Lakers Nation, Andrew’s recent outstanding play has merited a nickname. We’ve heard them all: Bynumite! A-Train, A-Bomb, etc… Sound-off in the comments and tell us what you think!

whoaLakers Examiner: I was so bored during the Los Angeles Lakers’ 117-97 lambasting of the Washington Wizards that I had to think of something to occupy my time.

After watching Andrew Bynum follow up his career night with yet another strong performance (23 points, 14 rebounds), I decided it was high time we get this boy a nickname.

“Andrew” sounds like we’re talking about a six year old boy and “Bynum” doesn’t exactly roll off the tongue.

Good nicknames have all but disappeared from the NBA in the last decade or so. Gone are the days ofVinnie “The Microwave” Johnson. The only nicknames that seem to exist are ones that were given to players by their grandmothers like Smush Parker or Boobie Gibson.

The only other nicknames we get are some lame combination of initials and/or numbers like K.G., CP3, or AK47.

The Lakers themselves don’t really have any nicknames besides, of course, “The Machine”. Kobe Bryant is referred to as “Black Mamba” in some circles, but it isn’t readily associated with him. Lamar Odom goes by L.O…booooooring.

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  • Allen c


  • Allen c

    Beastly Bynum, Abominable Andrew, The Dominator

  • Lakers 24 7

    Big Game Bynum
    Big Rigg Bynum
    ….lmao I don’t know

    Bynumite was the original…so I think we should keep it at that

    We should also come up with a nickname for Ariza….
    I’ve heard Joel Meyers and Stu Lantz call him “The Cobra” a few times lol…I think it fits him, cuz HE’S A DEADLY STRIKER!

  • yash

    bysexual lol jk
    BYNUMITE i thought of it and so did others

    so lets stick wit it

  • Lakers 24 7


  • Lakers 24 7


  • jordangiscool

    eiffel 17

  • Lakers4Life

    Olowokandrew Vagynum

    lol. jk.


  • FreakinCrod


  • ryguy2303

    Bynumite. Without question.

    Ariza should be TiVo because he always makes a spectacular play that makes you wished you Tivoed it so you can just rewind and watch again? :)

  • LAL4Life


  • KING-BQ1981


  • KING-BQ1981

    I got another one…. BYNE-BOOM

    :D Love that :D

  • Miguel A. Salazar

    How about for Bynum we call him “The Incredible Bynum” like the hulk.
    Ariza I liked “The Cobra” or The Shadow”.

  • KING-BQ1981

    Ariza = The Shadow… well that sounds great!!!!

  • rudy

    B for Bynum

  • Nate

    “The Brute”
    “Broad Brute”
    “Brute Force”

  • celtic killa

    mountain Drew

  • Nate

    “Brute” means beast in French.

  • Nate

    Andrew “The Brute” Bynum

    Doesn’t that sound awesome!!!?

  • jeff24-16-17

    it does. “the brute” got my vote

  • enrico

    me too. 3 votes for “the brute”

  • Brett

    The Royal Flush

  • RizaA

    Make it 4 votes for “The Brute.”

    I think that fits him perfectly. Someone spread the word that “The Brute” is back!!!!

  • James

    I’m personally still partial to Socks.

  • iamthetie


    Someone used that somewhere at the beginning of the year and that made me laugh.

  • TheCelticsLakers69position

    A B olish

  • Arvincible

    Android Bynum

  • portman

    (have you looked at his shoulders recently, those aren’t guns, those are cannons!)

    this is the best i could think of. are those names out there yet? if not, i should definitely patent it.

  • king.manu

    brute/bynamite/s.t.a.p. standing tall and powerful=bynum

    who?=sun yue

    but i dont have one for lamar mihm and josh

  • jason

    A.B. huh..since hes showin his toughness bout Andrew “Alligator Blood” Bynum lol works for me…

  • jason


  • Lakers4lyf

    Mountain Drew

  • golakers75

    the glad u dont have kidd know

  • lakers2000

    Andrew “the roller coaster” Bynum
    Andrew Jeckyl and Bynum Hyde
    Andrew “please pizz me off” Bynum
    Andrew “Fire in the hole” Bynum
    Andrew “Is this thing on?” Bynum
    Andrew “The Rhino” Bynum

    Hee hee! This is fun! Go Lakers!!!!

  • faroah

    Bynumite!!!! You know, Like dynomite. I think it works. Cuz he explodes at random times. BYNUMITE!!!!

  • LakersFirst

    How about we call him Sam Bowie? You all know he is going to be a bust right?

