At the NBAStore, you can now create and customize your own Lakers championship shirt!

Select the color you want (5 choices), the front and back logo designs (17 choices) and even the logo on the sleeve (8 choices). You can even add your own name and number to the back, choose a Lakers player or just leave it blank.

CLICK HERE to give it a shot!

  • lakersforlife77

    That’s pretty cool, but pretty damn expensive. The base price at 21$? That’s the regular price for shirts with logos and print on them already.

  • chad b

    sick…I gotta make one

  • JenFD

    Now this is more like it lol But the price is….ya…lol.

  • Joelyn Robinson

    i am from the caribbean and i am from a small island that is only 5 sqauremiles we belong to the lesser antiles please come visit us. we never had any body famous here. p.s there are many fans of lakers here including me. :)