Despite being a defensive mastermind, Tom Thibodeau’s biggest weakness is offense.  The Bulls, without Rose, managed to land the fourth seed in the East this season, but lost 4-1 to a Wizards team that just had a better knack at scoring the ball.  Thibodeau’s teams have perennially been able to stop the opposing team from scoring, but if your own team can’t score enough they won’t win games in the long run.  Much of this can be attributed to Rose’s absence as he was their offensive facilitator, and the Lakers will more than likely have Kobe Bryant back for a full season, their offensive facilitator.

Thibodeau may have a sub .500 record in the playoffs but again, this can largely be attributed to the absence of Rose.  He has never coached a team to the NBA Finals and doesn’t have experience in that arena.  This isn’t a terrible thing to have a lack of experience in, but the Lakers, and Kobe Bryant, see anything but a championship as a failed season.

The Lakers are looking for a big-name splash when they hire their next head coach, Tom Thibodeau is definitely a big name who has experience coaching in a big market like Chicago.

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