  • kjeezyrad


  • 187 ON BOSTON


  • 323 TOWN



    Mountain Drew is creative but “the brute” is not necessarily him. The brute goes for someone is doesn’t have skills. We need a name that reflects him and his skills. A combination of Power and skills. Still thinking about this one.

  • lakerfan81

    Its Bynumite and his partner the Spaniard

  • daboss1848

    I thought his nickname was POONUM?!

  • sK

    Bynum = The Kid or Kid Bynum

  • Vaporize

    Bynusaurus Rex!

  • Ballin’ 09

    I see a couple of good names…but how about something simple like “Absolute” it plays on his A B initials and it’s simple enough that it’s not a mouthful when broadcasting a game…If A.I. can be the answer…Bynum can be “Absolute”. Besides you can see that on a signature shoe-easy.

    Here’s the definition- Free from restriction or limitation; unconditional; perfect; pure; self-existent;ultimate.

    “Free from restriction” as in he’s back from his knee injury ready to wreak havok on everyone. And “absolute value” as in math consists of |a+bi| and other combinations of ab.

    Back me up on this people!!! :)

  • osm0nd

    Nickname for Trevor should be “The teacher’s Assistant” because of how he compliments Kobe and his initials TA.

  • Saber

    A-Bomb sounds the best

  • supermaor23

    How about a plain one. Simply, the BEAST

  • osm0nd

    I’m a fan of A-Bomb as well, not because drew has the ability to explode at anytime, but because he probably lays down the most F-Bombs on this Lakers team.

  • The_Truth

    baby face bynum

  • daboss1848

    So, is his nickname not POONUM or VAGINUM (courtesy of Freshh) ? ?

  • Brett


    from the LA Times
    “His teammates played around with him, though, putting a blue toddler’s chair in front of his locker before a road game and nicknaming him “Socks” because he sometimes wore socks in the shower.”

  • sketch

    There’s some funny ones out there…


    but I think that A-BOMB gets my vote!

    bynumite is #2, but every time I see it or hear it, I’ll be picturing J.J. Walker from ‘Good Times’ saying “Dyno-mite!” I couldn’t really take it too seriously.

    and the other 3 are just simply funny. the only one that i could take seriously is the A-BomB!

    can you guys imagine?… Stu Lantz announcing “Ohhhhhh, KG is got obliterated by the A-BOMB!” or “Boston just got decimated by the A-BOMB!” “Cleveland just got turned into a wasteland by the A_BOMB!” “No one remembers the Alamo (San Antonio) any more because of the A-BOMB!”

    A-BOMB baby…that’s hard!

  • Lakers #1

    Since The Lakers will B a Dynasty
    Bynum will B one of the main focus of that dynasty
    we should call him:


    Also since he is going to play like a beast N HAVE NASTY #’S

  • Dave

    Bynomite for Andrew Bynum
    Ka-Pow for Pau Gasol

    They’re related, you see?

  • Miguel A. Salazar

    For Gasol How about, “El Español” or “The Spaniard”.

  • kb24mvpsquared

    what ever happen to A-Train? I thought that was good one, i like BIG RIGG OR how about ANDREW THE TRACTOR BYNUM and about brute, it sounds like the Spanish word “bruto” which means. dumb, or clumsy i dont think we wanna give him a name that may ridicule him! That guy who suggested SAM BOOIE, man i think Bynum has shown as of lately that he is worthy and capable unlike Kwamee Brown who was the next SAM BOOIE to me.

  • trdsol23


  • Mitch4Pres

    real talk bynumite is the way to go

  • Black.Mamba

    on the low, Bynum-ite is where it’s at.

    while we’re speaking of nicknames, here’s what I got for the whole Laker crew:

    Kobe – Black Mamba
    Pau – “Gasol”-ina
    Bynum – Bynum-ite
    Lamar – Doom (it’s the letters in his last name rearranged); but I also call him “the goods”
    Sasha – The Machine, but he’s been playing like 11 o’clock this season thus far
    Radmanovic – Vlad the impaler; Borat is fitting too
    DJ – “Dacos”
    Ariza – The Rza (from the Wu Tang Clan….it just sounds cool)
    Farmar – Frodo (because of his big ears)
    Mihm – MIMS! (just think of songs by Mims and how his name is sort of quickly yelled)
    Fisher – D-Fish (can’t really think of anything creative for my boy Fish)

    Powell and Sun haven’t really done anything to have me come up with anything but yeah….just thought I’d share.

