Would Jeff Van Gundy be a good fit as head coach of the Lakers?

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  • RonHawkster

    Forget all these available coaches, including Jeff Van Gundy. The Clippers just bestowed a huge favor onto the Lakers by dumping the Warriors. The geniuses in the Warriors front office in turned dumped their best ever coach, Mark Jackson. He took a talented, but severely undermanned Warriors to the play-offs after years of absence and in my opinion overachieved given the players he had been handed. So, the fans might not have ended up with the one the wanted, Phil Jackson, but they can have the next best Jackson. Hiring him can also lead to a couple of the Warriors up and coming superstars, Curry and Thompson, when they become free agents. Let’s see if the Lakers have the capacity to see opportunity when it knocks on the door. Or are they going to go hire another coaching disaster that the whole fan base dislikes from the beginnings, like Mike Brown and Mike D?

  • Max Rosales

    well,good luck,lets see what he can do with what he has or what they get for this team in Oct,no word yet on him or there decision,wait and see.