javaris_crittenton.jpgIn his first Summer League game, our rookie, Javaris Crittenton, had a great game with 18 points (8-13)/2ast/4rbs/2stls/1blk. He also had a sick crossover and dunk to shut all doubters who thought we should have drafted the other guy. Oh and did I mention that he had the game winning basket? This is a rook that wants to win and isn’t afraid to step-up to challenge.

“Java” just became my favorite Laker rookie. :wink:

Check out the Boxscore.

  • Carpe24

    any vids of game

  • paraDiseC

    good to see crittenton doing well, but jordan farmar seemed to really struggle -_-;; 6 TO and 1-8 FG eeck

  • luis rico

    ye starting pg right there =]]

  • lakerfan81

    Don’t get to excited about crittenton to down on Farmar. Greg Ostertag outplayed Tim Duncan in the summer league in his first summer league game.

  • k0be da 1 andonly

    I think Javaris might be alright for the Lakers :)

  • Cyrus

    Not so fast, Java has played one game so far and that with rookies. Farmar played more than half of 82 games last season and he had to play against pros like Nash and that in playoffs. I am very very happy to see Java has a great start, but please don’t put down Farmar so fast.

  • KB24withKG21

    farmar and java are really good point guards that can help the lakers win more =)

  • Noriega7333

    I was watching the game, and when he took that shot, I shouted “Kobe,” and you saw the results. ;)

    By the way, how did he get the nickname: “Java?” Just want to know more about our Laker rookie.

    Edit: Nevermind, JAVAris.

  • kobeguru

    who needs ficher now?

  • ryan

    [quote comment=”6228″]any vids of game[/quote]
    you can see the summer league games at broadband archive

  • lakerfan01


  • darkice18

    yea man i watched this game JAVARIS is gooooood!!!

  • schnide

    farmar had 7 fouls?
    i think theres a mistake lol

  • schnide

    PF is personal fouls though right?

  • edmond youash

    Hes a good backup, looks like Radmonovic is going to the Wizards for Antonio Daniels, who averaged 11.8 assists in the playoffs so im happy with that trade. Daniels will be a very good starting PG

  • Sepehr

    In summer league the PF limit is 10 as opposed to 6 in the NBA regular season. Jarvis is a good player, but we can’t overreact when this was just a single game in the summer league. I am confident he will be a great PG in this league but will need 1.5 years to develop, in the meantime he will be great off the bench.

  • kisofdeath

    [quote comment=”6228″]any vids of game[/quote]

    on they provide live streams of every game and if you missed it about 4-5 hours later they put up full game vids…


    hey thats my kinda guy for the team!

  • lakersfan17

    Trade his a$$ for KG…

  • darkice18

    i know this is off topic but look what i found on

    Jul 8, 2007 7:49pm ET
    Next Summer, Sixers May Spring Into Action
    David Aldridge of the PHILADELPHIA INQUIRER writes, “Washington would send center Etan Thomas, in whom the Sixers have had interest, to Philly, while sending guard Antonio Daniels to the Lakers. The Lakers would then send forward Vladmir Radmanovic, who endeared himself to Phil Jackson by hurting his shoulder in a snowboarding accident and then lying about it, to Washington.”

  • paraDiseC

    i didn’t put down farmar…i just said he had a bad game. its not like i said he sucked. you guys need to chill

  • Kenny

    YEAHHHHH hes a keeper i think he can be our starwting PG over JF atleast not fish but i hope we keep him :)

  • ryguy2303

    That a boy, JC! ….JC eh? could he be kobe’s savior? hahahahaha

  • lakerfreak

    cool good to hear that

  • ryguy2303

    is there any video of this?

  • wasay shahid

    That boi ca play I was at the game. And at the last seconds he tookover and hit a game winner w/ his cross over he can play. I think this is the gut kobes been lookin for lmoooo!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Faith

    Java? Mama likes! lol

    Good job, yes summer league and all…but it’s nice to see he’s a baller.

  • Cyrus

    Go to and under NBA broadband, click on “More Videos”. You will find it there, entire game.

  • Kenny videos suk never work

  • _HuStLiN_PhEnOm_



  • steve

    Dark ice 18.Good find,that may be a way of getting rid of his bad contract.How much has daniels got left in the tank?I think he,s about 6ft 3 or 4 not sure but maybe they like his size and maybe he can snowboard better than

  • S-Man

    Dude, I was stoked about the Antonio Daniels possibility, seemed like a good fit… Underrated baller, tall PG, veteran. But then I looked at his contract and realized it’s about the same as Vlad’s. It’s one year shorter but dude is like 32 and Vlad is only 27. This is only worth it if we can get KG and need a vet like this to compete right away for a chip for a year or two a la Ron Harper. Otherwise, I think I’d rather hold on to Vlad. On the other hand, I guess three more years isn’t thaaat long. But I’d much rather have Fish either way (although unloading Vlad’s K would be sweet).

