Well tons of stuff today so hopefully we can get “nuts” and get it all posted. Call me “crazy,” but I think Artest would be an ideal fit for this team. However, this is a lot of reports going around. Let’s check them out starting with the NY Post:

NY Post: Ron Artest will exercise his Kings option to become a free agent; Lakers, Spurs and Mavs figure to be most fervent suitors.

Pretty “insane” stuff. Another report from CBS sportsline hears the same sort’ve rumor:

CBS Sportsline: Guard Michael Redd might be heading to Cleveland from Milwaukee, and the Lakers are talking to Sacramento for a deal involving Lamar Odom for Ron Artest and Kenny Thomas. If they fail there, the Lakers will go after Houston’s Carl Landry on the free-agent market.

Lastly, no matter how “ill” you think Artest is, ESPN put together his problems over the years (personally, I would DIE for Artest to be here and yes, the city of L.A. on behalf of LakersNation will treat you like a top 5 player Ron-o:

  • LakersNo1

    Mitch, do it! get R. Artest, he’ll look good in purple n gold.

  • http://myspace.com/sonicussj Whatsa

    What the heck.. I thought we weren’t going to give up Lamar Odom.

    I don’t really want Ron Artest if we have to give up Lamar Odom >_<.

    Ugh man.

  • sammie

    isn’t there another way we can get artest and still keep odom? that would be sweet if there is something like that

  • The Cougar

    I’m telling you guys… one way or another Ron Ron will be in purple and gold


    Mickael Pietrus!How about trading Vlad for Mickael,even trade.

    ….and I’m prayin’ for someone to make smart remark about Pietrus….though I would loooooooooove to have Leron Landry if Pietrus or Artest don’t work.I just have a feeling Billy’s(Kupchak)father won’t let us down either way.

    Someone needs to put Phil and Mitch in front of YOUTUBE and let them watch “Mickael Pietrus highlight reel “07-’08” and I’ll bet $100 he’ll be signed the next day.I’ll bet any body $200 right now if they go to any highlights featuring Pietrus they’ll say GETPIETRUS!

    I gonna have to come out LA and have a lil’ talk to our front office,AGAIN!

  • daboss1849

    right on chris i couldn’t agree more. La is the best place for artest. we’ll make room on the bench for thomas next to luke and vlad…

  • Edward

    Lamar Odom for Rudy Gay or Mike Miller

  • http://myspace.com/sonicussj Whatsa

    Hell no.

  • kobe124

    Artest knew the Kings couldn’t get him that feeling that kobe and gasol enjoyed in the finals. Artest next distination is LA!!!!
    Artest bring some shorts cuz its hot out here.

  • http://thelakersnation.com kb24 4life

    ron and kenny for lamar?? :S
    idk, well maybe, but how can a trade be possible if ron is going to be a free agent.. :S

    sign and trade??

  • lakerfan81

    Artest is horrible on the offensive end. He doesn’t fit the triangle at all. He dribbles too much, doesn’t run any kind of offensive system, doesn’t move without the ball, takes bad shots, hes not a good rebounder. Moving Lamar for Artest is a bad idea. Lamar is the Lakers best rebounder, and there is no guarantee that Bynum comes back healthy and in shape, though there is no reason to believe that he won’t. Moving Lamar leaves the Lakers very thin up front (and no Kenny Thomas does not help). If he opts out and wants to accept a MLE size deal (which I seriously doubt he said that he would not take less money to play for a contender) than it might be worth the risk. But trading Odom for him is too big of a risk. The Lakers can win with the team they have now, at the very least they need to see what the LO, Gasol, Bynum front court can do. OR if Ariza develops a somewhat reliable J (Kobe said he worked hard on it while recovering from foot surgery and is already better) than see how it works with Odom off the bench.


    Artest will NOT come to LA if LO is traded plus he said he would not leave Sactown because of …..D’evils,MONEY!So seeings though Mitch or Buss don’t have that loooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooog money,get reasonable players that you can afford.

    Until Artest says himself that he wants to be A LAKER,I say @@@@’EM!GETARTEST,well,I wish he could wear that Purple and Gold too but LET’S GET REAL LAKERNATION,these guys,Marion also,WANT TOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO MUCH DAMN MONEY and all we need is to get Vlad off of this team,there not keeping Newble or “Dacos” Mbenga so there’s alot of SPACE and we’re “NutHoldin'” 1 playerm,WHEN WE NEED ‘SOME’ PLAYERS


  • gugy

    Bring Artest.
    We need his defensive skills.

    As for Odom, I don’t mind losing him, but the ideal would be losing Vlad and Luke for Artest. But that’s daydreaming…. :-)

  • http://windowslive.com lakers-r-pimpilicous

    just det a forward who could defend

  • ab4sure

    Yes Ideal fit for the Lakers is Artest. Wife beater, dog starving, fan attacker, loves to shoot the ball 18 times a game(few notice that), a player who thinks he is top 5 player and wants to be paid that way, chemistry killer, and a delusional rap artist media mogul wannabe. Exactly what the Lakers need coming off a trip to the finals. I am sure there is more to find out about Artest, but I am afraid to know.

