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David Brickley, and Jason Riley recap Game 3 vs the Mavericks in the Western conference semi-finals.

They will be playing post-game audio, giving you analysis, taking your calls, and giving you updates around the NBA.

Stay Tuned to Laker Nation for details! (We’re gathering some post-game player audio)

  • John

    TOAST!!!!!!! See ya’ll next year…….. Time to clean house

  • Waldo34

    lakers make history son!!!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    Is finish.

  • Anonymous

    Just don’t get sweep.

  • patches nasty

    lakes win next 4 games they loss 3 they do this all the time…????

  • Touch Me

    I have warned you all that we have come off of 3 finals appearances and that last time that happened we were eliminated 4-2 by the spurs in 03. Shame on all you ‘bogus’ Laker fans who automatically thought we were 3peating. Now Ron Artest is suspended. You fools kept listening to that bogus Lakerland Nostradamus “ye 3 peat” ye i see another ring” ye this and ye that lakerland i taught you a lesson now bow b4 me and admit dallas got this. Bynum saying we have trust issues. We are falling apart and in panic mode. Learn from the Spurs. I have officially shutdown Lakernation.

    • Lakerland Nostradamus

      Congrats Touch Me,
      Your wish came to life, Lakers will not 3peat.
      Enjoy it.

      • Touch Me

        I’m not enjoying, I’m just trying to help Laker fans relize what the Lakers have to face. It was too difficult to make a 4th straight finals appearance after making 3 of them. I’m surprised you didnt see that. I am shocked you showed up. Well its an end of an era, the league is getting better and the Lake Show are getting older. I guess your crystal ball got it wrong. I will make my closing comments after dallas finishes us off, and this website should be history. Ill miss you making your 2012 prediction.

        • LakerLand Nostradamus

          I never predict a 3peat. I predict the first two. This year I never said anything about winning for sure. I had faith the Lakers would do it because of PJ. Obviously they lacked desire and focus this season.
          Anyway, as a Laker fan I always believe in them, that’s what real fans do. They don’t show up here and they lose and they don’t keep saying they will not make all the way. That’s you bro.

        • ilikebasketball

          you are the worst laker fan. you should be ashamed of yourself.

      • LakersTheTruth

        Get fuck out of here touch me.
        You are a Boston fan faggot, your team will go down too.

    • Lakerland Nostradamus

      Congrats Touch Me,
      Your wish came to life, Lakers will not 3peat.
      Enjoy it.

    • dre

      You need a damn life and if you really wanna be touched give me your address so i can send my goons on deck

      • Touch Me

        bringem ill touch them in areas where they have never felt b4. Now shat up and accept the discipline handed to us Laker Fans

  • Luke Sucks

    Very disappointing series. Pau was again a no show. Time to blow up the team. Start by etting rid of our glorified waterboy Luke.

  • Brian Soto

    That’s it, Lakers are done. The only thing that we can hope for is that they don’t get swept.

  • Brian Soto

    That’s it, Lakers are done. The only thing that we can hope for is that they don’t get swept.

  • dre

    instead of bynum for melo we should have got rid of pau for him.

    -Never should have signed blake because phil didnt use him right-

    -Should have gave artest the trade he wanted-

    -Pau lost everyone in LA respect-

    -Fisher should just retire-



  • Lakerville213

    only good thing about this situation is…well nothing

    but here’s how we HAVE to get this done…

    win game 4…no $hit…

    handle our business at home…we will NOT lose game 5 at home…

    and then game 6 of course…it all comes down to that…you gotta believe…we have to have the heart we didnt have in game 6 of the 2008 finals…let’s go lakersnation…gotta believe…we ARE the better team…too mistakes and we jsut have to play flawless from now on…

    ps: i cant believe chris manning is throwing in the towel

    • LakerMarc

      Can’t play flawless when you haven’t done it all season long, this lakers doesn’t know how to play a flawless game because they didn’t get practice doing it in the regular season. So when the ‘true’ fans as some of you like to put it talk shit and say that those who aren’t making excuses and are panicking and are being made fun of…oh its ok they’ll be alright in the playoffs the reg season dsnt count….bullshit it dsnt fucking count this is when you get into the groove…lakers didnt hv it at all this season and they dont deserve to win bcs they hv bad habits, show no heart of a champion, and bcs my fave player who has turned into a fucking douchebag lamar says things like ‘well we’re cocky’ that’s fine now be cocky cuz you are going on vacation early and you can walk around with your chest out thinking you’re the shit except its 2011 not 2009 or 2010 ….ASSHOLES!!!!!

  • Dude

    I can’t believe it. I am a Yankees fan and they got eliminated by the Texas Rangers and now the Lakers get whooped by the Dallas Mavericks?

    I’m sick and tired of these Texas teams. They give me headaches.