • LakerMarc


  • bbz62

    cuban and the mavs are a non-factor

  • Kenny

    The Mavericks have a really good team and i think we all know that but they always choke in the playoffs. But lets face it, the Mavs are never going to win a title until that douchebag Markie Cuban sells the team.

    • reni


  • sam

    Hey Cuban! your mavericks have ALWAYS sucked in the playoffs ever since you bought that corny ass team! Sure you made it to the finals back in 2006 but you lost to Miami and then the NEXT season??? you guys were 67-15 and LOST the first round against Golden State lol what an embarrassing loss that was.

  • BigDaddy

    Alright Cuban is up to his usual tricks but what about the schlomo Phil Jackson? With the advent of the play-offs PJ will comment (tiredly since he’s done it every year since /??) that the certain player (whoever they play in the first round) benefits from the ref’s not calling his signature three-steps…or whatever? Than every fat ass lazy dullard journalist (whoever needs a throw-away article) wil just change a team name and republish the article he printed last year and the year before and the year before…What a genius PJ is by getting into the young guys head and what a genius Pj is by affecting the way the refs will call the series. Get a life are you saying these talented players are that easy to throw-off or to mess with a vet ref that easy…of course not these writers just have to genuflect at the alter of PJ every year What a coach!!! Tell you what give Pj theMavs for the next two years and see how he does….or take the Nets for two years and see what genius he is…never happen! PJ wins best when he has the best team and only when he has the best team!!!

  • Michael A. Robson