  • daboss1849

    [Comment ID #42013 Will Be Quoted Here]

    Thats exactly the street cred we need.

  • magicbalala245

    Til I see ESPN say he opt out of his contract then I won’t believe this or more reports that he opted out

  • LakersFirst

    I would like to see Artest on the Lakers. He’s a great perimeter defender and defense is something that the Lakers lack (even in his interview with the Loose cannons, Artest said he prefers to focus on defense, which makes it easier when he has offensive minded players – Kobe/Gasol).

    With Bynum coming back, the defensive in the middle will be helped but a consistent perimeter defender is needed. Ariza is a good defender (he’s quick and agile), but Ariza seems to lack the physicality that an Artest brings.

    If the Lakers were to trade LO, the drawback is they would have to take the Kenny Thomas contract (2 years at $15M left) and if there is no sign and trade for Artest, then the Lakers could possibly lose Artest after next season to free agency.

  • daboss1849

    [Comment ID #42016 Will Be Quoted Here]

    you just have to offer artest the going rate after next year especially if we win the ship.

  • http://lakers.topbuzz.com Mamba2410

    I say we shouldn’t do any trade that’d ruin our chemistry, and this kind of trade is it! Enough said…

  • http://www.hard-wood.org/?cat=34 Billy Kupchak

    [Comment ID #41986 Will Be Quoted Here]

    um.. how about you ask my father a bit more politely rather than telling him what to do? where did you learn your manners or lack thereof!? :cool:

  • ab4sure

    [Comment ID #42014 Will Be Quoted Here]

    Interns don’t know anything. That is y u need to talk to your boss before you post.

  • daboss1849

    48 has been fired!!!!

  • lakerschamps08


  • 123KID

    i dont believe in speculations from the media! WHEN ITS DONE, THEN I’LL BE LIKE WHOA!

  • daboss1849

    Ron has no say in the matter once he decides not to opt out. sac can do whatever they want with him. If he decides to opt out he will be taking a pay cut this year unless sac resigns him.

  • http://windowslive.com lakers-r-pimpilicous

    thomas contract expires when lebron and wade are free agents, and if artest doesnt resign he;ll just clear cap space

  • ab4sure

    [Comment ID #42028 Will Be Quoted Here]

    Interns don’t fire their boss. They get them coffee.

  • Odom the worst player

    No Ship Odom out for Artest. True he’s friends with odom, but he was friends with odom when he played with other team. Artest will be great for the lakers.

  • domz

    Get Ron. If we can, w/o losing LO. We can do it if Ron will be willing to cut his salaries, I hope Ron thinks of helping us and himself win ships for about 3-5 years. Otherwise, he is not deserving to be in P&G. There are still so many players out there who could also make impacts for our championship run and I know, mitch and lakers FO knows that. I would not throw any names.


    Oah, this cough really sucks.

    Remember, we need some players who really have heart on it.

  • LakersNo1

    Billy Kupchak
    Jun 25th, 2008 at 4:34 pm Click this link to quote this comment in your reply

    LakersNo1 on June 25, 2008 at 2:18 pm said:

    Mitch, do it! get R. Artest, he’ll look good in purple n gold.

    um.. how about you ask my father a bit more politely rather than telling him what to do? where did you learn your manners or lack thereof!? :cool:

    wth? it’s a chant. even your father knows that. go ask him.

  • Sako

    I’d love to Get Artest, but I don’t want to get my hopes up like Get Garnett.

  • Odom the worst player

    Domz, do you think Odom has a heart? A guy who just holds his hands in the air without even trying to block shots. A guy who continue to miss open layups Please.. The lakers are going to have to give up somebody, and why not odom with that 14. 2 mil salary.

  • BringDFishBack

    The Lakers are not getting Artest. Deal with it. Quit posting this crap.


    Again if Artest wanted be in Laker uniform and REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAALLY wanted to win a “CHIP” he would’ve said,sorta like tryin’ to ask that girl out that you always wanted but…..YOU FORGOT ABOUT THE 7 OTHER GUYS THAT WANTED HER JUST AS BAD,that’s Artest.

    WHOWANTSTOBEALAKER.com,apparently not Artest.Dude is ALL ABOUT THE MONEY and that’s why I can’t stand these GREEDY players now-a-days.I hope he proves me wrong,I REALLY DO!


    carl laandry ey? well now come think about he would be a pretty good fit here,he’s a physical presence and he rebonds,id love 2 have him n our squad.

  • http://myspace.com/thaonlyrhom RD

    great player, but i dont have faith in this CLOW. he’s all about the damn money. he thinks he’s gods gift to basketball, for goodness sake! until he comes to LA for cheap, grows that winning attitiude, and is willing to cooperate with the purple and gold soldiers to get that damn championship, i still think the same about this fool.

  • http://myspace.com/thaonlyrhom RD

    oops. typo! CLOWN, is what i meant to say…

    kinda BREAKING NEWS! JERMAINE ONEAL has been traded to the TORONTO RAPTORS for TJ FORD and some fillers…

  • Rinnegato

    O’neal and Bosh are one heck of a front court, which would leave shooters like Kapono open, firing away all day!

