Definite bulletin material for the Lakers…

Yahoo! Sports: Steve Nash says he’s no “Joe Namath who walked in in his fur coat” but the Suns playmaker is not backing away from his post-game promise that Phoenix will beat the Los Angeles Lakers in Game 6 of the Western Conference finals.

Not might win, not try hard to win, not hope to win.

“I just said we’re going home and win Game 6 and come back in Game 7,” Nash said after practice on Friday. “Take it how you want to take it.”

The Suns didn’t seem devastated by Thursday night’s last-second 103-101 loss in Los Angeles. Quite the opposite. The close call seemed to bolster their belief they can win this series, even though the Lakers are up 3-2 and can advance to the NBA finals for the third straight year with a victory in Phoenix on Saturday night.

“There’s some really good things that we did last night, some things to build on,” the Suns’ Grant Hill said. “I think the main thing is the confidence that we can beat this team. Obviously we’ve done it twice, and we’ve got to try to do it twice more.”

Nash’s assurance may not have packed the flamboyance of Namath’s famous guarantee that his huge underdog New York Jets would beat Baltimore in the Super Bowl, but it was enough to rile Game 5 hero Ron Artest.

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  • kobez

    Man, I hope the lakers finish this off on Sat. The celtics won their series and that OLD team gets some rest before the finals. I hope the lakers win, get some needed rest for bynum, and kobe (who has been playing a lot of minutes per game)

    Go Lakers!

  • Xtro

    This comment by Nash wll serve as the nail
    in the coffin for the suns.

  • Varick Hudson

    Lakers, Git R Done.

  • justdogm1

    lakers can`t win a road game,barely win home games….nash is probably right,what do you think martard?

    • Touch Me is Gay and he love the lakers because he’s always on here

      hello lakers closed out okc and jazz on the road where have you been i’ma find you and put a boot through you keep playing games

  • Touch ME

    When LA loses tonight and say they win game 7 they will have 2 full days of rest. Well it looks like we need to get ready for Game 7 according to Nash’s Game 6 guarantee. It takes a real man like Nash to step up to the Lakers and guarantee a game. Sorry Lakers the road gets only harder because the Celtics are in the Finals now.

    • Touch Me is Gay and he love the lakers because he’s always on here

      hey gay boy aka in the closet laker lover why are you always on here?

  • rondo

    The Suns need more then Nash mouth to win. If the players don’t perform Nash words mean nothing.

  • kivz

    hahah yeah right!!! Lakers won tonight.. Back to da Finals baby!!!