  • Jloyola

    Kobe = Black Mamba (Deadly Assasin)

    Ariza = The Cobra (cause he can strike)

    Bynum = The Anaconda (cause of his length)

  • mAcHiNe

    “The Brute” is definitely the best one anyone has come up with in this thread. I was going to say “The Beast” or “Socks” but I think I like “The Brute” better.

  • Anonymous

    Nicknames are overrated.

  • The Brute

    best 1 by far!!!

  • L.G.Fuad411

    i still call him BIG DREW….

  • KB24ForLife

    Here are the nick names for the whole starting line up

    C- Andrew Bynum- Bynumite
    PF- Pau Gasol- Gasoline
    SF- Luke Walton/Vlad Rad- The Cancers
    SG- Kobe Bryant- The Black Mamba, Triple Ocho, Jellybean
    PG- Derek Fisher- The Bulldog

    Ariza- the cobra
    sasha- the machine
    farmar- farmar
    mbenga- dacos
    powell- powellinater
    Lamar- The Odominater
    sun yue- the sun shines in LA
    Mihm- useless

  • mark


    seriously wanna call him


  • Miguel A. Salazar

    instead of Black.Mamba’s Lamar – Doom (it’s the letters in his last name rearranged); but I also call him “the goods”

    How about Dr.Doom for L.o.

  • osm0nd

    Does no one like “The Teacher’s Assistant” for Trevor aka T.A.??? Maybe I’m the only one then, but “The RZA” would be dope as well Black.mamba


    Lets stop the Brute nickname. The Brute signifies a big guy with no brains that pushes people around. Bynum is a very smart guy. I think he is good at math. Isn’t he studying Mechanical engineering or something like that? He messes around with computers and I think cars.

  • dom1020

    dom, because when you look up dom in the dictionary you get words like “beast” “monster” “feared one”. i think that fits, and dont be a smart ass and say “oh i looked up dom and found “pussy” so fuck you if you do. <33


    [Comment ID #59328 Will Be Quoted Here]

    Excellent! This combines Bynum’s future ability to dominate in an absolute way with Bynum’s love for math. a +bi perfect example. I don’t think Bynum will want to be called the beast because it connotes someone who is dumb but ABsolute is a name with Bynum that reflects more of who he is. IMO this is the best one so far but there maybe a better name than that.

  • LakersFirst

    [Comment ID #59316 Will Be Quoted Here]

    My idiot alter ego said this, not the REAL LakersFirst. You all know the real LakersFirst thanks Mitch that he didn’t trade Bynum.

    I wish the LakersNation would force users to login in order to post comments. Also, I think the LakersNation should only allow one username per person. That way, this phoniness of being other people stops. It’s so lame how some supposed Laker fans want to bash the names of those who know what their talking about. So pathetic.


    Yeah I have an idiot like that too. I think it is the original Warlock. I think he does that to a few people. Warwimp I call him because he has no guts to be himself.

  • Lakers4lyf

    I’ve been calling him Mountain Drew since it came to me when i was drinking Mountain Dew a few years ago…but sometimes during games i call him DrewMan!! yaaa

  • LakersFirst

    [Comment ID #59374 Will Be Quoted Here]

    Some people are so pathetic, such little children. However, those of us who visit this site and actively particpate can tell who the “real” people are and the who the “fake” idiots are.

    It’s too bad there are people who can’t intelligently defend themselves and their opinions. Instead, they have to go around and pretend to be someone they’re not in an attempt to try bash others.

    The LakersNation should look into this seriously. Sooner or later, they are going to lose web site visitors because those who are being copied won’t be enjoying the site. Then again, web site competition never hurt anyone. Perhaps a competitor to is needed, where no one can be imitated (i.e. one username per person).

  • KING-BQ1981

    Kobe = Black Mamba
    Gasol = Maximus (remember “The Gladiator”)
    Ariza = The Shadow
    Fisher = Buzzer (remember his incredible 0.4 sec shot)
    Bynum = Byn-Boom or Bynumite
    Farmer = Dumbo *rofl*
    Radmanovic = Radman
    Luke= Fluke or Lucky Luke
    Sasha = The Mashine
    Mihm = The Bench :-D
    Phil Jackson = La Mente Maestra

  • LakeShow81

    The Brute is perfect! I think of the ones in Halo, doesn’t Bynum play Halo regularly? Who says Brutes are not smart?!? They were the smarter beasts of Halo if I remember correctly, looking to slash when close are gun with distance.

  • LakeShow81


  • Lakers Biggest Fan

    Bynumite is it! He is explosive and it fits him perfect!

  • Dominic

    I like Bynumite the best of all of these…whoever thought of this one is a genius.