  • sclakerfan

    I think that’s old news. He’s going nowhere. I wouldn’t give up Odom for Artest. I DEFINITELY wouldn’t take on Kenny Thomas’ salary.

  • True Lakers Fan

    get Artest with out trading LO

  • LakersFirst

    [Comment ID #42060 Will Be Quoted Here]

    Bryan Colangelo, the GM of Toronto knows what he’s doing. Remember, he was NBA Executive of the Year Award in 2005 and 2007. Now he is his twin towers in Toronto (Bosh and JO), although height wise, neither are as tall as Bynum and Gasol.

  • yellowpurplefever

    Don’t get our hopes u too high , just reports and rumors. But Carl Laundry from Houston is another Excellent choice along with M. Pietrus, S. Battier and T. Prince. Love these rumors, keep summer interesting.

  • west213

    [Comment ID #41989 Will Be Quoted Here]

    im with u man, fuck that odom is our rebound guy and most flexible sf in the nba.

  • Thuggishdeer

    either sign him if he opts out or let his ass lose with the kings, we can go get someone else, maybe Pietrus from warriors, hes a defender, jeff green … ugh.. i guess what were all trying to say is… get a black player up in here.

    artest is an idiot if he doesnt opt out, hes guaranteed a laker contract where hes friends with odom and KB and hes a fan too so why bulls$$t about not being sure what to do.

  • Majic “Big” Johnson

    If it comes down to having to trade Lamar Odom.. I ain’t down with it.
    We can bring someone in off of the free agent market.

  • One game at a time

    Does anyone know anything about Kenny Thomas? Could he help this team out, or is it just to match Lamar’s enormous salary? I like the deal, in theory. I’m not sure he’s a better fit for us, especially when Bynum gets back. Whoever it is at the 3 though (Lamar, Artest, or whoever) better learn how to hit a fucking midrange jumper.

  • T.A.


    ARTEST IS A NI&&ER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  • T-Dub



    Haslem and Pietrus.com!

  • richtown

    You don’t trade Odom for Artest. That would be stupid. Plus the kings have made it clear they would not be willing to the lakers at all costs. They’ll trade artest to the spurs before they would send him to the Lakers. I think trading odom would be stupid period. Unless you get a really dynamic player, near great player for him. Odom is a mismatch almost every game for the opposing team but more importantly he has a 14 mil contract that will be up after the season think of what the lakers could do with that type of cap space next year when it comes to signing free agents and bynums extension. Also they would likely be able to convence odom to take a fair pay cut to stay with the team- 10 -12 mil per yr would be more than fair. The lakers need to focus on shipping luke and vlad out of town instead of odom. Plust Artest is both friends to odom and kobe

  • Farmars_inner_Jordan

    Personally, I don’t believe that Ron Artest will bring what we need to the organization. Lamar has his versatility and chemistry with the team that is unmatched. He can start and come off the bench. He meshes well with the starters (gasol and bynum on separate occasions) and with the bench mob. When KB and Gasol were on the bench, LO would be on the floor. Now, Artest does bring that “toughness” that we all feel we need to beat every team in the NBA, but lets get real… he feels he’s a superstar, and wants to get paid like one. Plus, look at his track record. People don’t change that quickly. He has a HUGE ego, and a flaring temper that is hotter than a car sitting on the 405 at 2 PM. Now, since he is friends with LO and KB, maybe, just maybe they can make a deal to have them all here? But Kupchack needs wave Merlin’s wand for that. Maloof brothers aren’t idiots… they will want a player for their “star” player. I say, try to get someone from the draft today… I predict a big day in trades in the next 5 days, but please don’t get rid of LO!

  • vintij

    Why get artest? We got to the finals and now this offseason there is only one team that we know can beat us. Thats who we have to prepare for. Like when the entire west was shaken up when gasol went to LA, yea everyone prepared for us, most didnt even get to play us though. Well now we must do the same, we know we can win the west….now we must prepare for boston. Bynum will fill 75% of that goal. A healthy ariza will fill 10% of that goal. And a MLE will fill the 15% left. The only thing anyone should be thinking about right now is who we will take with the MLE. Not trading odom. Are you guys retarded? Odom is our best rebounder by far. He is a walking mismatch. And will only get BETTER when bynum takes the role of 3rd guy. Odom is the best 4th option to ever play basketball.


    Didn’t y’all hear Artest when “I’ll NEVER sign for LESS MONEY to play for a Contender”.I told’ya he’s ALL THE BENJAMINS,HE DON’T WANNA RING,SAD!

    That’s what’s wrong with sports at Kobe wanted to leave because The FO was slow in building a Contender and just for the MONEY.

    NOW!Lets go after Gerald Wallace,Mickael Pietrus,Udonis Haslem,Corey Maggette,etc……SOMEBODY but make sure Vlad is gone,send him to Golden State for Pietrus,Nelly would love have to have his NO-DEFENSE,CAN’T DEFEND ANYBODY STYLE OF DEFENSE but he can shoot.

  • AzMg

    artest can gaurd paul pierce if celtics will win east again…but i like to keep lamar…