  • BringDFishBack

    Farmar played a terrible game, but who are we kidding javaris had no chance at that shot if farmar wasnt there. Farmar got the attnetion of a double team and then gave it up knowing he was having a terrible shooting night and Javaris was wide open. Thats the PG i want on this team, cuz theres no doubt they wont be the star and they need to defer that shot to kobe or kg/jo/whoever else and not take it themselves.

  • magic32

    damn game winner.

  • Rpoc

    Java is da man

  • 8Ric Bucher*

    According to my sources crittenton is going to be traded for kg along with bynum odom and 2 1st rounders. Expect the deal to go down by the end of this week

  • Rok

    No… I want Crittenton to be a starter… he already did better than Farmar.

  • ONE

    paraDiseC, I guess your better than Farmar then. You are a hater

  • lakerfan81

    Wow Javaris is amazing. He will be the most clutch player in the NBA next season. Wow. we should just trade Kobe and build around Javaris. I’m sure every one is calling Mitch asking what it will take to get him. Mitch is probably bad enough at his job to take someone like Duncan or Oden too. Too bad.

  • I love the Lakers

    I would just like to remind everyone that when Smush first came on as a Laker he averaged 20 points in his first 3 games and everyone was high on him. It has been downhill from that point on. Lets take it one performance at time…

  • Fatty

    Accurate review of Crittenton

  • lakerfan81

    Fatty I like my review.

    Wow Javaris is amazing. He will be the most clutch player in the NBA next season. Wow. we should just trade Kobe and build around Javaris. I’m sure every one is calling Mitch asking what it will take to get him. Mitch is probably bad enough at his job to take someone like Duncan or Oden too. Too bad.

  • lakerfan81

    OH and don’t forget Bellinelli he will lead the league in scoring; he had 37 pts in his first summer league game.

  • Fatty


    I Know its Summer League and all, but by watching him play, you could see why the Lakers took him. He has some very nice NBA qualities.

    One scouting report, had Critt playing like Stevie Francis. He actually does play a lot like him. Somebody has schooled him on team D. You could hear him talking to the guys. He was even teasing the Refs about a blocking call, and get this, the Ref was teasing him back.

    He has a good court presence. He’s always looking and examining the situation. I kept thinking of Smush. This guy is way better. Of course, so is my daughter.

    Yeah, its one game, but Critt was way better than anyone on the court, including Farmar (not just Farmar for the day)Farmar was really pressing.

    He has a lot of the NBA skills necessary to compete well at this level. I wouldn’t be surprised to see Critt get some minutes away from Farmar this year. His on the ball D looked better than Farmar’s. That will get him in PJ’s corner in a hurry. One more thing, when his man got ahead him, he didn’t give up (like you know who?) recovered quickly and skyed to block the shot.

    Smush could fly and had quick hands. But that was it. Critt can dribble like a real guard. He can penetrate, but looks to pass and had some nice half assists. He gets down on D and doesn’t get caught off balance. Very quick feet work.
    Lakerfan. Its just nice to see a real point guard with all the skills on the Lakers again.

    I feel we need Fisher to take the lead. But Farmar and Critt can hold there own as back ups.

  • lakerfan81

    I agree I like Crittenton but people were getting way too excited about him. He is still a year or two (at least) away from being a consistent contributor.

  • Kenny

    lakerfan81 wow……. be quiet…..u try to act funny and its not working…how r ppl getting too excited everyone said too star him over farmar ….

    Fisher>Crittenton > Farmar

  • BringDFishBack

    O and remember, farmar averaged something like 24 points in last years summer league, i think we all need to calm down a bit.

    And for those who didnt see the game, most of the plays were being called for him.

  • Kenny

    farmar never avg 24 pts……….

    and were watching his gamrplay the way he moves his shot stuff like that but u guys r saying were freaking out

    Javaris was the 2ng best PG in this draft and we got a steal

    Mike conley Jr. > Java > Acie Law

  • lakerfan81

    Kenny I agree but he is not ready to be a starting PG in the NBA. I was just being sarcastic because everyone was saying that he should be the starting PG. He has a lot of potential though, but not ready to be a starting PG. I also agree that he will be better than law. But I like Rodney Stuckey (not a true PG though). But like I said he is still a year or two away from being a consistent contributor. Hopefully I am wrong.

  • Kenny

    yeah im just saying i want him to be behind fisher



  • http://Yahoo King Kobe 24

    he is going to be really with kobe

  • lakers4life

    trade farmar, javaris is way better and im not sayin that because of this one game,hes a better defender and scorer in farmar

  • kobewillnotdie

    uhh i heard he crossed someone bad and yammed it, does anyone have the clip of that?

  • Kenny

    [quote comment=”6476″]trade farmar, javaris is way better and im not sayin that because of this one game,hes a better defender and scorer in farmar[/quote]