Credit: ESPN LA
Credit: ESPN LA

The majority of the Lakers’ Tuesday night victory over the lowly Suns was a snooze fest, but there was still some entertainment to be had from the Staples Center crowd, led by a few celebrity guests.

One play in the second quarter illustrates the lack of buzz inside Staples Center on Tuesday. Steve Blake made a great hustle play, leaping over courtside seats to save a ball inbounds and give the Lakers possession. Problem was, the courtside seats were empty. Ouch.

For a team famous for the high price and status that comes with its courtside seats, empty primetime seats is not a good sign.

However, it wasn’t all bad, as Shaq and Will Ferrell were courtside, and much like they did many years ago on Saturday Night Live, they provided world-class entertainment.

Always a performer, Shaq sat courtside and appeared on the kiss cam…next to an unsuspecting spectator. Shaq grabbed the man by the mouth and smooched (his own hand) all over the guy.

Meanwhile, Will (and his spectacular mustache) noticed some lapses in security, and decided to take matters into his own hands.

After guarding the Lakers’ home court for three quarters, Will apparently decided he had seen enough of the Big Diesel, and took him outside.

Even when the game is underwhelming, its always fun to be at Staples when the Lakers are in town.

Oh! And Mila Kunis was at the game!! (with Ashton Kutcher). I’ll save you the time and link to her Google image search results here.

High Point:

Back to back effort plays by Metta World Peace.

After scoring on a third-chance opportunity, Metta stole the ball from Michael Beasley and drew a foul at the other end on one of his frantic one-man fast-breaks  – punctuating an early 4th quarter run that got the Lakers, and the fans, back into the game.

Low Point:

The entire third quarter. The Lakers mustered only nine points, and there were probably fewer than nine fans cheering.

Sign Watch:

One fan held up a picture of Earth in one hand, and a Peace Sign in the other – waving them around whenever Metta World Peace shot free throws. Only in LA.

Fan of the Night:

Sitting the back row of the nosebleeds, and on his feet for most of the night, this fan was engaged for 48 minutes.

He defined “homer.” After a timeout, Nash drilled a practice three, and this fan yelled “And 1!”

A foul call on the Lakers prompted yelling at the ref! “This guy! Man, this isn’t the WNBA!”

The man screamed “Defense” and “Let’s Go Lakers” from the back row of the building all night, despite the rest of the crowd’s silence. Finally, after hours of shouting, when Kobe checked back into the game in the fourth, this fan’s voice cracked, and he squealed, “I love you Kobe!!” to the delight of everyone in the section.

With his entertaining color commentary, and never wavering support for the boys in Purple and Gold, this fan deserves the fan of the night.