L.A. Times: Trying to make the Lakers as an undrafted rookie out of Boise State is one definition of pressure, although it tends to be less daunting when stacked up next to Coby Karl’s life experiences off the court.

Being treated for cancer, twice, by age 24 has a way of prioritizing what’s important in life.

Karl, trying to earn the 15th and final spot on the Lakers’ roster, had led a charmed existence as the son of Denver Nuggets Coach George Karl, receiving an early education in basketball and getting the opportunity to scrimmage with NBA players during slow summer days as a high schooler in Wisconsin. (The elder Karl coached the Milwaukee Bucks from 1998 to 2003.)

Then came the words that interrupted his junior season at Boise State. A lump that appeared in his neck was diagnosed as papillary carcinoma.

“When I heard my doctor say it was cancer, I kind of froze,” Karl said.

It was treatable, and Karl underwent surgery in March 2006 to have his thyroid gland removed.

He did not tell his Boise State teammates until a few days before the surgery because he did not want them distracted as they approached postseason play. He told them the day their season ended after losing to Louisiana Tech in the Western Athletic Conference tournament.

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  • ricky

    i think he deserves the final spot on the roster because he seems to be a very hardworking player. from what i’ve seen in preseason games, he is plays really hard and hustles out on the court. on top of that, he is a really good shooter, and the lakers could use some more shooters since some players like mo evans and jordan farmar are not as good of shooters. so i would give him the final spot since he has shown the most improvement among the other rookies (elton brown, andre patterson, larry turner).

  • TheLAunit

    I think he should win that job cause we need players that can hit shots in the triangle offense and with a stroke like his he should fit great. Phil don’t cut the coaches son with more experience than the other to point guards you have. CUT COOK, CUT COOK, CUT COOK, CUT COOK, CUT COOK.

  • fatty

    How do you not like Karl?

    I watched him play in the summer league and was impressed with his shot(he’s not afraid to shoot) and his court awareness. He is an excellent passer(triangle guy) and doesn’t make rookie like mistakes. Karl amazingly can sky. He had one stuff over two trees on a fast break put back that had me and the crowd buzzing. He understands team D concepts. (coaches son)

    What others are saying? Summer league announcers said two GM’s and some scouts had Karl a #1 mid 20’s pick if not for his cancer battles. No body wanted to take a chance, including us in using a pick. ALL said THEE mistake of the entire draft, should have been picked. Lakes lucky to get him.

    Four teams invited him to camp. He chose the Lakers because Mitch was the only GM scouting him 3 years ago.(they have a relationship) The Lakers also offered him a contract, which means if we cut Karl he becomes a Unrestricted Free Agent.

    Coach Karl said Denver will sign him if Lakers cut him.

    I look at it this way. If he makes the team, it will be a coo for the Lakes. Like getting two #1’s. Critt and Karl in one year. And both being able to contribute?

    I think he will make the team, unless Kwame has a serious set back and we must keep a big man, like Turner.

  • fatty


    Cut Cookie? As much as I would like him to disappear, he has a guaranteed contract. We could cut him, but we would still have to pay him his check and he would count against the cap. Trading him for somebody makes more sense I think before the trading deadline. Maybe for a piece we need at that time?

    Kwame (9.1) and Cookie (3.5) = 12.6 mil could get you a fine player mid season possibly.

  • http://cokespill.com/english/band/jonny.html joninjapan

    cooks freaking ppp though

  • TheLAunit

    Cooks work ethics on the court is not the same as everyone else, he needs to get traded. I’ll take anyone in the league for Cook even Calvin Booth, but they need to keep That Larry Turner guy he’s a Beast….

    at Fatty

  • Shaq786

    Cook is no longer ppp… he is BYC

    Kwame, Cook, Maurice, ’08 second round pick (or first if neccesary)…. for Ricky Davis and Juwan Howard

    than get a 3rd team involved…. trade Davis for Maggette/Artest

    or trade both Juwan, 3 mill in cash, and Ricky for Shawn Marion, if possible…. Ricky Davis is perfect for the Suns run-and-gun offense and they need a pf to replace marion