“Congo Cash”

    We here at TLN are starting our own currency. In fact, we call it “Congo Cash” ala D.J. Mbenga!


    Kam Pashai is a co-founder and creative director for LakerNation.com.
    • lakerschamps09

      hahaaaaaaaaa funny… i like it…

    • Mitch4Pres

      i love it

    • Lakers 24 7

      I say TLN should have contests, and the winner should be able to save up Congo Cash, and get a prize with enough Congo Cash lol

    • llama5492

      That is awesome!

    • Majic ‘Big’ Johnson

      It should say in ‘Dacos We Trust’… Ha, ha.

    • Mitch Kupchak


    • lakers4life


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    • http://www.flowdesignz.com FlowDesignz

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      very nice!


      I want him to bring the same energy every game. He should just picture that every oponent is Chris Mihm and dunk on them!

    • Michael Perez

      maybe the lakers could pay their players in Congo Cash? lol

    • LakersFirst

      DJ Mbenga sole purpose on this team should be too foul Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce …. HARD!!!!!

    • sketch

      Hell Yeah! I’m glad to see that the entire nation of the Congo actually love Sloth so much that they put him on their $1000 bill! And he’s worth every penny of it!

    • Jay D

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    • saber123

      I made this :P

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