    He will be a major force in the NBA.

  • KING-BQ1981



    [Comment ID #59374 Will Be Quoted Here]
    …For all of the Happy-type dudes such as this lost soul, who still cannot understand that everyone has a right to express their own opinions-(posts), without an insignificant punk, such as this fool, who has a pension on shining a negative light on other posters opinions!
    …I.e. whoever posted “The Brute” as a suggestion on this thread!

    Post Script: I am the Original/One and Only, Real Warlock on this thread and will NEVER, nor do I need to imitate/impersonate; in a foolish attempt to belittle any body else!
    …Those transvestites such as this punka$$ LEADERFISH aka ab4sure, who constantly flip-flop between each other, in their own little delusional and ambivalent world, are doing a great job of humiliating themselves without any one else’s help!

  • Lake Show 4life

    Damnnnnnn………..Bynum needs one of the beastly nick name!!!!

    Im all for ” The Tractor” or “The A-Bomb”

    Lakers 4 Life

  • Lakers4lyf

    i love BYNUMITE

  • ronin99

    Andrew Bynum = the “A-Bomb”….PERFECT!!!

  • LakersFirst

    How about the big waste of money?


    [Comment ID #59412 Will Be Quoted Here]

    Warlock for sure or should we say Warwimp. You and your childish ways are pathetic.

  • Redline

    I’ve been calling him this for a while… I use it because we have the Mamba and lately Ariza’s been referred to as the Cobra by Joel Myers, so seeing as Andrew’s the biggest player on the team he should be the biggest snake.

    Anacanda. Andrew Anacanda attaaackk!!!!


    I agree with Redline’s analogy on the use of “Anaconda”, simply because; in order for a nickname to stick and to last, they must be acknowledged by people outside the realm of LakersNation!
    …I.e. Such as Sasha “The Machine” Vujacic… I believe this one has the best chance to stick for the reasons already given by Redline… Andrew “The Anaconda” Bynum!

  • ricky

    I saw a few nicknames I liked from everyone’s opinions. “Bynumite” was originally his nickname but it’s just okay to me. How about “A-Bomb”

    Ariza should get a nickname too, I hear the announcers call him “Cobra” which is okay but Kobe already has a snake for a name and “Cobra” sounds kinda cheesy at times. I saw one comment to call him “TiVo” because every time he makes a spectacular play, you wish you would have TiVoed it so you can watch it over and over. That was one that caught my eye and was very creative. Also “Shadow” was really a cool one for Ariza because he comes out of nowhere sometimes.

    So Bynum can either be “Bynumite” or “A-Bomb” and Trevor can either be “Cobra”, “TiVo” or “Shadow” those are my choices for both players.

    GO LAKERS!!!


    [Comment ID #59415 Will Be Quoted Here]
    As for the true MOP of this League, here at THE LAKERSNATION! …Here’s to the Most Obvious PunkedA$$ poser of poster, who no longer needs an introduction: The One and Only One! “LEADERFISH”
    …Get a life dude, I wouldn’t waste, even an iota of “My Energy”, chasing some body else’s “Thunder”!

  • Nikko

    I like Bynumite but like The Brute more.
    Although we had Shaq Diesel, why not Drew Bio-Diesel? lol


    [Comment ID #59369 Will Be Quoted Here]
    …Obviously this “runt” does not like big dudes like “Brutus” when he’s watching his cartoons; “Popeye The Sailor Man”! …Similar to the frustration he encounters when confronting a former Navy Seal!
    …This dude, no doubt has to be a 98 lbs geek of a squawk-box Poindexter! …Maybe “Felix The Cat” is the one that has returned to haunt this waste of a punkass4sure!

  • Dr. Doom A.k.a. Miguel A. Salazar

    Bynum nicknames:

    Post Domination
    Abomination. Both initials used.
    “Thor, cause he drops the hammer”.

  • skim.


  • Moses

    Me and my homeys just refer to him as Big Drew or A-Train

  • lainok

    The Big Fella 2.0

  • Smush Walton

    Luke should be known as Smush Walton for obviuos reasons.

    Its got to be Space Cadet or Worthless for Vlad.

    I’d go with Lame-O or Walnut for Lamar again for obvious reasons.

    They keep calling Sun the “next Magic Johnson”. He certainly is no Magic, but maybe we should start calling him “Earvin”. The way he plays he looks like an Earvin. (By the way, when was the last time this guy made a shot?)


