Hollins’ philosophies are very different from Mike D’Antoni’s. Hollins coaches a slower paced game, which will be a nice change and favor our aging stars greatly. Also unlike D’Antoni, Hollins’ offense favors bigs and does a lot of work in the post. It’s no secret that D’Antoni struggled to keep our centers happy. Dwight Howard moved on after one season with the Lakers and Pau Gasol has voiced his frustrations with his roll in D’Antoni’s offense many times. Under Hollins, our bigs, as well as Kobe, will be able to do work in the post and play an inside/outside game. Hollins’ is also able to adapt offenses based on his team’s strength, another thing D’Antoni was unable to do.

Another nice change of pace will be Hollins’ attention to defense. Hollins’ is known as a defense first coach. He coached Marc Gasol in 2013 when he won the Defensive Player of the Year award and helped turn Mike Conley into the league leader in steals that same year. I think it’s safe to say that with Hollins at the helm, we can expect less games where our opponents score 125+ points.

Other than his offensive and defensive coaching style, one of Hollins’ biggest coaching achievements is getting a team to buy into his system. In Memphis, he was able to instill his philosophies and encourage his team enough to play the grind it out style of play that made them so successful. That quality has been lost on the Lakers with the team failing to buy into both Mike Brown’s and Mike D’Antoni’s philosophies in the previous years.

A defensive minded coach, who can adapt a slower paced game, and has the ability to get his team to buy into his philosophies sounds just like the head coach the Lakers need.

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  • KW

    Correction. He led Memphis to the Western Conference FINALS in 2012-2013.

  • HollyJOsborne

    That year the Grizzlies were the 4 seed heading into the playoffs and had home court advantage for the first time in franchise history.

  • Anthony Hollins

    I understand why people think that Hollins is just a defensive coach, but that’s an inaccurate assessment. He’s just a basketball coach, he plays the style that best fits the team. When he first arrived in Memphis they played more of an uptempo pace, but they weren’t winning, and he recognized that the strength of the team was the inside play. It wasn’t because he just likes to play that way, that’s what the roster dicatated.
    As far as player development, I’m not sure how you can say he doesn’t develop players except that you may have read that on another blog. If you’ve actually followed the grizz you’d know that there are numerous players he developed which is part of the reason they had so much success. See Conley, Gasol…neither were on the level they are now when Hollins arrive. Then look at Zbo, and Allen. Zach was literally on his way out of the league before Hollins. He was traded to Memphis for I think Quentin Richardson, who never even played for the team. He was a “black hole,” “locker room killer,” someone the media said you couldn’t win with. Hollins molded him into an All Star. Hollins turned the Grizzlies into a TEAM. If you’ve ever watched, they played hard, and they played together EVERY night, and they one basketball games. That’s all you can ask for out of a coach. Lastly, can he handle the pressure in LA? This man has been in the NBA since 1975, he’s won a championship, and played in multiple others. He’s also coached in the playoffs. I know Memphis isn’t a big market, but it’s not like they’re weren’t (unreasonable) expectations. They’re were a lot of people thinking Hollins should have been fired if they didn’t get out of the first round last year, which I find comical given 3 years earlier they had won 22 games, but that’s how this league is, There’s pressure everywhere. D’antoni coached in a big market, we see how that worked out, so I really think that’s a lame con, and just something you through in there to fill up space in your article.

  • Lamont Hollins

    So what is the benchmark for playoff experience? Pat Riley and Phil Jackson were easily the most successful coaches in Lakers history…so then explain to me what Riley’s playoff record was prior to becoming the Laker head coach? Prior to becoming the Bulls head coach, what was Jackson’s record of playoff wins as an NBA head coach? The answer is easy…”0″ for both. Just because the Grizzlies are in Memphis doesn’t mean expectations are lower. In fact they’re probably higher because a small market ownership has to work harder to earn the dollars of a smaller fan base in a city that doesn’t offer 8 or 9 figure TV rights and marketing deals. If the Lakers want to win and are committed to bringing in the right talent Lionel Hollins is the right coach. If you want your article to have some credibility you should call him. Rehashing other “write-ups” about his coaching style, his ability to develop players, and his pedigree (or as others will say is a lack there of) will make you appear unprepared.

  • Eazy

    How could we support yet another coach who has NOT ever made it to the BIG SHOW ? (/me Looks for buzzer and the eject button)

    • Lamont Hollins

      Why does that matter? For one there are only a few who have made it as a coach or player. Also, Mike Brown made it as a coach but it had no bearing on his success in L.A. Byron went 12 years ago with the Nets but it had no bearing on his overall success in New Orleans and Cleveland. Though I’m personally biased, I as a fan wouldn’t necessarily want my search to be about how popular the coach is, but more about their overall body of work. Here’s an honest question….of all the candidates, which one has had the most success with the least amount of talent?

    • Al Haldie

      I do believe all those BIG SHOW GUYS ARE ALREADY TAKEN…

    • Lionel

      You are going to be a happy fan with the L-Train in town back to the glory days.

  • Lionel

    The interview is tomorrow where The L-Train comes to town the train is on it’s way honk honk.This is the one of the best coaches in the world and defense and rebounding will be back as priority #1 for the Lakers.It will be back to the NBA Finals and a championship once this coach is hired and starts coaching the Lakers.See with a small market team on a low budget Hollins took them to the Western Conference Finals now with unlimited deep pockets and the biggest budget in the NBA Hollins will start winning championships in the big market.As Hollins will be very dangerous in a big market with a huge spending budget.

  • Lionel

    Lionel Hollins and the Lakers makes perfect sense and the world knows it…Lakers love winning…

  • Lionel

    One thing is for sure Coach Hollins is not just a defensive coach.A all around basketball coach.