    Bynum doesn’t deserve a nickname. Nicknames are for players that have proven themselves. Bynum scored all those points against high school teams. There was no competition at all so stop this nickname crap. We need a defender not a PRETENDER. Bynum is a pretender who we can use to get a good defender. Jermaine O’Neal is who we should get and we can get rid of all our bad contracts. Bynum, Vlad, and Luke for Jermaine O’Neal. This will save money so that we can resign both Odom and Ariza. Now that would be a great move by Mitch. Do it Mitch!


    Nickname for Bynum is BynuBUST!!!!!!!!!

  • redline

    it’s Anacanda, fellas. It works, and it’s funny but at the same time strong. AA, Andrew Anacandaaaaaaaa

  • roscoe

    in my opinion it should be a nick name that not just anyone can have.

    a bomb could be anyone with an A in their name. plus it just reminds me of A rod

    a train is just gay as fuck because literally anyone can have a “train” nick name and his game doesn’t even resemble a running train like lebrons does.

    anaconda that’s just gay.

    Abomination is getting better, but isn’t the point of a nick name to shorten it up a little bit?

    Bynumite is by far the best tho, and I would go so far as to say pretty good in the grand scheme.

    nothing will touch magic, or half man half amazing, Ak47 (his initials, his number he’s russian, its a russian gun), air jordan, those are all great.

  • Pb2000

    Ok, let’s get a few things clear. Brute does not translate to beast in English. Beast is more like bête in French.

    As for Bynum’s nickname, I think BYNUMITE is aiight. The best so far.

    Andrew Bynum= BYNUMITE, A-BOMB
    Kobe Bryant= MAMBA, DOBERMAN, GOAT
    Dereck Fisher= MR. .4,D FISH
    Trevor Ariza= SHADOW
    Vladimir Radmanovic= SPACE CADET
    Sasha Vujacic= THE MACHINE
    Dj Mbenga= DACCOOSSS!
    Lamar Odom= LAME-AR ODUMB(I like Odom though, but that’s just his nickname)

    As for the other ones, hmmm, no nicknames have stuck yet!

  • trdsol23

    fisher = bulldog, 0.4, d fish
    kobe = kb24, mamba, doberman, triple ocho
    lamar odom = the goods, doom alarm
    gasol = the spaniard, ka-pau, gasoline, the spanish acquisition
    bynum = a-bomb, bynumite, anaconda
    sasha – the machine, la maquina
    farmar – ear jordan, dumbo
    trevor ariza = cobra, stealth, shadow
    vlade – space cadet, radman
    luke = fluke walton, smush walton
    dj – dacos
    chris mihm = ankle breaker
    josh powell = POW, ronny turiaf 2.0
    sun yue = monkey king, chinese magic

  • Drewbie04

    Big Daddy Bynum!!!

  • Smush Walton

    Forget Jermaine O’Neal!

    That would be Mitch’s DUMBEST move of all time, and considering Mitch’s history (Kwame, Caron, Smush Parker, Smush Walton, VladRad, Cookie, to name a few) that is saying something.

  • DAFAB4

    How about these, pretty lame but i tried.
    A.B “The Mechanic” (since he will/did fix our D problems )
    “And 1 Drew” (finish strong with the foul)
    “Andrew the tank Bynum” ( He did hit the weight room )
    “Cratos” ( God of strength )

  • LakersFirst

    How about:

    Drew(I just got paid and don’t have to do shi.t) Bynum

  • José Huitron

    A Train has been his nickname since high school but I kind of like the following:

    The Big Bynumalicious…lol

    Big Daddy Bynum


    ABCeltic Killer

    Andrew “The Movement” Bynum

    Andrew “A-Train” Bynum

  • sketch


    that name will devastate all opponents!

  • 24kar33m24

    Andrew “The Big Bang” Bynum… think about it Stu Lantz saying ther goes big bang bynum exploding again

  • DubG

    Kobe-Mamba aka The baddest man on the planet
    Luke- Puke Walton (thats my fav)
    Bynum-Baby Bynum (he still looks like a little kid)

    thats all i got so far they gotta come to me mid game.

  • kb24_1overjordan

    trevor ariza nightcrawler…..andrew apocalypse bynum

  • Fred A.

    Fisher-FISH, Point4
    Bryant-Black Mamba
    Walton-Problem Child and Fluke
    Gasol-The Gas and Gasoline

    Vujavic-The Machine, Machine
    Radmonavic-Space Cadet
    Ariza-Poster Child
    Odom-O Dumb
    Mihm-Big Texas
    Sun Yue-The Missing Link, The Unknown

    How do these sound? Do you all like them? :)